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South Korea improves Joint Fire Operation System

South Korea's upgraded Joint Fire Operation System (JFOS-K) provides the Republic of Korea's (RoK's) military with the ability to conduct theatre-level integrated firepower operations with air, sea, and ground forces. It is also connected to other battlefield information, asset management, and command-and-control systems of the RoK and US military forces. (DAPA/Janes)

South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has announced that the military's Joint Fire Operation System (JFOS-K) has been upgraded to support integrated, theatre-level combat operations with air, sea, and ground forces.

The JFOS-K is a joint theatre, firepower command-and-control system that “links joint and joint detection and strike assets for the key adversarial targets in real time and supports optimal decision making for strike”, according to DAPA.

DAPA added that the upgrade includes “reinforcing functions and improving [the] operational capabilities” of the system.

“With this performance improvement, the ability to operate integrated firepower at the theatre level, including the navy and air force, has been strengthened from the existing ground force-centred firepower operation system,” the agency said.

As part of the upgrade, the JFOS-K has been linked to US targeting and firepower asset management systems. This includes the US Joint Automated Deep Operations Coordination System (JADOCS). This is a joint mission, Windows-based targeting, mission management, and common operational picture software suite that is in service with South Korea, the US, and some of Washington's NATO partners.

According to DAPA, linking the JFOS-K with JADOCS has strengthened the Republic of Korea's (RoK's) military's ability to lead RoK-US joint operations “in the future when wartime operational control is transferred”.

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