• French Army selects HK416 to replace FAMAS

    The French Army's new service rifle will be the Heckler & Koch HK416F, the French defence procurement agency (the DGA) announced on 23 September. France has a long history of firearms innovations yet this has withered on the vine, with the HK416F set to be the first French standard-issue rifle

  • Analysts cast doubts on Iran-North Korea missile collaboration

    Analysts have cast doubts that Iran and North Korea are co-developing missiles and satellite launchers, exchanging detailed design data, or testing prototypes for each other, the 38 North website reported on 22 September. While the countries may share test data on a limited basis, "there is

  • ApolloShield develops new counter-UAV system

    Israeli company ApolloShield has developed a new counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (C-UAV) system designed to detect, identify, and defeat illicit UAVs. Formerly known as AirFence, the eponymously-named ApolloShield system detects UAVs using acoustic, optical, and/or radio sensors, before commanding

  • Carter: nuclear deterrence is changing, but the 'triad' remains relevant

    The nuclear threat has changed to emphasise smaller scale attacks and the Pentagon is working on eyeing means of integrating conventional nuclear strategies in Europe and Asia to better prepare for low-end conflict, according to US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. "The most likely use of

  • Companies receive USD86 million in MQ-25 carrier UAV contracts

    Boeing and Lockheed Martin have each received USD43 million in US Navy (USN) contracts for development work on the MQ-25 Stingray carrier-based unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) programme, the Pentagon announced on 23 September. The cost-plus-fixed-free contracts are for risk reduction activities,

  • Kenya and Uganda to receive Huey II helos

    The US Department of Defence (DoD) has contracted Bell Helicopter to deliver 10 refurbished UH-1 Huey II utility helicopters to two African nations for a combined USD86.79 million. The contracts, announced by the DoD on 27 September 2016, will see five helicopters delivered to Kenya and five to


  • Evolution by increments

    The US Army is, for the most part, moving cautiously ahead with a variety of modernisation plans to upgrade and evolve its equipment and structures. Daniel Wasserbly reports
  • Face off: East-West relations

    Russia's improving A2/AD and hybrid warfare capabilities are asking new questions of NATO's maritime forces. Richard Scott reports on how this Russian resurgence is spurring new thinking
  • Russia increases use of Ukraine cyber proxies

    Russia's cyber operations in Ukraine are increasingly dependent on criminal proxies. Lincoln Pigman examines what this means for cyber security in Ukraine and beyond.

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  • Tamarack Aerospace Group pitches winglets for C-130

    Tamarack Aerospace Group is offering to work with Lockheed Martin to equip the US Air Force's (USAF's) fleet of C-130 Hercules transport aircraft with its ATLAS active winglets which, the company claims, reduce fuel consumption at the same time as extending the service life of the wing. The

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  • US approves SkyCeptor LCI for Poland

    Key Points SkyCeptor is the US-compliant variant of the Rafael/Raytheon Stunner interceptor Raytheon is expected to position SkyCeptor as a secondary effector for the US Army's IFPC 2-I Block 1 requirement The US government has approved the release of SkyCeptor as the low-cost interceptor (LCI)

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  • Drone Defence launches new counter-UAV concept

    UK company Drone Defence has launched a new concept for protecting infrastructure and events from illicit unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), dubbed Drone Defenders. The Drone Defenders concept sees the company provide trained ex-military and ex-law enforcement personnel using the Dedrone DroneTracker

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