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  • Czechoslovak Group acquires ELDIS Pardubice

    Radar manufacturer ELDIS Pardubice has been acquired by holding company Czechoslovak Group (CSG), it was announced on 11 December. A 100% stake was purchased by CSG from ELDIS Pardubice’s owners and founders, transferring the company’s airport radar technology to the holding group that

  • Draken acquires Cheetah fighters for ‘Red Air’ training

    Draken International has incorporated a number of newly acquired Denel Aviation (Atlas) Cheetah fighter aircraft into its fleet of ‘Aggressor’ platforms, the ‘Red Air’ trainer provider announced on 12 December. The Florida-based company has received 12 of the former South

  • IAI outlines Kfir developments for Colombia, Sri Lanka, ATAC

    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has noted a number of developments for its Kfir fighter, including the conclusion of an upgrade programme for Colombia, plans to upgrade and return to service aircraft for Sri Lanka, and ongoing efforts to sell additional aircraft to a US ‘Red Air’

  • In latest test, IBCS creates integrated air picture

    Key Points Test shows army can create high-quality actionable air picture In 2018, IBCS will participate in another SCOE and Red Flag event Northrop Grumman completed three weeks of live-air testing of the Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Battle Command System (IBCS) in which soldiers

  • Peru kicks off submarine modernisation programme

    Peru’s state-run shipyard Servicios Industriales de la Marina (SIMA) has begun modernising the Peruvian Navy’s Angamos-class (U209/1200) submarines. BAP Chipana (SS 34) has been placed on the shipyard’s new syncrolift, acquired from TTS Syncrolift AS, at SIMA’s Callao

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