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  • First free-flight test for Harpoon Block II+

    The US Navy (USN) has successfully completed a first free-flight test of the network-enabled AGM-84N Harpoon Block II+ air-launched anti-ship missile in a test on the Point Mugu sea range off the California coast. A modification of the existing AGM-84D Harpoon Block 1C missile, the Block II+ weapon

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  • Charles de Gaulle arrives off Syrian coast for strikes

    The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle has arrived off the Syrian coast to take part in Operation 'Chammal', France's anti-Islamic State combat mission. Charles de Gaulle 's expanded air wing of 26 combat aircraft is expected to begin strikes imminently. The vessel, which only left Toulon on

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  • SDSR 2015: Review sees big gains for combat aviation

    Aviation is the big winner in the UK's Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), with some aircraft being spared the axe, others seeing their service lives extended, some being procured in larger numbers than had previously been supposed, old mothballed capabilities being reconstituted with new

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  • NORM wisdom: Portal cuts nuisance alarms

    Radiation portal monitor (RPM) technology is being trialled for cargo screening at an unnamed Western European capital city airport. The patented Discovery RPM from Symetrica is designed to discriminate accurately between potential threat radioactive sources and naturally occurring radioactive

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