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Israeli Sa'ar 6 corvette tests Barak LRAD air defence missile

The Sa'ar 6 corvette INS Magen launches a Barak LRAD during the test. (Israeli Ministry of Defense)

The Israeli Navy and Israel Ministry of Defense (MoD) conducted the first live-fire trial of the LRAD variant of the Barak surface-to-air missile from one of the new Sa'ar 6 corvettes, the MoD announced on 30 November.

The MoD referred to the overarching naval air-defence system as Barak Magen, which was confusing as the test was conducted by INS Magen , the first of the four Sa'ar 6s.

“The Barak Magen system includes an advanced radar for detecting threats, a weapons system, and a long-range interceptor made by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI),” the MoD said. “During the trial, which forms a first proof of capability of its type from the sea, the Barak Magen system successfully completed a process of detection and interception in a challenging scenario, against a target that simulated an advanced cruise missile,” the MoD said.

It released a video showing the missile being launched from one of the two vertical launching systems (VLSs) located in the rear superstructure on the Sa'ar 6 class, confirming they each have eight missile cells. Infrared footage showed the missile diving down to destroy a target that was close to sea level.

“The successful trial is a technological breakthrough in the realm of sea-based missile defences,” the MoD statement quoted the head of the Systems, Missiles, and Aeronautics Department in the MoD's Directorate of Defense Research and Development as saying. “The operational capability of the Barak Magen system forms a force multiplier for the Sa'ar 6 ships and the naval branch.”

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