• Maintaining the triad: US nuclear modernisation

    The United States is preparing to modernise nearly every aspect of its so-called triad of nuclear weapons, but serious cost concerns have not been addressed. Daniel Wasserbly reports.
  • Social media growth threatens SF operations

    The reach of open-source intelligence is creating operational risks and opportunities for intelligence agencies and special forces. Jack Barclay examines how such trends may be exposing their activities to unprecedented scrutiny from potential adversaries.
  • Cognitive techniques support better forecasting

    Accurate forecasting is crucial for the intelligence analysis community to anticipate significant events. Nick Hare, Peter Coghill, and Alison Evans analyse the effectiveness of using cognitive techniques inspired by Bayes theorem to provide forecasts on North Korea's nuclear programme.
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  • Turkish tank survives Kornet missile strike

    A Turkish M60T - a version of the US-made tank upgraded by Israeli Military Industries (IMI) - has apparently survived being hit by the latest Russian man-portable anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) system. The attack was seen in a video released by the Islamic State militant group on 19 April and