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Spanish Army receives special forces vehicles from EINSA

The Spanish Army has taken delivery of 24 Netón Mk2 VLOE light special operations vehicles from Spanish company EINSA. (EINSA)

The Spanish Army has taken delivery of 24 Netón Mk2 Vehículos Ligeros de Operaciones Especiales (VLOE) light special operations vehicles from EINSA, the service and Spanish company announced on 13 December.

The army said on its website that the vehicles would be part of a major modernisation of equipment by its special operations command, especially vehicles. They will join the 20 larger VMOE medium special operations vehicles already in service and nine Light - All Terrain Vehicles (LT-ATVs), which will be introduced over the next year.

The VLOE is specially designed for special operations missions, with an emphasis on tactical mobility, range and versatility, and can be transported by different types of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, either internally or externally.

EINSA, which was awarded the EUR3.9 million (USD4.4 million) VLOE contract in November 2020, said in a press release that the vehicle is based on the chassis of the Toyota Hilux pick-up truck, with the availability of spares worldwide facilitating repairs. The vehicle has an electronic engine control system and seating for four, plus a fifth to man the vehicle's main machine gun. There are multiple cargo stowage areas in the rear, sides, and the front above the engine, with mounts for weapons up to a calibre of 7.62 mm.

Other features include front and rear LED lighting, an instrument panel to monitor the vehicle's mechanics, and a removable roof.

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