• Asayish personnel detain alleged militant in Iraq's Kirkuk

    AN ALLEGED militant - identified as Ahmed Faiz Abdul Hanefseh - was detained by Asayish (Kurdish intelligence) personnel during an operation in Barda district in Iraq's Kirkuk province on 24 September, NINA reported. Hanefseh was reported to have escaped from Tikrit central prison on an earlier

  • Court convicts two men on terrorism charges in the US' California

    A COURT in Riverside County in the United States California on 25 September convicted two men - identified as 36-year-old Sohiel Omar Kabir and 25-year-old Ralph Deleon - of plotting to provide material support to terrorists and to kill US soldiers, EFE reported. Kabir was also found guilty of

  • Court jails four militants in Morocco

    A COURT in an unspecified location in Morocco on 25 September sentenced four alleged militants - identified as Soufiane KH, Omar D, Rabii R., and Houssine B. - to prison terms between three and five years on terrorism charges, MAP reported. The defendants were convicted of forming a criminal gang to

  • Germany offers participation in IDAS to Turkey

    Germany has offered Turkey the opportunity to participate in the Interactive Defence and Attack System for Submarines (IDAS) missile project, IHS Jane's has learnt. Berlin's offer to Ankara was made during a meeting held between Major General Benedikt Zimmer, Director-General of Equipment,

  • IDF pulls its punches after Hizbullah retaliation for airstrike

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carried out only a limited response to a Hizbullah missile attack that killed two of its soldiers on 28 January, thereby preventing the situation from turning into a dangerous cycle of retaliatory violence. Hizbullah's attack targeted unarmoured IDF vehicles

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  • Russian bombers fly more long-range 'patrols'

    The Russian Air Force (Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily - VVS) has conducted a series of 'long-range aviation patrols' with its Tupolev Tu-95 'Bear' strategic bombers over the Atlantic Ocean and Norwegian Sea in the west and the Barents Sea in the east, state media announced on 29 January. The flights were
  • CBO releases new triad upgrade estimate

    The United States will have to spend USD348 billion on nuclear weapons modernisation over the next 10 years if it wants to maintain a triad of nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarines, and bomber aircraft, according to a 22 January report from the Congressional Budget


  • M7, Model B-181040A and B-181050 Voice Projection Unit (VPU)

    Type Audio accessory Description These units are compatible with a variety of different protective masks including the MCU-2A/P, M40, OBA and M17 Protective Masks used by the US Air Force, Army and Navy. The B-181040A and B-181050 VPUs clip on without modification to the mask and projects the

  • ANV S2-FV Vehicle Radiation Detection and Monitoring System

    Type Nuclear detection - Sensor system. Development The Ultra Electronics Command & Control Systems (previously Siemens Power Generation, Radiation Monitoring) ANV S2-FV Radiation Detection and Monitoring System was developed to provide ground vehicles with mobile nuclear detection

  • World urban tram and light rail systems

    (excluding museum, rural and purely interurban lines) Some 430 light rail and tramway systems are operating in cities and towns worldwide, some serving urban areas too small to be covered in the following pages. Below is a comprehensive list of all major urban LRT and tramway systems. * indicates a

  • Kia Motors Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV)

    Development Kia Motors Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) is understood to have been a company funded development. Sources suggest that the Republic of Korea government approved the design in August 2012, with military evaluation following from 2014. Full-rate production will commence in 2016. Available