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Azerbaijan government partners with DefTech to develop Owl mobile surveillance system

The Owl mobile surveillance system's UAV can be extended up to 100 m. (Janes/Huw Williams)

The National Aerocosmic Agency of the Ministry of Defence Industry for the Azerbaijan Republic (MODIAR) displayed the Owl mobile surveillance system for the first time at ADEX 2022 in Baku.

Developed in co-operation with DefTech, the Owl consists of a tethered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attached to a MODIAR Gyurza 4×4 patrol vehicle. The undisclosed UAV has a quadcopter design with a camera mounted to the side of the airframe.

The air vehicle can be extended up to 100 m to provide persistent monitoring of an area between 30 and 40 km 2 . Once airborne, the system can provide a live video stream and track any targets that have been identified. It is claimed to be able to operate in day and night conditions, as well as in inclement weather.

To protect against interference from adversaries, it has a protected data channel and countermeasures to resist jamming. The system can also be used independently of GPS.

As it is mounted on the Gyurza 4×4 patrol vehicle, the Owl can be quickly relocated to a new position. Customers can also opt to mount it on a different platform if the Gyurza does not meet their requirements.

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