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Damen submits proposal for Greek Navy corvette programme

An image of Damen's previous SIGMA 10514HN proposal, which it offered as an intermin solution for the Greek Navy's frigate programme. (Damen)

Dutch shipbuilder Damen has submitted a proposal based on its proven SIGMA 10514 design to the General Directorate for Defense Investments and Armaments (GDDIA) for the Hellenic Navy's (HN) corvette programme, industry sources have confirmed to Janes.

Key specifications for the SIGMA 10514HN design include an overall length of 107.5 m, a beam of 14 m, and a maximum displacement of 3,000 tonnes. The ship will have a top speed of more than 27 kt at full load and a standard range of more than 5,000 n miles at 15 kt. The ship will be powered by diesel engines and motors in a combined diesel or electric (CODOE) configuration.

Proposed armament includes a 76 mm Super Rapid gun, 16 VL MICA-NG surface-to-air missiles in a vertical launching system, one 21-cell Rolling Airframe Missiles launcher, eight Exocet Block 3C surface-to-surface missiles, one 30 mm remote weapon station, two triple torpedo launchers for ASW torpedoes, and M2HB 12.7 mm heavy machine guns.

The sensor fit includes Thales' NS110 active electronically scanned array multifunction radar with integrated IFF, STIR 1.2 EO Mk 2 fire-control radar (FCR), and TACTICOS combat management system. Other equipment includes a complete electronic warfare and sonar suite.

The SIGMA 10514HN features a hangar that can accommodate an 11-tonne helicopter (S-70B or MH-60R in Greek inventory) and an unmanned aerial system. It will also carry two 6 m rigid-hull inflatable boats on davits.

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