Terrorism & Insurgency


  • French counter-terrorism reforms make headway

    Security was a central issue in France's presidential election. As new president Emmanuel Macron, who took office on 14 May, pledges to increase the effectiveness of the security services, Kit Nicholl explores three scenarios for the evolution of French counter-terrorism strategy
  • US strike fails to stem CW use in Syria

    The United States responded to the use of sarin in Syria with a cruise missile strike on Shayrat Air Base. Geoffrey Chapman and Alessandra Giovanzanti assess the possible impact of future chemical attacks by the Syrian government and likely international responses
  • Crypto-drug markets adapt to law enforcement intervention

    Crypto-drug markets are readily accessible on the dark net for purchases of controlled substances. Dave Bewley-Taylor examines how law enforcement challenges can be balanced with potential benefits such as identification of harmful substances and the phenomena of markets' self-disruption
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  • Tensions increase in Syria after Su-22 shoot-down

    Russia announced for a second time that it had suspended an agreement aimed at preventing accidents in Syrian airspace after the US-led coalition shot down a Syrian Su-22 jet on 18 June: a development that reflected a growing confrontation as pro-government forces attempt to contain coalition-backed