• LRS-B vital to US nuclear deterrent, STRATCOM chief says

    Completing development of the classified Long-Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B) programme is essential to the US nuclear deterrent because of the advanced age of the US Air Force's (USAF's) existing bomber fleets, the military official responsible for US strategic deterrence said on 26 February.

  • Philippine authorities seize Vietnamese vessel for suspected weapons smuggling

    The Philippine Navy (PN) and Bureau of Customs (BOC) have seized an 84-m Vietnamese cargo vessel suspected of weapons smuggling in the country's southern island province of Sulu. The PN's director of public affairs, Commander Lued Lincuna, told IHS Jane's on 26 February that the cargo vessel, An

  • IDEX 2015: CETC's O-Shield updates Bodyguard

    The China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) used the IDEX show in Abu Dhabi to provide new details about a counter-precision guided munition (PGM) system that updates the nearly 20-year old Bodyguard system. CETC's O-Shield Comprehensive Electro-Optical Defence System was first

  • Poland seeks VIP transport aircraft

    The Polish military is planning to buy two small aircraft for VIP transportation in 2015. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has accepted a proposal to purchase two used long-range business jets for the Polish Air Force. They are due to be able to transport 12-14 passengers and to conduct transatlantic

  • Aegis BMD test demonstrates automatic engagement co-ordination between ships

    Key Points US Navy ships tracked and engaged three short-range missile targets Distributed Weighted Engagement Scheme helped ships avoid launching multiple missiles to counter threats The US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) on 24 February demonstrated the ability of Aegis destroyers to co-ordinate

  • Australia's DSTO and Airbus form technology alliance

    Australia's Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) has signed an agreement with Airbus Group Australia Pacific - the Airbus Group's Australian subsidiary - to collaborate on military aerospace technologies, the Australian Department of Defence (DoD) announced on 26 February. The DoD

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  • IDEX 2015: China reveals 'new' LPD concept

    The China Shipbuilding and Trading Company (CSTC) used the IDEX show in Abu Dhabi to reveal a model of a new landing platform dock (LPD) that it could build for export. A CSTC official told IHS Jane's that the concept was not developed to meet any current customer requirement, but was done to

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  • Finland selects FN SCAR-L for its special forces

    Finland's special forces have selected the Belgian FN SCAR-L assault rifle as a new standard firearm. The FN SCAR-L will be the first 5.56x45 mm NATO calibre firearm introduced to the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF). It will supplement the current RK 95 TP assault rifle chambered in the Russian

C4iSR & Missions Systems C4iSR & Missions Systems

  • IDEX 2015: ALAS-C ready for Emirati trials

    Yugoimport SDPR expects its Advanced Light Attack System - Coastal Defence (ALAS-C) to begin its evaluation trials with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy later this year, the Serbian company's Dragi Dimitrijevic told IHS Jane's at the IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi. "We are finished with all

CBRNE & EOD Defence CBRNE & EOD Defence

  • CBO releases new triad upgrade estimate

    The United States will have to spend USD348 billion on nuclear weapons modernisation over the next 10 years if it wants to maintain a triad of nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarines, and bomber aircraft, according to a 22 January report from the Congressional Budget

Country Risk Country Risk

  • Turkey launches military operation inside Syria

    The Turkish military made an armed incursion into Syria on 21 February to evacuate the Süleyman Sah tomb. In total some 572 military personnel and around 100 armoured vehicles were involved in the cross-border operation, called Operation 'Shah Euphrates', with the Turkish troops returning to

Military Capabilities Military Capabilities

  • IRGC attacks replica carrier in latest exercise

    Key Points The mock aircraft carrier that Iran was seen constructing in 2014 has been used as a target in an IRGC exercise The exercise appears to have been an expensive propaganda effort that failed to demonstrate Iran's ability to engage major naval vessels with over-the-horizon weapons Iran's

CBRN Assessment CBRN Assessment

  • US opens door to increased UAV sales

    Key Points A new US policy could facilitate military UAV exports to more countries The policy is the latest in a series of efforts to "modernise and reform" US export controls for the aerospace and defence industry The Obama administration on 17 February unveiled a new policy that could

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