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SubSea Craft teams with Capewell to explore Victa DDU air deployment opportunities

Victa integrated with Capewell's UMCADS. (SubSea Craft)

UK-based SubSea Craft has joined forces with Capewell Europe to explore the air deployability of its Victa diver delivery unit (DDU) prototype when integrated onboard the latter's newly developed Universal Maritime Craft Aerial Delivery System (UMCADS).

Speaking to Janes on 1 May, Lee Ebsworth, SubSea Craft's chief commercial officer, said the partnership has mutual opportunities as the two companies work together to increase the evidence bank for Victa as a deployable air asset as well as to demonstrate the flexibility of Capewell's UMCADS.

“While we continuously push the technological edge in our platforms to give operators the advantage, their effectiveness hinges on successful deployment into the area of operations,” he said. “We've prioritised ensuring Victa's flexibility in deployment, and conducting feasibility studies with Capewell enables us to expand the available options against the most demanding scenarios.” What is particularly valuable about UMCADS is its configurable nature, which not only supports Victa but also complements other concepts currently in development, he added.

Based around a monohull design constructed of carbon fibre and Diab core, SubSea Craft's Victa DDU combines the features of a long-range insertion craft with those of a swimmer delivery vehicle to provide the capability to travel on the surface at high speed before rapidly transitioning to a wet subsurface mode for the covert delivery of a team of eight operators and/or equipment.

Unveiled at the DSEI 2019 exhibition in London, the first Victa prototype achieved proof-of-concept certification in late 2023, paving the way to start manufacture of the second unit, which will be a production-standard vessel. Alongside, the company has also been demonstrating Victa to potential customers while continuing with waterborne trials as it continues to optimise the craft.

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