Terrorism & Insurgency

  • Situation deteriorates in Helmand province

    Afghan insurgents have reportedly taken control of large swathes of Helmand province and, while heavy fighting is ongoing in different areas, are also threatening the provincial capital, Lashkar Gah. The Taliban control approximately 80% of Helmand, while in districts like Marjah and Khanashin the

  • Violent risks intelligence bulletin - 27 November 2015

    Americas 25 November 2015 - Haiti: In Cabaret, Port-au-Prince, police forces fired tear gas to disperse a protest against alleged electoral fraud; two officers were injured. 25 November 2015 - Mexico: In Mexico City Airport, police officers arrested four people involved in a kidnap ring and

  • Afghan commission probes reasons for September loss of Kunduz to insurgents

    Key Points A high-ranking Afghan fact-finding commission has sought to find out why the city of Kunduz fell to insurgents on 28 September After being contested for about two weeks, the city was finally retaken by the ANDSF in mid-October The main reasons for the loss of the city of Kunduz to

  • Athens violent risk profile: Risks to individuals in 2016

    Key Points Risk of terrorist attacks by left-wing militant and anarchist groups in 2016 in Athens is likely to be high, targeting primarily multinational corporations, German assets and offices, and the residences of Greek politicians. Small-scale demonstrations are likely to take place almost

  • Attack kills 12 presidential guards in Tunisia's Tunis

    AT LEAST 12 presidential guard personnel were killed and 17 others were wounded in a suspected suicide attack targeting a bus carrying presidential guards on the Mohammed V Avenue in Tunisia's capital Tunis on 24 November, Reuters and Al-Jazeera reported. No group immediately claimed responsibility


  • New cyber platforms offer criminal potential

    As cyber innovations change the operating environment for terrorists and criminals, Cameron Colquhoun assesses how new advances are likely to appeal to law-breakers.
  • Russian money-laundering put under pressure

    Increased scrutiny from the Kremlin and tougher international regulation have forced Russian money-laundering networks to expand beyond their traditional markets. Andrew Bowen assesses the efficacy of current efforts to contain and counter the crime.
  • Civil conflict re-ignites in South Sudan

    By looking to alter South Sudan's federal structure, President Salva Kiir has reignited civil conflict in the country. Amid ongoing fighting, Michael Horton considers the bleak prospects for an end to the conflict, even if the country's neighbours intervene.
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  • UAE trains new Yemeni army

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is training soldiers for a new Yemeni army at Al-Anad Air Base in southern Yemen. The UAE's official WAM news agency reported on 23 November that a batch of Yemeni soldiers had graduated from a training course run by the UAE's military. While WAM did not say how many
  • NORM wisdom: Portal cuts nuisance alarms

    Radiation portal monitor (RPM) technology is being trialled for cargo screening at an unnamed Western European capital city airport. The patented Discovery RPM from Symetrica is designed to discriminate accurately between potential threat radioactive sources and naturally occurring radioactive


  • Synomosia Pyrinon tis Fotias (SPF)

    Key Facts Name: Synomosia Pyrinon tis Fotias (SPF) or Fire Conspiracy Cells. Aliases: Conspiracy of Cells of Fire; CCF; Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei; Nuclei of Fire Conspiracy; Conspiracy Nuclei of Fire; Terrorists' Rebel Group; Terrorist Guerrilla Team; Guerrilla Group of Terrorists; Guerrilla Team of

  • AN/WQX-2

    Type Swimmer detection sonar (SDS) Development The initial AN/WQX-2 system had been transitioned directly, as part of an urgent operational requirement, from a research and development (R&D) project to operational use following a terrorist attack in Dharan, Saudi Arabia, in June 1996. It has