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Sweden orders mobile air-defence systems

The FMV has ordered two MSHORAD systems with RBS 70 NG missiles mounted on the roof of the Bv410 and two EldE 98s with four IRIS-T missiles on the back of the ATV (pictured). (Försvarsmakten/Jessica Krantz)

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) ordered mobile short-range air defence (MSHORAD) systems from Saab during the fourth quarter of 2023, the agency and company announced on 17 January.

Saab valued the contract at SEK300 million (over USD28 million) and said the contract period ranged from 2024 to 2026, while the FMV expected deliveries of two different types of MSHORAD systems, both integrated into the Bv410, the Swedish designation for the BvS10 all-terrain vehicle (ATV), starting in 2025 for a demonstrator programme in view of a larger acquisition of a new short-range MSHORAD system for the Swedish Army.

An FMV spokesperson told Janes on 17–18 January that his agency ordered two systems with three RBS 70 NG missiles mounted on the roof of the Bv410 and two with four ready-to-launch IRIS-T missiles on the back of the ATV, designated Eldenhet (EldE) 98 or Fire Unit 98. An MSHORAD system will consist of a Mobile Radar Unit (MRU) and a Mobile Fire Unit (MFU), both mounted and integrated into the Bv410. An MRU consisting of a Giraffe 1X radar mounted on a Bv410 will be added to the EldE 98, which is in service with the Swedish Army, with the two forming the LvNorr. The FMV said the Bv410 provides fragmentation protection and mobility.

MSHORAD's MRU will be connected to the MFU with Saab's ground-based air defence command-and-control (GBAD C2) system. Saab spokespersons told Janes

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