Terrorism & Insurgency


  • Dangerous neighbours: the Israeli border in the Golan

    After the ceasefire that brought the 1973 Arab–Israeli War to an end, Israel’s border with Syria and Jordan in the Golan Heights became the IDF’s quietest sector. As Peter Felstead reports, however, the Syrian civil war and the rise of the Islamic State changed all that
  • Drug trafficking routes proliferate through Indian Ocean

    There has been a proliferation of drug trafficking routes identified as starting from the Makran Coast and passing through the Indian Ocean. Joanna Wright assesses the challenges facing naval and law enforcement operations aimed at interdicting the trade in the absence of seizures and court cases
  • Yemeni rebels enhance ballistic missile campaign

    Yemen-based rebels have launched numerous ballistic missile attacks against Saudi Arabia since the outbreak of conflict in 2015. Jeremy Binnie traces the origin and evolution of their arsenal, and assesses how rebel forces are sustaining their campaign and the course it may take in the future
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