• Covid-19: Australian DoD announces launch of Operation ‘Covid-19 Assist’

    The Australian Department of Defence (DoD) announced on 1 April the launch of Operation ‘Covid-19 Assist’ as it expands its support to the national effort to protect civilians and stem the spread of the coronavirus in Australia. Led by Major General Paul Kenny, who previously served as

  • Covid-19: Russian military prepares for virus

    The Russian armed forces have begun implementing steps to prepare for, and tackle, the spread of Covid-19. On 25 March, following an order from President Vladimir Putin, the military began a three-day readiness exercise at seven military training grounds and five airfields throughout the Central and

  • Australian Army sets up office to bolster adoption of disruptive technologies

    The Australian Army has established a specialist office to advance knowledge in and bolster its adoption of disruptive technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, robotics and autonomous systems. Created in March 2020, the Robotic and Autonomous Systems

  • Bangladesh receives final surplus UK C-130J airlifter

    Bangladesh has received the last of five UK-surplus Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules transport aircraft it ordered, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) told Jane’s on 1 April. Aircraft ZH 887, a short-bodied C-130J (designated C5 in Royal Air Force [RAF] service), was transferred to the

  • Covid-19: Australia rolls out industry mitigation measures

    The Australian Department of Defence (DoD) said in late March that it will accelerate contracted payments – worth more than AUD500 million (USD307 million) – to local defence companies to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The DoD said that the move will result in the DoD

  • Covid-19: Japan implements rationalisation efforts to improve procurement spending power

    The Japanese Ministry of Defense (MoD) has implemented a range of “rationalisation” initiatives supporting procurement savings worth more than JPY430 billion (USD4 billion), it said in an annual budgetary report published on 30 March. The move comes as Japan is looking to introduce

  • Covid-19: US Army extends delivery deadline for up-gunned Stryker bid samples

    US Army acquisition officials are still assessing how to deal with the novel coronavirus’ impact on its modernisation efforts but have decided to give vendors vying for the embattled Stryker up-gunning competition an additional 30 days to deliver bid samples. Companies left competing for the

  • Covid-19: US Army signals willingness to modify weapons contracts but is silent on details

    US Army acquisition officials have yet to detail pending contract challenges and delays due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, but have signalled that they are willing to modify programme deadlines. In a 31 March statement, the service said it is working with contractors to “identify and

  • Czech Republic to begin work on 23 Pandur II IFVs for Indonesian Army

    Czech companies Excalibur Army and Tatra Defence Vehicles, both of which are members of the Czechoslovak Group (CSG), are set to begin work on 23 8×8 Pandur II amphibious infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) for the Indonesian Army (Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Darat: TNI-AD). The

  • Japan rejects foreign plans for next-generation fighter

    The Japanese Ministry of Defense's (MoD's) Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency (ATLA) has confirmed to Jane’s that it plans to pursue a Japan-led development project of a next-generation fighter aircraft, rejecting proposals by foreign manufacturers, including the one by Lockheed

  • Russia to deploy Konteyner OTHR to Kaliningrad

    Russia will deploy the second Konteyner (Container) over-the-horizon radar (OTHR), which is capable of detecting mass take-offs of aircraft and launches of cruise missiles and hypersonic vehicles 3,000 km away, in the Kaliningrad region. The station will be able to monitor airspace over all European

  • South Korea adopts new locally developed port surveillance system

    South Korea has begun adopting a new locally developed port surveillance system that can “more effectively” detect, identify, and respond to low-noise underwater objects, including divers and increasingly quiet submarines, approaching its ports, the country’s Defense Acquisition

  • Thousands of South Korean USFK employees furloughed amid stalled US-South Korean talks on defence cost-sharing

    About half of the 9,000 South Korean nationals working for US Forces Korea (USFK) have been furloughed amid a deadlock in negotiations between Seoul and Washington about a new Special Measures Agreement (SMA) delineating how much each country will contribute to the upkeep of about 28,500 US troops

  • Turkey deploys HAWK to Idlib

    The Turkish Armed Forces have deployed at least one MIM-23 HAWK surface-to-air missile system to Syria’s Idlib province. Video clips began to circulate on 27 March showing a convoy of Turkish military vehicles that included MAN trucks towing HAWK components, purportedly near the Kafrlusin

  • India’s HAL posts record turnover amid growing pressures

    India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has announced a record turnover for Fiscal Year (FY) 2019-20 of more than INR211 billion (USD2.8 billion). The company said in a filing to the Bombay Stock Exchange on 31 March that the figure represents the second year in succession that it has

  • KC-46A Pegasus fuel system leaks excessively

    Key Points The KC-46A’s fuel system leaks unreasonably in 16 platforms This could put pressure on the US Air Force’s desire to divest legacy tankers The US Air Force (USAF) has upgraded an existing deficiency of the Boeing KC-46A Pegasus aerial refueling tanker to the most serious

  • LM awarded nearly USD5 billion in F-35 contracts, Belgium formally bought into programme

    The US Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded Lockheed Martin nearly USD5 billion in contracts related to the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), including one that formally introduces Belgium into the multinational programme. The three contracts announced on 31 March were valued at

  • UK stands-up ‘swarming drones’ development unit

    The UK Royal Air Force (RAF) has stood-up an experimental unit dedicated to developing an operational ‘swarming drones’ capability, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) told Jane’s . 216 Squadron was reactivated at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire on 1 April, the MoD said. Previously, the

  • Covid-19: Cote d’Ivoire commits newly delivered aircraft to emergency response

    Côte d'Ivoire’s air force is preparing to use several of its aircraft for medical evacuation duties as part of the country’s mobilisation against the Covid-19 epidemic. It was announced during a visit by the Chief of Armed Forces Staff General Lassina Doumbia to Abidjan Air Base on

  • Covid-19: NATO C-17s deliver medical kit to Romania

    C-17 air transports of NATO's Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC) have been airlifting medical supplies from South Korea to Romania. NATO reported on its website that the aircraft landed at Bucharest airport on 26 and 28 March, each carrying 45 tonnes of medical equipment consisting of over 100,000

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