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  • British, Portuguese fighters take over Baltic air policing

    United Kingdom Eurofighter Typhoons from the Royal Air Force's II(AC) Squadron deployed on 27 April to Amari Air Base in Estonia to take part for four months in NATO's Baltic Air Policing Mission. The four Typhoons will be joined by four Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcons from Portugal, which

  • Thai marine corps to raise paramilitary force

    The Thai government has approved the raising of the Royal Thai Marine Corps' (RTMC's) first paramilitary counter-insurgency force. The new regiment of RTMC Rangers will join similar regiments under the command of the Royal Thai Army (RTA) as regular army and marine battalions are withdrawn from the

  • Turkey opens military base in Qatar

    Turkey signed a formal agreement with Qatar on 28 April to form a joint military base in the Gulf country. The Qatari base will become Turkey's first foreign military base in the Gulf, with the agreement being signed in Doha by Turkish defence minister Ismet Yilmaz and his Qatari counterpart Khalid

  • EDA announces conclusions of hybrid warfare exercise

    Access to non-military situational awareness networks and a resurrection of certain Cold War-era methods of redundancy are necessary if European armies are to effectively combat hybrid threats at home, according to the European Defence Agency (EDA). These were some of the conclusions from the

  • Germany to build permanent facilities at Incirlik Airbase in Turkey

    Germany is to build permanent facilities at Incirlik Airbase in Turkey to support its long-term operations against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, the country's media reported on 25 April. According to the Der Spiegel newspaper, the Bundewehr will invest about EUR65 million (USD73 million) in


  • Cognitive techniques support better forecasting

    Accurate forecasting is crucial for the intelligence analysis community to anticipate significant events. Nick Hare, Peter Coghill, and Alison Evans analyse the effectiveness of using cognitive techniques inspired by Bayes theorem to provide forecasts on North Korea's nuclear programme.
  • French armour programmes move ahead

    The French armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) industry comprises two key players, Nexter Systems and Renault Trucks Defense. Christopher F Foss looks at these contractors and the AFVs they are developing for domestic requirements and the export market.
  • Renaissance force: US Marine Corps seeks new solutions to new challenges

    After nearly 15 years supporting land operations in one primary theatre, the United States Marine Corps is resetting itself to focus on other challenges. Grace Jean explores how the service is preparing for new tasks while remaining ready for operations.
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  • Turkish tank survives Kornet missile strike

    A Turkish M60T - a version of the US-made tank upgraded by Israeli Military Industries (IMI) - has apparently survived being hit by the latest Russian man-portable anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) system. The attack was seen in a video released by the Islamic State militant group on 19 April and