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Pentagon budget 2025: US Navy looks to shore up amphibious ship fleet

The US Navy is seeking funds to buy another San Antonio-class transport dock in FY2025. (Michael Fabey)

The fiscal year (FY) 2025 US Navy (USN) budget request includes USD1.6 billion to buy one Flight II San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock ship (LPD), according to budget documents released 11 March.

Including that procurement, the five-year Future Years Defense Plan (FYDP) included in the FY 2025 request includes three LPDs, with another ship being slated for acquisition in FY 2027 and then another in FY 2029.

The FY 2025 also includes USD268.1 million for the lead Medium Landing Ship (LSM), which is designed to fill the gap in capability between the navy's larger multipurpose ā€œLā€ class amphibious warfare ships and smaller landing craft, and better meet requirements of Marine Littoral Regiments.

Marines and US Army officials have been seeking new surface-ship alternatives to move personnel and equipment. For more information about those efforts see AUSA 2023: US land forces look to develop maritime surface vessel options for transporting people and equipment

The FY 2025 requests includes eight LSMs across the FYDP, ending in FY 2029.

The request also includes USD61.1 million for advanced procurement funding for a future America-class amphibious assault ship (LSA). The FYDP calls for LHA 6 to be procured in FY 2027.

The procurements will ensure the USN keeps the 31-amphinbious ship requirement set for naval and US Marine Corps operations.

Until the release of the FY 2025 budget request, the navy was in an amphibious shipbuilding pause for the LPD line to determine whether to continue with the programme.

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