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  • New US intelligence to combat Russian 'active measures'

    A new piece of legislation that has quietly made its way through the US Congress over the past several months is calling for the creation of a new committee that would take concrete and even proactive steps against Russian 'new-generation warfare' and intelligence operations targeted against

  • US and UK's Russian surveillance flights revealed

    US and UK strategic surveillance aircraft are flying more than one mission a week over the Baltic, Ukraine, and Black Seas as part of an intensified effort to monitor Russian military activity in these sensitive regions. The flights included two missions by USAF Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk

  • Aleppo resistance on verge of collapse

    Syrian government forces appeared on the verge of overrunning the last pocket of opposition fighters in Aleppo on 9 December, the rebels having lost more than 75% of their territory in the city since the Russian-backed offensive began on 18 November. The latest advances involved Syrian troops

  • Cameroon Special Forces receive new equipment from France

    The French government has donated 15 new vehicles, along with weapons, communication, and ballistic equipment to Cameroon for use by the country's Special Forces. The handover to the Cameroonian military took place on 29 November in Yaoundé during a ceremony attended by Defence Minister Joseph

  • Colombia sends battalion to Sinai peace mission

    A new contingent of 165 Colombian troops will be deployed to the Sinai Peninsula to join the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO), which was created in 1979 to supervise implementation of an Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, the Colombian Army announced on 6 December. The contingent (COLCON) will

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  • Syrian army seizes northern sector of Aleppo

    Key Points A long-expected ground assault on the rebel enclave in Aleppo city has made rapid progress Most of the rebels holding the northern sector appear to have retreated before becoming cut off A ground offensive by pro-government forces in Syria that began on 25 November made rapid progress