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IAI details its role in Bundeswehr air defence radar procurement from Hensoldt

Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI) has provided Janes with details of its role in the Bundeswehr's procurement of the Hughes Air Defence Radar (HADR) Nachfolgesystem (Follow-on System, NF).

IAI and Hensoldt announced in press releases on 29 and 26 July, respectively, that the Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr (BAAINBw), Germany's Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support, has awarded Hensoldt a contract for the delivery and installation of HADR NF long-range radars.

Hensoldt and IAI are collaborating to supply four HADR NF long-range radars to the Luftwaffe. (Hensoldt/Elta/Adobe Stock)

Hensoldt and IAI are collaborating to supply four HADR NF long-range radars to the Luftwaffe. (Hensoldt/Elta/Adobe Stock)

To fulfill the contract, Hensoldt is co-operating with IAI subsidiary Elta Systems on ballistic missile defence (BMD)-capable long-range radars. Hensoldt said it would be responsible for the integration, certification, and long-term support of the radars, with IAI adding that Elta would supply “concept proven, market perfected systems”. IAI valued the contract at EUR200 million (over USD237 million).

IAI told Janes on 2 August that Elta planned to leverage its experience in air surveillance and BMD radar systems with the its Multi-Mission Radar (MMR), Green Pine, and Spectra systems. It said the HADR NF system is based on fully digital operational multi-mission, multi-function radar, modified to meet Luftwaffe requirements. IAI added that the new radar systems delivered by Elta and Hensoldt would take into account NATO requirements and standards, allowing simple and easy integration into NATO. IAI pointed out that Elta airborne reconnaissance and other systems are already connected to NATO and that Hensoldt systems are interoperable with the alliance.

The first radar is to be delivered in less than two years and all systems in around five years, including installation at Luftwaffe bases.

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