• Report: Sweden adding USD56 million to 2017 defence budget

    Sweden will be adding SEK500 million (USD56 million) to its defence budget for 2017 after parliamentary groups reached a new agreement, Radio Sweden reported on 13 March. The agreement, coming after several months of negotiations, was announced at a press conference. Part of the money is being

  • MBDA reports rising sales in 2016

    European missile consortium MBDA released results from its 2016 financial year on 15 March, showing a 3% annual rise in sales, which reached EUR3.0 billion (USD3.2 billion). The company, jointly owned by BAE Systems, Airbus Group, and Leonardo, does not disclose profits but has now reported growing

  • Saab shifts Gripen M focus from Brazil to India

    Saab is to continue development of the maritime variant of its Gripen E combat aircraft, with attention now being focused on a sale to India following Brazil's recent decision to axe its Sao Paulo aircraft carrier. Speaking on 15 March during the company's annual Gripen seminar in Stockholm, Jerker

  • UK AirTanker 'exclusivity clause' detailed

    Details have emerged of a little known 'exclusivity clause' in the UK's Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft (FSTA) air-to-air refuelling contracts that could see the payment of compensation to the AirTanker consortium if Royal Air Force (RAF) aircraft increase the quantity of fuel they take up from

  • European NATO allies' defence spending 'makes progress', but 'effort still needed'

    Defence expenditure by NATO's European allies edged up a bit in 2016, but still has a long way to go before reaching the alliance's 2% of GDP defence-spending guideline, as revealed by statistics in its latest annual report. Unveiled by NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg on 13 March, the

  • Taiwanese agencies, Siemens to enhance aerospace production

    Taiwan's Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) has signed an agreement with German industrial group Siemens and Taiwan's National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) to boost manufacturing processes, it has been announced. AIDC said that the memorandum of understanding (MOU),

  • Vietnam, Netherlands look to boost defence industry co-operation

    The governments of Vietnam and the Netherlands have said they will look to boost defence co-operation, including in areas of manufacturing and technologies. The Vietnam Ministry of Defence (MoD) said on 14 March that defence officials from the two countries had agreed to deepen collaboration in

  • Government plans to create Kosovan army unlikely to materialise, increasing risk of snap elections in six-month outlook

    EVENT he Kosovan government's plan to transform the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) into a standing army received a blow on 8 March when NATO voiced its opposition to the proposal. Currently, the KSF is primarily engaged in crisis response and civil protection operations. The conversion of KSF into a

  • Romania looks to buy 20 more F-16s

    Romania is looking to increase the size of its fighter fleet after the government decided to apportion 2% of GDP for defence in 2017. The Parliament and Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) have approved the decision. "My intention is to finalise this year the decision to have another 20 F-16

  • Saab offers to restart Gripen C/D production for Bulgaria

    Saab has offered to re-start production of its Gripen C/D combat aircraft in its proposal to replace Bulgaria's ageing Warsaw Pact-era MiG-29 'Fulcrum' fighters, the company confirmed to Jane's on 14 March. Production of the Gripen C/D, which was ceased in early 2015 with the completion of Sweden's

  • Germany plans to procure Triton SIGINT UAVs

    The Generalinspekteur der Bundeswehr, German chief of defence staff General Volker Wieker, on 6 March approved the procurement of Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton high-altitude, long-endurance (HALE) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to meet the country's airborne signals intelligence (SIGINT)

  • Japan points to potential to expand missile technology ties with UK

    Japan is hoping its joint programme with the United Kingdom to assess missile guidance systems will lead to potential opportunities to expand missile-related industrial collaboration between the two countries. A spokesperson for the Japanese Ministry of Defense's (MoD's) Acquisition, Technology

  • Turkish tensions with Netherlands and other allies 'bad for NATO image'

    Turkish President Recep Erdogan's increasingly virulent war of words with The Netherlands and other allies over his attempts to rally political support among the allies' Turkish populations "is bad for NATO's image and bad for [Ankara's] relations with Europe", an allied military source

  • Lithuania warns of 'information battlefield' facing NATO troops deploying in Baltic

    A special internal report by the Lithuanian Armed Forces' Strategic Communications Department dated 12 March and seen by Jane's analyses Moscow's disinformation operations in relation to NATO troops shortly to deploy to the Baltic states. Entitled 'Deployment - Disinformation Offensive', the

  • Low intensity, high capability: OPVs promise balance in requirements and budgets

    As offshore patrol vessels become more popular with navies around the world, they are adding operational value to lower-end tasks. Dr Lee Willett reports The offshore patrol vessel (OPV) provides an interesting case study of how navies around the world are attempting to balance the numerous and

  • NATO annual report: First increase in total defence spending since 2011

    Key Points Total NATO spending increased in 2016, according to estimates, for the first time in six years Five NATO members met the target of 2% of GDP spending on defence, with no changes from 2015 NATO released its annual report on 13 March, which included data on member defence spending. In

  • UK looks to new 'agile' acquisition model for MHC

    Key Points Evidence from UW16 is leading the United Kingdom to consider a more agile MHC acquisition plan, which would break the programme down into a series of smaller component parts A nascent first increment is targeting the early introduction of a UK peacetime route survey capability Informed

  • Portugal envisages acquisition of KC-390 aircraft

    The Portuguese Ministry of National Defence (MoND) currently considers the Embraer KC-390 multipurpose transport aircraft as an adequate solution to progressively replace the country's Lockheed Martin C-130H Hercules aircraft, it told Jane's on 9 March. No contract has yet been placed, but up to

  • Saab positions Swordfish MPA for New Zealand requirement

    Saab is positioning its Swordfish maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) to meet a requirement in the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) for a future air surveillance capability, the company has confirmed to Jane's . A Saab spokesperson said that the company has already briefed New Zealand procurement

  • Thales leverages principles of evolution for cyber defence

    Thales is working to defend security systems against cyber threats through the use of 'genetic behavioural algorithms', with the concept already deployed and being tested on a number of customers' networks. The company's genetic behavioural algorithm is designed to detect a cyber attack on a