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Indonesia awards contract for 45 Atmaca anti-ship missile rounds

An Atmaca missile seen here being launched from the Turkish corvette TCG Kınalıada . Indonesia looks set to be the first export customer of the missile. (Roketsan)

Indonesia has awarded local defence company PT Republik Defensindo the contract to procure an initial batch of Atmaca anti-ship guided missiles from Turkey, Janes has been informed by multiple sources close to the matter.

This contract, which covers the procurement of 45 missile rounds and associated launcher units and user terminals, paves the way for the Indonesian Navy to be the first export customer of the Turkish-developed guided weapon.

Atmaca (Hawk) is Turkey's first indigenously developed anti-ship guided missile that was first conceived to reduce the Turkish Naval Forces' reliance on the AGM-84 Harpoon.

It is jointly developed by Turkish defence companies Roketsan and Aselsan and turbine engine manufacturer Kale Arge. Work on the programme began in 2009, and PT Republik Defensindo is the local intermediary for the weapon system in Indonesia.

Each Atmaca round weighs 750 kg, and it comprises a 5.2 m missile airframe with a 1.4 m wingspan and a 220 kg high-explosive warhead.

The missile can strike targets at distances that are in excess of 220 km. It can be guided by an inertial navigation system (INS) and a Global Positioning System (GPS) while in flight, and homes onto a target via a radar seeker.

Turkey carried out a test fire of the Atmaca with a live warhead for the first time in February 2021, and the missile was launched from the Ada-class corvette TCG Kınalıada

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