• EU signs major co-operation agreement with Afghanistan

    The EU signed a sweeping and unprecedented agreement with Afghanistan on 2 July. Inked in Kabul, the new "co-operation agreement on partnership and development" (CAPD) aims to stabilise the country's political structures and economy, with an emphasis on squashing terrorist financing,

  • Germany to increase defence spending

    Germany is to increase its defence spending, aiming to support NATO guidelines of spending 2% of GDP on national defence. The Federal German Cabinet approved the 2016 budget and financial planning cycle until 2019 on 1 July. While set by the German cabinet, this is a planning assumption and not

  • Indecisive storm: Assessing the Saudi-led air campaign in Yemen

    After more than three months the Saudi-led campaign against the Yemeni group Ansar Allah has had mixed results, preventing the group from taking control of Aden yet failing to achieve its key objective of restoring President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, write Jeremy Binnie and Sean O'Connor In March

  • Italian Navy orders new amphibious assault ship

    The Italian Navy has ordered a new landing helicopter dock (LHD), with Fincantieri and Finmeccanica announcing they had been awarded a EUR1.1 billion (USD1.3 billion) contract for the vessel on 1 July. The delivery of the new ship is planned for the beginning of 2022. Design activities have already

  • OSINT Summary: Appointment of new emir reaffirms Imarat Kavkaz's ties to Al-Qaeda

    On 2 July, senior Imarat Kavkaz commanders in Dagestan announced via social media that Magomed Suleymanov (alias Abu-Uthman al-Ghaymrawi or Abu Usman Gimrinsky) had been appointed as the new emir of the group. Unconfirmed reports in jihadist social media in late May claimed that Suleymanov had been


  • Second centrifuge hall in use in North Korea

    North Korea appears to have brought a second hall of uranium enrichment centrifuges into service at its Yongbyon site. Nick Hansen examines the evidence of operational activity and the implications for Pyongyang's civil and military nuclear programmes.
  • Flare-ups likely in Russia-Ukraine standoff

    The conflict in southeastern Ukraine shows no sign of ending, with the Minsk II peace accords effectively dead and the military initiative currently resting in Moscow's hands. Mark Galeotti examines Russia's strategy and the possible future of the ongoing dispute.
  • China tightens grip on cyberspace

    Beijing places substantial emphasis on cyberspace control and governance. Samantha Hoffman looks at the government's growing restriction of cyberspace and its impacts.
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  • Air-Boss Lightweight Overboot (ALO)

    Type Individual protection - Body protection. Development The AirBoss Lightweight Overboot (ALO) was developed to provide various armed forces worldwide, including the Canadian Department of National Defense, the US Department of Defense DoD (as the AFS) and the UK Ministry of Defence (as the NBC

  • AirBoss CBRN moulded glove (AMG)

    Type Individual protection - Body protection. Development The AirBoss-Defense CBRN Moulded Glove (AMG) was developed in collaboration with the Canadian Government to offer protection against Chemical Warfare agents (CWAs), Biological Warfare agents (BWAs) and a large variety of Toxic Industrial

  • C4 CBRN Gas Mask

    Type Individual protection - Masks general issue. Development The Airboss C4 CBRN gas mask was developed according to the CBRN requirements of the Canadian Armed Forces. Further engineering changes during its development phase were prompted by field trial testing during Operation Desert Storm, in

  • Chemring Defence - Simulator Projectile Airburst Liquid (SPAL)

    Description Originally produced in the United Kingdom by Brock's Explosive Development Ltd, the Simulator Projectile Airburst Liquid (SPAL) Chemical is now produced by Chemring Defence UK. SPAL is designed to simulate chemical weapon spray and liquid-filled airburst weapons by projecting a