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Deliver informed, accurate, and reliable mission intelligence

Janes breadth and depth of assured OSINT and the ability to interconnect and contextualise multiple sources delivers a more complete and accurate assessment.

Providing decision and intelligence advantage

Janes OSINT data and analytical insights deliver a critical independent perspective. Our global team of expert analysts have operational experience and adhere to a rigorous tradecraft. Using Janes provides essential context to plans, decision-support briefings, and reports.


Janes experts and technology-accelerated tradecraft provide unrivalled coverage at the highest level of assurance.


Validated links between defence and security datasets accelerate data discovery and analysis.


Integration into existing systems for secure access across boundaries and domains.

Supporting scenario modelling, wargaming, and threat forecasting

Janes military OSINT provides key insight into threat dynamics, trends, and developments. Equipment, military capability, and events data delivers insight to support ongoing and potential future operations, threat forecasting, and scenario modelling. Answer key questions such as:

  • What are China's long- and short-term intentions towards Taiwan?
  • What is the defence industrial landscape, who are their customers, and what do they produce?
  • What is the relationship between non-state armed group attacks and the likelihood of military coups?
Janes - Events - Order of Battle - Equipment
Serving Defence Sharing

Trusted OSINT to increase situational understanding

Janes delivers interconnected, assured OSINT that can be fused with multiple sources and integrated into existing systems and environments. This provides mission users with faster access to the quality data they need to answer intelligence requirements such as:

  • How do I extract personnel from a specific location safely?
  • What foreign militaries do I need to engage with and what are their capabilities?
  • What force protection considerations do I have? Are there non-state actors operational in my area of interest?

Building alliances and partnerships

Janes has the largest collection of defence and security open-source intelligence available. Janes data is easily shareable with allies and partners, enabling us to provide critical mission support to our customers as they work with their international allies and partners.

  • Insight into the capabilities of nation state partners and coalitions
  • Identification of future defence requirements driven either by threat, capability gap, or technology developments
  • Potential implications of growing economic and financial interests by a foreign power to project power, influence, or control
Janes- Order of Battle - Market Forecast