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Senegal to receive LG1 105 mm towed howitzers from Nexter

Senegal has ordered eight LG1 105 mm howitzers and Nexter Arrowtech ammunition. (Nexter)

Senegal has ordered eight LG1 105 mm howitzers and ammunition from Nexter under a contract that came into effect on 20 April, the company announced in a press release on 28 April. Nexter said the Senegalese army selected the gun because of its low weight (1,650 kg) and high rate of fire.

The howitzer can be placed into a battery in less than 30 seconds by a crew of five gunners and fire 12 rds/min at a range of up to 17 km using Nexter Arrowtech's ERG 3 105 mm extended range ammunition, according to the French company, which told Janes on 3 May that is the type of munition it will supply to Senegal.

Nexter added that the LG1 can avoid detection by weapon location radars when firing at a low trajectory at a range of up to 11 km. The howitzer is also capable of direct fire up to a range of 2 km.

The company told Janes deliveries would take place over the next 18 months.

The LG1 has previously been ordered for the armies of Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Nexter said the contract is its first direct sale to the Armed Forces of Senegal. Previously the company supplied six Naval Remote Weapon Highly Accurate Lightweight (NARWHAL) 20 mm mounts for three offshore patrol vessels ordered by Senegal from French shipbuilder Piriou in November 2019.

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