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DSEI 2021: Fabrique Nationale displays FN EVOLYS LMG for first time in UK

Fabrique Nationale (FN) Herstal displayed its new FN EVOLYS light machine gun (LMG) at DSEI 2021 on 14 September, marking the first time the weapon was displayed in the UK.

Kristof Verjans, one of FN's demonstration team, showcased the self-correcting lateral feed system of the EVOLYS, which eliminates any risk of the weapon being improperly loaded by a user under stress, with the feed tray designed to work with the feed cover to push the rounds into the correct position and retaining them with spring loaded brackets.

Verjans also demonstrated the new hydraulic buffer system, which is integrated into the working parts of the weapon, departing from previous FN machine gun designs where the buffer was part of the rear of the receiver. The buffer, like the feed system, is also self-correcting and self-regulating, automatically maintaining a constant rate of fire regardless of the calibre the weapon is chambered in or how long the weapon has been firing.

Verjans confirmed that the 5.56 and 7.62 mm NATO rounds were the only chamberings being offered. However, FN said it is considering accommodating the 6.5 mm and .260 Remington cartridges. There is currently no intention to offer a multicalibre system that allows users to change the calibre being fired without complicated processes or specialised tools. However, Verjans stated that both the company and the EVOLYS platform are open to the concept.

Ashley Franks, FN Herstal UK's head of sales, who was also at the event, confirmed that since the launch of the EVOLYS in May, there has been interest in the weapon system, including from the British Army. According to Franks, the British Army sent representatives to DSEI to gather further information on the system and also requested multiple platforms for testing and evaluation.

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