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  • IDF expands elite combat engineering unit to tackle tunnel threat

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is in the process of enlarging an elite combat engineering unit so that it is better-prepared to counter the threat of tunnels constructed by militant groups in the Gaza Strip. The Engineering Unit for Special Missions, which is known by its Hebrew acronym YAHALOM,

  • India to halve size of new mountain corps

    Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said on 15 April that a financial crunch was forcing him to halve to 35,000 soldiers the strength of the Indian Army's new 17 Mountain Strike Corps. Parrikar told The Hindustan Times that he was also freezing the corps' formation budget at INR380 billion

  • Spain extends US lease on Morón airbase

    The Spanish government has agreed to a further year's extension on the use of a southern air force base by the United States' Africa rapid reaction force while negotiations continue on it being made a permanent deployment. Under the terms of a bilateral defence accord originally signed in 1988, up

  • Navy League 2015: USN establishing office to oversee unmanned systems

    As part of an initiative to streamline the US Navy's (USN's) efforts in developing robotics and autonomous systems, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced on 15 April that he is appointing a deputy assistant secretary to oversee unmanned technology as the navy staff establishes a new warfare

  • Lithuanian parliament approves return of conscription

    The Lithuanian Parliament (the Seimas) approved the reintroduction of conscription for its armed forces on 14 April. The reintroduction of the draft, only abandoned in 2008, was proposed by the Lithuanian State Defence Council on 24 February in response to the Ukraine crisis. In total 3,000 to

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  • Indonesian Railways (Persero)

    PT Kereta Api Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan, 1, Bandung 40117, Java Tel: (+62 22) 423 00 31 Fax: (+62 22) 420 33 42 e-mail: Web: Key personnel Gauge (mm) Route length (km) Electrification (route-km) Voltage Hz AC/DC 1,067 8,159 N/A N/A N/A

  • Philippine Army mortars

    Development Although reportedly produced at one time these mortars are no longer in service or manufactured. Description The Philippine Army is equipped with two mortars of local design and manufacture. The M75 60 mm uses a tripod and a thick-gauge circular, stamped and welded baseplate. It is

  • M29 and M29A1 81 mm mortar

    Development This 81 mm mortar was introduced in 1952 as a replacement for the Brandt-copy M1. It was originally given the service designation M29 and a development designation of T106. The baseplate M3 was developed by the Canadian Armaments Research and Development Establishment (now DRDC

  • OFB E1 120 mm mortar

    Development The Ordnance Factory Board (OFB), formerly Indian Ordnance Factories (IOF), 120 mm E1 mortar was designed to provide heavy and sustained firepower in all phases of battle in various types of terrain. It can provide support to amphibious forces immediately upon landing and can be