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Army 2019: Russia unveils 2S42 Lotos amphibious self-propelled mortar

Rostec subsidiary TsNIITochmash presented the 2S42 Lotos air-droppable amphibious self-propelled gun-mortar system at the Army 2019 defence exhibition held in Kubinka, outside Moscow, from 25 to 30 June. The system had previously been displayed as a scale model at the 2017 exhibition.

The 2S42 Lotos is intended for Russia’s Airborne Forces (VDV) as a light artillery vehicle with significant mobility, and is based on the same stretched variant of the BMD-4M chassis as the Sprut-SDM1, with seven roadwheels instead of the five on the BMD-4M. The BMD-4M chassis is in wide use with the VDV – it can be air-dropped with all crew inside, so that the vehicle is ready for combat within moments after landing. According to Veniamin Schastlitsev, the head designer of Lotos, the air-drop capability was required for Lotos too.

The 2S42 weighs 18 tonnes and can likewise be air-dropped with its crew of four from inside Il-76 or larger aircraft. It is amphibious with no preparation and capable of reaching a top speed of 70 km/h on roads, or 40 km/h off-road, a factsheet displayed with the vehicle said.

The 2S42 Lotos on display at the Army 2019 exhibition. (Mark Cazalet)

The 2S42 Lotos on display at the Army 2019 exhibition. (Mark Cazalet)

Lotos’ primary armament appears to be a breech-loaded smoothbore 120 mm gun-mortar, designated 2A80-1, and this is the same armament as that used on the 2S34 Hosta self-propelled artillery system. It is understood to have entered service with the Russian forces in 2011.

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