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  • Airbus creates maritime surveillance division

    Former Airbus subsidiary Signalis has been rolled into the larger business structure to form a maritime surveillance division. Airbus first acquired the subsidiary when it was formed in 2011, and the new division will be the company’s centre of competences for maritime safety and security.

  • Rheinmetall wins first European Defence Fund project

    Rheinmetall is the first company to be awarded funding under a newly established European Commission defence initiative, which will enable the company to lead the development of soldier system architecture. A request for proposals for the Generic Open Soldier Systems Reference Architecture (GOSSRA)

  • Russian naval vessels continue to suffer fires while alongside

    A fire that broke out on 16 February on Marshal Shaposhnikov , a destroyer attached to the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet, was the latest in a series of fires that have afflicted Russian naval vessels while in port undergoing regular repairs. As reported by Russian news agency Sputnik, Marshal

  • T-90 MBTs delivered to Iraq

    Images published online on 15 February appear to show the first deliveries of Russian-manufactured T-90 main battle tanks (MBTs) to Iraq. Photographs published on Twitter show three T-90s on transporters leaving the southern port of Umm Qasr en route to Baghdad. The tanks were previously filmed

  • US AFRICOM donates patrol craft to Senegal

    US Africa Command (AFRICOM) handed over two Metal Shark 38 Defiant patrol craft to the Senegalese Navy in Dakar on 8 February. The two craft were funded by AFRICOM’s Counternarcotic and Transnational Threats Programs Division and are to be used by Senegal to patrol its Exclusive Economic Zone

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  • UK carrier sails for helicopter trials

    The UK Royal Navy’s (RN's) new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth departed from its homeport in Portsmouth, Hampshire, on 2 February to begin helicopter trials. The trials, which will be carried out with two Royal Air Force Boeing Chinook transport helicopters and two AgustaWestland Merlin