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DSA 2024: Chinese manufacturer showcases aperture radar jammer

An image of the SAR jamming system on display at QuanLian's booth at DSA 2024. (Janes/Rakend P)

Chinese manufacturer QuanLian T&E (Hainan) International Trade Co Ltd showcased a jamming system for synthetic aperture radars (SARs) at the Defence Services Asia (DSA) 2024 exhibition held in Kuala Lumpur from 6 to 9 May.

This is the first time the system is displayed outside the home country, the manufacturer informed Janes .

The system counters SARs and reduces the probability of detection. It provides warning of SAR transmissions and jams it. The equipment is designed for protection against X-band frequencies (8–12 GHz).

It consists of an antenna module and a signal processing module and can operate in electronic support (ES) and electronic attack (EA) modes. The ES receiver of the system continuously monitors SAR signal emissions in the X-band and provides the SAR reconnaissance warning.

The ES receiver has -60 dBm sensitivity to detect SAR emissions with 360ΒΊ azimuth coverages.

The EA system jams the SAR systems using a coherent suppression method. The jammer also operates in X-band frequencies with a bandwidth of 1 GHz.

Representatives of QuanLian told Janes that these systems are employed with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force and the PLA Rocket Force for ground base protection. The system is also suitable against airborne SAR and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveillance.

The system is available in three configurations. Model HEWJ001 is designed for flexible deployment/counter-satellite/counter-airborne SAR and has a land coverage area of 100 km 2 . HEWJ002 and HEWJ003 are suitable for vehicle mounting and have 10 km 2 coverage to provide detection against SAR reconnaissance.

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