• Unidentified assailants wound a civilian in Iraq's Baghdad

    In al-Ubaidi, Baghdad, unidentified assailants riding a motorcycle and armed with a suppressed weapon shot and wounded a civilian. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.

  • UAE carries out amphibious assault in Yemen

    The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE’s) military announced on 14 May that it had carried out an amphibious assault in Yemen called Operation ‘Red Thunder’, the official WAM news agency reported. It identified the area where the assault took place as Al-Fazah, around 80 km south of

  • Mass trial of alleged jihadists indicates high attack risk for Western targets in Senegal from returning fighters

    Key Points Suspected jihadists were allegedly planning to attack French targets in Senegal and to spread Islamist influence into neighbouring countries. Senegal remains a likely top target for Al-Qaeda-linked groups due to its strong connections with France, emphasised by a renewed threat from

  • Rafael, Romaero sign collaboration agreement

    Israel’s Rafael has signed a collaboration agreement with Romania’s Romaero to promote its products in the Romanian market. The agreement, signed at the Black Sea Defense & Aerospace 2018 exhibition in Bucharest, will see the two companies work on targeting a variety of procurement

  • Sudan’s new FTC-2000 jets arrive

    The Sudanese Air Force has taken delivery of its new Chinese-made FTC-2000 jets, the Sudanese Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 16 May. The MoD said that a new squadron for the FTC-2000s had been officially inaugurated in a ceremony attended by the Major General Awad Khalafallah Marawi, the

  • Suicide attack wounds six civilians and four police officers in Indonesia's East Java

    SIX civilians and four police officers were wounded in a suicide attack outside of the police headquarters in the city of Surabaya in Indonesia's East Java province on 14 May, BBC News reported. A family of five - headed by a radicalised man identified as Anton Febrianto - riding two motorcycles

  • Elbit Systems completes delivery of thermal weapon sights to ADF

    Elbit Systems of Australia has completed the delivery of XACT th65 clip-on thermal weapon sights to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) under the Land 125 Phase 3C Soldier Enhancement Version 2 - Lethality project, the company announced on 14 May. Since delivery commenced in September 2016 nearly

  • South Africa launches Defence Industry Fund

    The South African government announced on 15 May that it had established a Defence Industry Fund (DIF). The chosen facilitator is Crede Capital Partners, which was appointed by acquisition agency Armscor and the Association of Aerospace, Maritime and Defence (AMD) to act as an independent owner and

  • Former Congolese army head’s jailing intended to strengthen incumbent’s son’s presidential ambition, unlikely to raise coup risks

    Event Former Congolese army chief of staff turned opposition leader Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko was sentenced on 11 May to 20 years in prison by a court in Brazzaville for participating in a coup plot and undermining the security of the state. Mokoko denied the charges, which he called politically

  • Iraq’s election results indicate fractured parliament, likely long government-formation period, and ensuing paralysis due to broad coalition

    Event Iraq’s parliamentary election was held on 12 May 2018. For the first time since 2003, no party gained 90 seats, as in previous years, which would give them a strong hand in alliance-making discussions. Three coalitions garnered the highest votes, in descending order: the Shia cleric

  • Security forces kill Islamic State militant in Iraq's Salah ad Din

    In Bishkan, near Tal al-Dhahab, Salah ad Din province, the Iraqi Security Forces killed an Islamic State suicide bomber during a counter-terrorism operation.

  • EUTM Mali’s mandate extended, budget increased

    The 28 European Union states have agreed to substantially beef up the EU Training Mission in Mali (EUTM Mali) by nearly doubling its budget. They also want the mission to establish stronger operational ties with the EU’s security mission in neighbouring Niger and the emerging G5 Sahel Joint

  • Algeria unveils Tos-1A

    Algeria has confirmed the acquisition of TOS-1A multiple rocket launchers from Russia after one system was seen during television footage of an exercise on 12 May. The system consists of a launcher for 24 rockets mounted on a T-72 hull. Described by the Russians as a heavy flamethrower, it is a

  • Aselsan, JoSecure ink collaboration agreement

    Turkey’s Aselsan has signed a collaboration agreement with Jordanian firm JoSecure, the company announced on 12 May. Details of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the two companies, announced via Twitter, were not disclosed. JoSecure, which is part of Jordan’s King

  • SOFEX: Jadara develops first guided missile system

    Jordan’s Jadara Equipment and Defence Systems unveiled its new Terminator anti-tank missile system during the SOFEX show held in Amman from 8-10 May. The missile has a calibre of 107 mm and a range of 100-2,500 m. It is available in two variants, one with a tandem high-explosive anti-tank

  • Rafael advances ‘downscaled’ Trophy APS development

    Rafael Advanced Defence Systems is preparing to test a ‘downscaled’ variant of the Trophy hostile fire detection (HFD)/hard kill active protection system (APS) the last quarter of this year. As part of its final qualification, the downscaled variant will be integrated with

  • Al-Shabaab explosives attack kills at least five people in Somalia's Shabeellaha Hoose

    AT LEAST five people were killed and 10 others - including soldiers - wounded when an unspecified explosive device detonated at a market for the narcotic leaf khat in the town of Wanlaweyn in Shabeellaha Hoose region on 9 May, Reuters reported. Police stated that they were investigating whether the

  • Israel hits multiple Iranian targets in Syria

    Key Points The IDF said it hit dozens of Iranian targets and Syrian air defences on 9–10 May. It undermined Syrian claims that some missiles were shot down by releasing a video showing a Pantsyr-S1 being destroyed The confrontation between Israel and Iranian forces in Syria escalated into

  • Liwa al-Baqir threatens attacks targeting US-led coalition forces in Syria's Deir al-Zour

    In Deir al-Zour governorate, Liwa al-Baqir via a statement on social media announced they would launch 'Islamist' operations against United States-led coalition Forces, announcing they had recruited 'fearless' 'holy warriors' and commando units. They called on civilians to stay clear of US military

  • Wilayat al-Qawqaz militants destroy Sufi shrine in Russia's Dagestan

    THE Said Afandi Chirkeyskiy Sufi shrine in the village of Chirkey in Buynaksk district in Russia's North Caucasus Republic of Dagestan was targeted in an attack using explosives on 9 May, BBC Monitoring and TASS reported. No casualties were reported. The Islamic State's Wilayat al-Qawqaz claimed