• Boko Haram militants' assault on major city indicates Nigeria on brink of losing control of northeastern states

    EVENT The major northeastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri was attacked early on 25 January by Boko Haram militants as part of a three-pronged offensive against targets in Borno state. Insurgents attacked a barracks located just outside Maiduguri and several checkpoints before moving on to the

  • China takes harder stance against North Korea

    Key Points Despite the two countries' fraught relationship, China will continue to support Pyongyang to maintain regional stability and prevent domestic instability in North Korea. However, Beijing is under increasing pressure internally and externally to scale down its favourable treatment of

  • Ecuador increases its haul from drugs traffic

    Key Points Drug seizures in Ecuador are rising, confirming the country's status as a key maritime export route for Andean-produced cocaine destined for Asia, Europe, and the United States. Despite the high transit volumes, Ecuador has largely managed to avoid the worst levels of public insecurity

  • Fragmentation and full civil war likely in Yemen following resignation of president

    Key Points Hadi's resignation, if honoured, will allow former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Houthi insurgents to take direct control of government in Sanaa, leading to Sanaa's authority being rejected across southern and central provinces, as well as within the military. The Houthi and

  • Greek F-16 crashes in Spain

    A Hellenic Air Force F-16D Block 50 crashed while taking off from Llos Llanos/Albacete Air Base, Spain, on 26 January to participate in NATO's Tactical Leadership Programme 2015. Press reports from Spain indicate that the crash, which took place at 1530 h local time, killed both pilots and injured


  • JTIC Global Attack Index 2014

    From open source data collected across the course of 2014, IHS Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre recorded a total of 20,311 attacks by non-state armed groups and a total of 48,786 non-militant fatalities. Although the recorded number of attacks decreased slightly by 6.5% from 2013, in the same period the recorded number of fatalities increased by 17.6%, underlining the intensification of several key insurgencies.
  • The Islamic State grows its grassroots network

    The possible connection between the Islamic State and the Paris attacks highlights how the group's media outlets reach out to its worldwide support base. Ezzeldeen Khalil examines their effectiveness in inciting individuals to carry out terrorist attacks abroad.
  • Baltic states join forces to resist Russia

    Relations between Russia and the Baltic states are at a low following Moscow's incursions into Ukraine. Lora Chakarova examines Lithuania's strategy to distance itself from Russia and explores how Moscow could use hybrid warfare techniques against the region in 2015.
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  • Mexico considers new security strategy

    Key Points The government's security initiative includes modifications to the country's constitution, the disbandment of 1,800 municipal police forces, the creation of unified police commands at the local state level, and reforms to the penal system. It proposes granting the federal government
  • Imagery shows heliport on China's Nanji Islands

    Satellite imagery analysis by IHS Jane's has confirmed that China is building a military base on islands 300 km away from the dispute Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. The imagery, captured on 13 October 2014 by Airbus Defence and Space's Pleaides satellite, shows a heliport with 10 landing pads in the
  • CBO releases new triad upgrade estimate

    The United States will have to spend USD348 billion on nuclear weapons modernisation over the next 10 years if it wants to maintain a triad of nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarines, and bomber aircraft, according to a 22 January report from the Congressional Budget


  • ANV S2-FV Vehicle Radiation Detection and Monitoring System

    Type Nuclear detection - Sensor system. Development The Ultra Electronics Command & Control Systems (previously Siemens Power Generation, Radiation Monitoring) ANV S2-FV Radiation Detection and Monitoring System was developed to provide ground vehicles with mobile nuclear detection

  • World urban tram and light rail systems

    (excluding museum, rural and purely interurban lines) Some 430 light rail and tramway systems are operating in cities and towns worldwide, some serving urban areas too small to be covered in the following pages. Below is a comprehensive list of all major urban LRT and tramway systems. * indicates a

  • Kia Motors Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV)

    Development Kia Motors Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) is understood to have been a company funded development. Sources suggest that the Republic of Korea government approved the design in August 2012, with military evaluation following from 2014. Full-rate production will commence in 2016. Available

  • Indonesian Railways (Persero)

    PT Kereta Api Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan, 1, Bandung 40117, Java Tel: (+62 22) 423 00 31 Fax: (+62 22) 420 33 42 e-mail: kontak_pelanggan@kereta-api.co.id Web: www.kereta-api.co.id Key personnel Gauge (mm) Route length (km) Electrification (route-km) Voltage Hz AC/DC 1,067 8,159 N/A N/A N/A