• Balancing act: Serbian Armed Forces update

    Serbia is one of few countries whose armed forces successfully co-operate with both Russia and the West, but while Belgrade insists on military neutrality, just how much longer this will be tolerated remains to be seen. Gerrard Cowan reports
  • Jihadists compete along Af-Pak border

    Jihadist groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan have experienced leadership turnover and are contending with the emergence of the Islamic State in the region. Antonio Giustozzi assesses the balance of power between militant groups in the borderlands.
  • Evolution by increments

    The US Army is, for the most part, moving cautiously ahead with a variety of modernisation plans to upgrade and evolve its equipment and structures. Daniel Wasserbly reports

Platforms Platforms

Weapons Weapons

  • Iran claims Zolfaghar missile has 700 km range

    Iranian defence minister Hossein Dehghan claimed that the new Zolfaghar (Zulfiqar) ballistic missile has a range of 700 km during a 25 September ceremony that inaugurated the weapon's production line. Unveiled for the first time during a military parade four days earlier, the Zolfaghar is a new

C4iSR & Missions Systems C4iSR & Missions Systems

  • Drone Defence launches new counter-UAV concept

    UK company Drone Defence has launched a new concept for protecting infrastructure and events from illicit unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), dubbed Drone Defenders. The Drone Defenders concept sees the company provide trained ex-military and ex-law enforcement personnel using the Dedrone DroneTracker

CBRNE & EOD Defence CBRNE & EOD Defence

Country Risk Country Risk

  • Buk missile from Russia downed MH17, investigation finds

    Key Points The missile that killed all 298 on board MH17 was supplied by Russia, the JIT has found Russia has long denied its involvement in the incident, irrespective of the evidence Russia supplied the 9M38 Buk (SA-11 'Gadfly') missile that shot down airliner MH17 over eastern Ukraine killing

Military Capabilities Military Capabilities

  • Romania receives its first F-16 fighter aircraft

    Romania's first six Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft were officially handed over on 28 September at Monte Real Air Force Base NÂș5 in Portugal. The former Portuguese Air Force aircraft are due to be flown to Romania on 29 September where they will be assigned to the 86th

CBRN Assessment CBRN Assessment

Terrorism & Insurgency Terrorism & Insurgency

Industry Industry

  • ADAS 2016: Saab targets Gripen at Philippines

    Saab is to open an office in Manila by the end of 2016 to support the company's campaign to sell its JAS 39 Gripen fighter aircraft to the Philippine Air Force (PAF), an official from the Swedish company told I HS Jane's on 28 September. Speaking on the opening day of the Asian Defence and Security