Military Capabilities

  • Sweden conducts major search for suspected Russian mini-sub

    On 17 October Swedish authorities began a sudden and significant search operation in the Stockholm Archipelago involving minesweepers, patrol craft and Visby-class stealth corvettes, along with maritime patrol aircraft and helicopters. Commander Jonas Wikstroem of the Swedish Navy disclosed to

  • Europe's willingness to strike Islamic State in Syria clouded by legal concerns

    Europe's willingness to use military power against Islamic State is converging with that of the United States according to EU officials, although they warn there is no consensus - or agreed legal basis across the 28 EU nations - for carrying the battle against Islamic State onto Syrian soil.

  • Iranian support for Iraqi militias becomes increasingly apparent

    Key Points The presence of Iranian 12.7 mm rifles and jeeps suggest Iraqi militias are now extensively armed by Iran Qods Force commander Brig Gen Soleimani has also been photographed with some of Iraq's Shia and Kurdish militias A growing number of Iraqi militias have been seen using

  • Brazilian MoD receives offers to rebuild Antarctic base

    The Brazilian Ministry of Defence has received offers for a USD110 million project to rebuild the Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station (EACF,) according to information published by the Brazilian government on 9 October. The Brazilian Navy-run EACF was significantly damaged in a February 2012 fire

  • Country Risk Watch - November 2014

    Removal of Ugandan PM is likely to expose fractures within NRM Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni on 18 September dismissed his former long-time ally and potential political rival Amama Mbabazi as prime minister following an apparent power struggle, replacing him with former minister of health

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  • Swiss Arms GLG40 40 mm grenade launcher

    Development The Swiss Arms GLG40 40 mm grenade launcher is offered as a 'stand-alone' alternative 40 mm low-velocity grenade delivery system to the Swiss Arms GL5040/5140 under-barrel grenade launchers (UBGL) - (see separate entry). Description The GLG40 launcher consists of a high impact

  • VSS 9 mm suppressed sniper rifle

    Development The development of the VSS (Vинтовка Sнайперская Sпециальная) (Grau Index - 6P29/6P29) 9 mm suppressed sniper rifle was

  • Hirtenberger M6H 60 mm mortars

    Development Production of the Hirtenberger 60 mm mortars began with two models, the M6-111 standard version and the M6-211 long-range mortar. As a result of additional development work, the company now offers the M6H or 'Heavy' model, which offers extended range and varying barrel lengths. Model

  • RM Equipment M203PI 40 mm grenade launcher

    Development American company RM Equipment developed the M203PI as an improvement on the M203 that could be quickly fitted to rifles with or without rails or operated as a stand alone pistol-style launcher. In April 2000, the Australian army contracted RM Equipment Inc to supply 3,047 M203PI