• Amnesty International reports on

    IN A REPORT released on 9 April, Amnesty International reported that it had evidence of execution-style killings of soldiers by pro-Russia separatist militants in eastern Ukraine, RFE/RL reported. The report stated that it had videos purportedly showing soldiers in captivity alive and then dead with

  • Canada's new security measures will establish better information sharing but unlikely to lower threat posed by lone actors

    EVENT On 5 April, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) released a memorandum stating that it had established an international forum to share information pertinent to terrorist travel abroad. The measure accompanies the federal government's C-51 anti-terrorism legislation,

  • IDF expands elite combat engineering unit to tackle tunnel threat

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is in the process of enlarging an elite combat engineering unit so that it is better-prepared to counter the threat of tunnels constructed by militant groups in the Gaza Strip. The Engineering Unit for Special Missions, which is known by its Hebrew acronym YAHALOM,

  • IED attack kills civilian in Iraq's Baghdad

    A CIVILIAN was killed and seven others were wounded when an improvised explosive device (IED), emplaced by unidentified militants, detonated near a cafe in the Jesr Diyala neighbourhood of Iraq's capital Baghdad on 15 April, Al-Mada reported. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the

  • IED attack kills two military cadets in Egypt's Kafr el-Sheikh

    TWO military cadets were killed and six people were wounded when an improvised explosive device (IED), emplaced by unidentified militants, detonated outside a football stadium in the city of Kafr el-Sheikh in Egypt's Kafr el-Sheikh governorate on 15 April, Al-Jazeera reported. No group immediately

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  • China's first runway in Spratlys under construction

    Key Points Satellite imagery shows that China has begun building a runway on reclaimed parts of Fiery Cross Reef in the Spratly Islands The imagery, provided by Airbus Defence and Space, also shows China building islands on Subi Reef that if linked up would provide enough land for another airstrip


  • Air-Boss Lightweight Overboot (ALO)

    Type Individual protection - Body protection. Development The AirBoss Lightweight Overboot (ALO) was developed to provide various armed forces worldwide, including the Canadian Department of National Defense, the US Department of Defense DoD (as the AFS) and the UK Ministry of Defence (as the NBC

  • AirBoss CBRN moulded glove (AMG)

    Type Individual protection - Body protection. Development The AirBoss-Defense CBRN Moulded Glove (AMG) was developed in collaboration with the Canadian Government to offer protection against Chemical Warfare agents (CWAs), Biological Warfare agents (BWAs) and a large variety of Toxic Industrial

  • C4 CBRN Gas Mask

    Type Individual protection - Masks general issue. Development The Airboss C4 CBRN gas mask was developed according to the CBRN requirements of the Canadian Armed Forces. Further engineering changes during its development phase were prompted by field trial testing during Operation Desert Storm, in

  • Chemring Defence - Simulator Projectile Airburst Liquid (SPAL)

    Description Originally produced in the United Kingdom by Brock's Explosive Development Ltd, the Simulator Projectile Airburst Liquid (SPAL) Chemical is now produced by Chemring Defence UK. SPAL is designed to simulate chemical weapon spray and liquid-filled airburst weapons by projecting a