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  • 9K37 Buk

    Type Self-propelled Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) system Development The 9K37 Buk (NATO SA-11 'Gadfly') was developed in accordance with the Resolution of the CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers dated 13 January 1972 using two self-propelled mounts, the 9A38 and the 9A310. The

  • ARF-A and ARF-C masks

    Development During 1987, GIAT Industries, now NBC-Sys a Nexter subsidiary, produced the first prototypes of a new NBC respirator for military use, known as the Apparatus Respiratoire Filtrant des Armées (ARF-A). An initial batch of 200 were delivered for French Army infantry trials and a

  • DETINDIV (Individual Detector of Neurotoxin Agents)

    Description The NBC-Sys DETINDIV (Individual Detector of Neurotoxin Agents) - previously known as the Det Indiv Modèle F1 - is an individual nerve agent detector which depends on the inhibition biochemical reaction of the cholinesterase principle to detect nerve agents. Each DETINDIV unit

  • SpinCon II Advanced Air Sampler

    Development The SpinCon (45010A) Advanced Air Sampler was originally developed by Evogen (previously know as Sceptor Industries Inc). In 2014, InnovaPrep released the next generation SpinCon II (SC2450). The SpinCon II features a more powerful blower which eliminates the need for a booster blower