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Ukraine conflict: Norway to donate Sea King helicopter parts

Norway is to donate spare parts from the fleet of Sea King helicopters it retired in 2023. (Janes/Patrick Allen)

Norway is to send Westland Sea King spare parts to Ukraine to help support helicopters operated in the Black Sea region by the Ukrainian Sea Guard.

The Norwegian Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced the donation on 9 July, saying that it has decided to send the parts as the search-and-rescue (SAR) helicopters themselves are no longer airworthy.

β€œThe Sea King helicopters were in service in Norway from 1973 until 2023, and have now been replaced by SAR Queen [Leonardo AW101 Merlin] helicopters. The Norwegian helicopters have reached their maximum number of flight hours, and cannot be donated,” the MoD said.

Norway's donation is being made in the context of it being the co-chair of the international Maritime Capability Coalition for Ukraine.

β€œThe Black Sea and the maritime domain in general are of strategic importance to Ukraine, and are crucial to the country's ability to export goods. The Maritime Capability Coalition is targeted towards the Ukrainian Naval Forces as a whole, and encompasses the full breadth of maritime capabilities, including the Ukrainian Sea Guard. I am pleased that spare parts from our discarded Sea Kings can help make a difference for Ukraine, and facilitate the efforts to establish the Ukrainian Sea Guard,” Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Espen Barth Eide said.

With three UK-donated Sea Kings now operating in the littoral region of the Black Sea, Germany has pledged to send six of its recently retired Sea Kings as well. Norway is donating spare parts in connection with the six aircraft being donated by Germany, the MoD said.

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