• Analysis: Netanyahu shifts war aims

    At the outset of Operation 'Protective Edge', the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) focused on suppressing Palestinian rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. By the 24th day of the operation, the destruction of the tunnels that militants have dug into Israel had become the IDF's primary objective. "We

  • Antonov reports second quarter loss

    Ukrainian aerospace group Antonov has reported a loss of UAH16.4 million for the second quarter of the year, although it claimed that revenue climbed 84% year-on-year to UAH885.79 million (USD71.1592). The loss in the second quarter follows a strong profit in the first three months of the year,

  • ATK Sales Up Ahead of Spinoff, Merger

    Alliant Techsystems (ATK) reported its first quarter earnings on 31 July, noting an 18% spike in sales at USD1.3 billion year over year and a 24% increase in operating profits. Much of that increase came on the back of the company's Sporting Group, which is set to be spun-off by the end of the year

  • Boko Haram militants' evolving strategy in Nigeria opens up new fronts, as risk of suicide bombings rise

    Key Points Renewed links between Boko Haram and its radical jihadist offshoot Ansaru are driving a higher risk of further attacks taking place in Lagos and southern Nigeria. The use of suicide bombers, particularly female, is behind a rapidly rising rate of mass-casualty attacks and targeted

  • Brazilian company Flight Tech claims country's first UAV export deal

    Joining an increasingly crowded field of countries vying for sales in the international unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market, São Paulo based Flight Tech (FT Sistemas) announced a deal to provide Horus FT-100 Mini-UAVs to an undisclosed African nation. The company also did not disclose the

  • China prepares for first military exercise with Australia, US

    The People's Liberation Army (PLA) will begin joint preparations for a trilateral exercise with Australia and the United States, Chinese Ministry of National Defense spokesperson Geng Yansheng told reporters during a press briefing on 31 July. The unprecedented military drills, dubbed Exercise


  • Sands of time - China's 'salami slicing' in South China Sea

    China is aiming to extend the land in the reefs it controls in the disputed Spratly Islands, building an airstrip and port, amid condemnation from the Philippines and Vietnam. James Hardy looks at the long-term consequences of Beijing's construction.
  • Ramping up relief

    With natural disasters projected to intensify in the Asia-Pacific region in future decades, regional militaries are required to develop capability to deal with the threat more effectively and cohesively. Jon Grevatt reports
  • Briefing: Tense transitions

    Transitions in East Asia's security and geopolitical landscape are introducing new challenges into longstanding competitions and increasing the range of plausible scenarios for miscalculation, escalation and crises across the Western pacific. Tate Nurkin reports

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  • Russia lays keels for three nuclear subs

    Russia laid the keels of three new nuclear submarines to celebrate Russian Navy Day on 27 July. The boats laid down were the fifth Dolgoruky (Borey)-class (Project 955A) nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) Knyaz Oleg and the fourth and fifth Severodvinsk (Yasen)-class nuclear-powered

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  • RAN MH-60R fires first Hellfire

    The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has completed its first test firings of the AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface missile from an MH-60R Seahawk maritime helicopter, the Department of Defence said on 30 July. The test firings - of two ATM-114Q-1 training missiles - were conducted at the US Navy's (USN's)

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  • Swiss IMESS soldier system ready for serial production

    Airbus Defence and Space has completed the development of the Swiss Army's planned new future soldier system and is now ready to enter serial production, the company announced on 30 July. Known as the Integrated Modular Engagement System for the Swiss Soldier (IMESS), it builds on the company's

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  • Analysis: The strange case of Iraq's missing uranium

    The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militant group made world headlines on 10 June when it rolled into Mosul, routing the security forces that were supposed to defend the city and robbed the bank of some USD400 million in gold. Now there is news that they also took other things:

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  • Islamists make further gains in Benghazi

    The Al-Saiqa unit in Benghazi suffered a significant defeat when its headquarters was overrun by a coalition of Islamist groups, including the radical Ansar al-Sharia, on 29 July. Al-Saiqa commander Wanis Abu Khamadah acknowledged that his forces had withdrawn from the base after days of heavy

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