• AUSA 2015: Bell emphasises affordable tiltrotor tech in US Army FVL offering

    Key Points Bell Helicopter is working to make next-generation tiltrotor technology more affordable The company wants to end its JMR technology demonstration at a high enough technology readiness level to enter production by 2025 Bell Helicopter is working to make next-generation tiltrotor

  • AUSA 2015: US Army prepares for Chinook Block 2 RfP release

    Key Points The army plans to release a solicitation for a Block 2 Chinook next year While Block 2 enhancements are still being defined, survivability and performance upgrades will largely be based on existing technologies The US Army plans to release a request for proposals (RfP) in early 2016

  • North Korea unveils new version of KN-08 ICBM

    North Korea revealed a modified version of its liquid-fuelled KN-08 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) with an apparent smaller nuclear warhead in its 10 October parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea. First seen in North Korea's 15 April 2012 military parade,

  • Poland receives NATO-funded radars

    Poland has received three RAT-31 DL long-range air defence radars from Selex ES. Located at Chrusciel, Labunie, and Szypliszki, the radars were purchased for Poland by the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) under the NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP). The radars will for the

  • AUSA 2015: Army expects Apache multiyear deal approval in March

    The US Department of Defense (DoD) is expected to approve a multiyear agreement to buy about 240 Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopters from fiscal year 2017-21, US Army and company programme managers said on 12 October at the Association of the US Army's annual conference in Washington, DC. The multiyear

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  • Air-Boss Lightweight Overboot (ALO)

    Type Individual protection - Body protection. Development The AirBoss Lightweight Overboot (ALO) was developed to provide various armed forces worldwide, including the Canadian Department of National Defense, the US Department of Defense DoD (as the AFS) and the UK Ministry of Defence (as the NBC

  • AirBoss CBRN moulded glove (AMG)

    Type Individual protection - Body protection. Development The AirBoss-Defense CBRN Moulded Glove (AMG) was developed in collaboration with the Canadian Government to offer protection against Chemical Warfare agents (CWAs), Biological Warfare agents (BWAs) and a large variety of Toxic Industrial

  • C4 CBRN Gas Mask

    Type Individual protection - Masks general issue. Development The Airboss C4 CBRN gas mask was developed according to the CBRN requirements of the Canadian Armed Forces. Further engineering changes during its development phase were prompted by field trial testing during Operation Desert Storm, in

  • Chemring Defence - Simulator Projectile Airburst Liquid (SPAL)

    Description Originally produced in the United Kingdom by Brock's Explosive Development Ltd, the Simulator Projectile Airburst Liquid (SPAL) Chemical is now produced by Chemring Defence UK. SPAL is designed to simulate chemical weapon spray and liquid-filled airburst weapons by projecting a