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Havelsan teams up with Thales on Indonesia's 90 m OPV programme

A computer-generated imagery of Indonesia's 90 m OPVs that are being built by PT Daya Radar Utama. (PT Daya Radar Utama)

Turkish defence systems company Havelsan is working with Thales Nederland to equip Indonesia's new class of two 90 m offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) with its combat sensors.

Backed by documentary evidence, an industry source has informed Janes that while Havelsan has received the primary contract to equip these vessels with its Advent combat management system (CMS) and associated sensors, it is subcontracting the hardware component to Thales. However, the final configuration for the combat sensors is yet to be decided.

The OPVs will be the first Indonesian Navy vessels to be equipped with a Turkish CMS.

As first reported by Janes in 2019, Indonesia has conceived the need for a new class of OPVs to fulfil operational gaps that exist between the service's patrol boats and its larger surface combatants.

A contract for two vessels in the new class was eventually awarded to privately owned Indonesian shipbuilder PT Daya Radar Utama, and a first steel-cutting for both ships was held in August 2021 at the company's shipyard in Lampung, Surabaya.

Each vessel will displace 1,800 tonnes at standard load, and 2,100 tonnes at full load. It will have a top speed of 28 kt, an economical speed of 15 kt, and a cruising speed of 20 kt. It can operate at up to Sea State 5 and survive up to Sea State 6.

Schematic diagrams provided to Janes

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