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PLA exercises with YJ-62 anti-ship missile in Northern Theater Command

The PLA deploys YJ-62 missiles in Haiyang drills. (Janes)

The 333rd Coastal Defence Brigade of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Northern Theater Command (NTC) has deployed land-attack YJ-62 anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCMs) in a drill that took place in Haiyang, a coastal city southeast of the Shandong Peninsula in China.

According to the drill's video footage released by Chinese state-owned broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV), the brigade was seen exercising with four 8×8 WS2400 transporter-erector-launchers (TELs) – each equipped with three YJ-62 ASCMs – and an 8×8 battery command post vehicle, which is likely the standard battery configuration of the system.

The land-attack YJ-62 missiles – mostly seen equipped with the Eastern Theater Command and Southern Theater Command of the PLA – are likely deployed with an NTC unit for the first time.

The PLA's NTC is oriented towards the Korean Peninsula and Russian border security, including operations along China's northern periphery, and the Yellow Sea (West Sea).

According to Janes Weapons: Naval , the YJ-62 is a medium-range land-attack missile. The missile is armed with a semi-armour-piercing (SAP) warhead, which is detonated by an electromechanical contact delay (delayed action) fuzing system. The export version of the missile is designated C-602.

A single warhead is capable of damaging vessels displacing up to 5,000 tonnes, the manufacturer states. The missile propulsion system comprises a China Gas Turbine Establishment WS500 turbofan and an undisclosed solid-propellant booster motor.

The radar seeker of the missile follows a frequency-agile, monopulse X-band active design, with a range of 40 km (21.5 n miles), covering an 80° arc, and effective against targets with a radar cross-section of 3,000 m².

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