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  • Hamas uses anti-tank weapons against Israeli ground forces

    Man-portable anti-tank weapons are playing a major role in Hamas counterattacks against Israel's ground incursion into Gaza, and have accounted for around 40% of the fatalities experienced by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) during the first ten days of the ground operation. Up to 18 of the 43

  • Nigerian Army to get new uniforms

    Nigerian Army chief Lieutenant General Kenneth Minimah has announced that new uniforms will be issued to soldiers to make them look smarter and differentiate them from imposters. "The Nigerian Army has decided to change the camouflage uniform of the service," the Daily Trust newspaper

  • PACOM commander: Rebalance to As-Pac region remains on track

    Key Points The US Department of Defense's effort to rebalance forces to Asia Pacific is on course, the senior military official for the region has said US military forces will remain deployable around the globe no matter where they are stationed, officials reiterated The US strategic shift to the

  • 'RIMPAC 2014': RCN minesweeper under examination for sailor misconduct

    The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) minesweeper that was sent home from the biennial 'Rim of the Pacific' ('RIMPAC') exercise has arrived home to an examination of the circumstances surrounding its dismissal from the multinational naval drill. HMCS Whitehorse had been participating in 'RIMPAC 2014' as

  • RIMPAC 2014: US Pacific Fleet commander eyes Norway's naval strike missile capability

    Key Points USN to demonstrate Kongsberg's Naval Strike Missile in live fire test on board USS Coronado The NSM test, planned for September 2014, will demonstrate the Littoral Combat Ship's potential to execute increased anti-surface warfare role The Norwegian Navy's successful firing of a new


  • Sands of time - China's 'salami slicing' in South China Sea

    China is aiming to extend the land in the reefs it controls in the disputed Spratly Islands, building an airstrip and port, amid condemnation from the Philippines and Vietnam. James Hardy looks at the long-term consequences of Beijing's construction.
  • Ramping up relief

    With natural disasters projected to intensify in the Asia-Pacific region in future decades, regional militaries are required to develop capability to deal with the threat more effectively and cohesively. Jon Grevatt reports
  • Briefing: Tense transitions

    Transitions in East Asia's security and geopolitical landscape are introducing new challenges into longstanding competitions and increasing the range of plausible scenarios for miscalculation, escalation and crises across the Western pacific. Tate Nurkin reports
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  • IWI DAN .338 sniper rifle

    Development The Israeli Weapons Industries (IWI) designed the DAN .338 Lapua Magnum sniper rifle to provide precise aimed fire out to at least 1,200 m. It is a departure for IWI from its earlier designs, which were self-loading sniper rifles, to a bolt-action design. The DAN, the name for which is

  • KBP PP-93 9 mm machine pistol

    Development The PP-93 (PP-93, Pистолет-Pулемет-93) is described as a light machine pistol. It can fire the standard 9 × 18 mm Makarov rounds or the more powerful 57-N-181SM cartridge. It is intended for use with

  • Zeveta RTG 68 mm anti-structure munition

    Development The Reactive Thermobaric Grenade (RTG) was designed as an anti-structure munition for use in urban and other battlefield scenarios, such as cave clearing and destruction of field fortifications. It was developed by Zeveta Ammunition in co-operation with the Czech Vojenský

  • Heckler & Koch MP5 9 mm sub-machine gun series

    Development The Heckler & Koch MP5 sub-machine gun was developed from the G3 rifle and has the same method of operation. Some components of early-manufacture guns are interchangeable with those used on the rifle. The sub-machine gun was adopted in late 1966 police forces and border police of