Terrorism & Insurgency


  • Efforts made to improve global cyber-security

    Multilateral meetings are set to explore how to tackle cyber-security, but international co-operation is far from straightforward. Tim Maurer looks at the potential challenges in finding common ground amid an increase in cyber-attacks in 2014
  • Sunni force unlikely to challenge the Islamic State

    Jabhat al-Nusra is successfully undermining the creation of a moderate Sunni ground force in Syria, which is critical for defeating the Islamic State. Columb Strack analyses data showing how the group has made gains towards establishing its own caliphate.
  • The evolution of Greece's armed revolutionaries

    In the shadow of one of Europe's most sustained terrorist problems, Greece is entering a new era of radical left-wing politics. George Kassimeris explores the threat facing the country's counter-terrorism agencies from the next generation of militant anarchists.
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  • Turkey launches military operation inside Syria

    The Turkish military made an armed incursion into Syria on 21 February to evacuate the S├╝leyman Sah tomb. In total some 572 military personnel and around 100 armoured vehicles were involved in the cross-border operation, called Operation 'Shah Euphrates', with the Turkish troops returning to
  • IRGC attacks replica carrier in latest exercise

    Key Points The mock aircraft carrier that Iran was seen constructing in 2014 has been used as a target in an IRGC exercise The exercise appears to have been an expensive propaganda effort that failed to demonstrate Iran's ability to engage major naval vessels with over-the-horizon weapons Iran's
  • US opens door to increased UAV sales

    Key Points A new US policy could facilitate military UAV exports to more countries The policy is the latest in a series of efforts to "modernise and reform" US export controls for the aerospace and defence industry The Obama administration on 17 February unveiled a new policy that could


  • Synomosia Pyrinon tis Fotias (SPF)

    Key Facts Name: Synomosia Pyrinon tis Fotias (SPF) or Fire Conspiracy Cells. Aliases: Conspiracy of Cells of Fire; CCF; Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei; Nuclei of Fire Conspiracy; Conspiracy Nuclei of Fire; Terrorists' Rebel Group; Terrorist Guerrilla Team; Guerrilla Group of Terrorists; Guerrilla Team of

  • AN/WQX-2

    Type Swimmer detection sonar (SDS) Development The initial AN/WQX-2 system had been transitioned directly, as part of an urgent operational requirement, from a research and development (R&D) project to operational use following a terrorist attack in Dharan, Saudi Arabia, in June 1996. It has

  • Battle Control System

    Type Air and missile defence command-and-control (C2) system Development The BCS programme is a series of US Air Force (USAF) spiral development/evolutionary acquisition contracts. Spiral 1 was initiated as an urgent need in response to the terrorist attacks in September 2001 and was intended to

  • SeaBat 7123

    Type Triple-frequency forward-looking sonar. Description SeaBat 7123 is an advanced, commercial off-the-shelf-based high-resolution sonar with both military and commercial applications. Military uses include mine countermeasures (MCM) and waterside security applications, and require a special