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Eurosatory 2024: BAE Systems Bofors introduces Tridon Mk2 air-defence system

BAE Systems will introduce the Tridon Mk2 air-defence system at Eurosatory 2024. (BAE Systems)

BAE Systems Bofors will introduce the Tridon Mk2 air-defence system at the Eurosatory 2024 defence exhibition to be held in Paris from 17 to 21 June.

Briefing journalists online under embargo on 11 June, BAE Systems Bofors marketing and sales director Stefan Löfström said the system is based on the Bofors 40 mm Mk 4 naval gun, with modularity allowing it to be mounted and integrated into various mobile or stationary platforms.

He quoted an effective range of up to 12 km for Tridon Mk2, with a rate of fire of 300 rds/min of 3P (Pre-fragmented, Programmable, Proximity-fuzed) smart rounds, allowing the system to engage targets without switching ammunition. This range depends on the target, selected ammunition, sensor suite, and surrounding terrain, according to a 13 June BAE Systems press release. Löfström said it can be used against various targets, including missiles, jet aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Possible mobile platforms that Tridon Mk2 can be mounted on include 6×6 and 8×8 trucks and the BvS10 all-terrain vehicle, although the latter would require outriggers and possibly reinforcement of its structure to deal with vibrations. At Eurosatory 2024, it will be displayed mounted on a Scania G460 8×8 truck with military specifications. The system can be operated from the cabin of the vehicle it is mounted on, allowing it to shoot and scoot while accompanying mechanised infantry units that it is embedded in, according to Löfström. In stationary mode, it can be operated remotely.

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