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Indo Defence 2022: Rheinmetall offers local production of Skyranger GBAD system for Indonesia

A Badak fire support vehicle, seen here with a mock-up of the Skyranger 30 turret, at Indo Defence 2022. (Janes/Ridzwan Rahmat)

Rheinmetall Air Defence AG has indicated that it will be able to produce units of the Oerlikon Skyranger mobile ground-based air defence (GBAD) system in-country should it be selected for the Indonesian armed forces anti-air requirements.

Stefan Schadler and Gerson Jaklin, who are the vice-president for Sales and vice-president for Marketing and Sales, respectively, at Rheinmetall's Air Defence and Radar Systems, confirmed to Janes that the company has established a partnership with local company PT OCWSB Pratama Indonesia.

Under the partnership, OCWSB has been appointed as an authorised local partner of Rheinmetall Air Defence, and it is cleared to undertake maintenance, repair, and overhaul work on various weapon systems that have been supplied by the company to Indonesia.

These include the Oerlikon Skyshield Air Defence System, which is in service with the Indonesian Air Force's rapid action command, and the Oerlikon Millennium Gun, which is found on the Indonesian Navy's Martadinata class.

Given these competencies, PT OCWSB is also able to take on certain production aspects of the Skyranger GBAD's 35 mm Oerlikon revolver gun, which is based on the same system as the Skyshield, said Jaklin in response to questions from Janes .

The GBAD can also be incorporated with a 30 mm gun system but under such a configuration the weapon will be more suited to counter low-flying aerial threats such as unmanned aerial vehicles. The 35 mm configuration is able to engage hostile aircraft and precision-guided munitions.

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