• Anti-government militants arrest a man and two women in Syria's Rif Dimashq

    ACCORDING to the pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a man and two women, suspected to have carried out a suicide attack in the town of Namer in Syria's Rif Dimasqh governorate on an unspecified earlier date, were arrested by anti-government militants in the same area on 16 August.

  • AQAP release new English-language magazine online

    THE PROPAGANDA arm of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Al Malahem, released a new English-language magazine - entitled 'Palestine, betrayal of the guilty conscience - online on 16 August. The publication gave details on how to build improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and vehicle-borne

  • Azerbaijani, Georgian and Turkish defence ministers hold first trilateral meeting

    The defence ministers of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey have held their first-ever trilateral meeting and vowed to boost their defence co-operation amid deteriorating security in the region. The ministers agreed to hold joint military exercises focused on protecting joint infrastructure projects.

  • Capture of left-wing militant is unlikely to lower mid-term terrorism risks in Greece

    Key Points The capture of one of Greece's most-wanted militant fugitives, Nikos Maziotis, in July signals a major step in the country's fight against domestic left-wing terrorism. Maziotis' arrest will impede the operational capacity of his militant group, Revolutionary Struggle, and its ability

  • CSTO holds four-day drill in Kazakhstan

    The Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) began a four-day exercise of its Rapid Reaction Force in Kazakhstan on 18 August, with 3,000 soldiers taking part. The CSTO consists of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Tajikistan, and has positioned itself as the main

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  • Ebola outbreak highlights limitations of technology

    Key Points As it is not an airborne virus, Ebola poses a relatively low risk to air travellers, but the air transport industry is taking no chances and has tightened inspections on inbound flights and cargo Although there are effective methods to test for Ebola, they are either too slow or too


  • LRS-450

    Type L-Band 3D Active Electronically Steered Array (AESA) air surveillance radar Description The LRS-450 radar operates in the L-band which is optimum for detecting low-observable (stealth) aerial targets at long range distance even under adverse weather conditions. The radar features AESA

  • Rohini

    Current status India currently operates four versions of the Rohini sounding rocket: the RH-200, the RH-300, the RH-300 Mk II, and the RH-560 Mk II. Over 3,000 sounding rocket launches have taken place since 1967. Background India's space programme began in November 1963 with the launch of a

  • 3M-14 'Kalibr' (SS-N-30A)

    Type Surface-ship and submarine-launched land attack cruise missile. Development The 3M-14 Kalibr land-attack cruise missile (SS-N-30A) was developed for the Russian Federation Navy by Novator and is intended for use against static ground targets. The missile has no known NATO codename. The

  • Exocet MM38/SM39/MM40 (GWS 50)

    Type Medium-range surface ship and submarine-launched anti-ship missile. Development The Exocet missile, its name derived from the Exocoetus genus of flying fish, is not only the most famous anti-ship weapon in the world but it also has one of the longest pedigrees. This pedigree has two lines,