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  • Bundeswehr orders 1,000 Spike LR ATGMs

    The German parliament gave the green light on 22 March for the Bundeswehr to procure 1,000 Israeli-designed Spike LR anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and 97 corresponding launcher units worth EUR158.3 million (USD172 million) from EuroSpike under the Bundeswehr's multirole guided missile system

  • Casualties soar amid bitter Myanmar hostilities

    Key Points An escalation in hostilities between the Tatmadaw and rebel forces in Myanmar's Kokang region has led to a major spike in battlefield casualties Reports suggest the casualties involve the heaviest Tatmadaw losses since MNDAA rebels initiated an offensive in February 2015 An escalation

  • EUCOM worried by Russia's non-strategic nuclear weapons

    US European Command's (EUCOM's) biggest concern regarding Russia is its tactical nuclear weapons in Europe and its "troubling doctrine" of using those weapons to try de-escalating conflict. General Curtis Scaparrotti, head of the EUCOM, told Congress on 28 March what alarms him most is

  • Indian Navy retires fleet of Tu-142M maritime patrol aircraft

    The Indian Navy (IN) decommissioned its fleet of Soviet-era Tupolev Tu-142M long-range maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft on 29 March after 29 years of service. At a ceremony presided over by IN Chief of Staff Admiral Sunil Lanba, the Tu-142Ms, of which Jane's understands

  • NATO allies brace for finger-wagging from Tillerson on defence spending

    Allied defence spending, counter-terrorism, and Ukraine's security will - at Washington's insistence - top the agenda when NATO foreign ministers meet in Brussels on 31 March. The meeting was moved forward from 6-7 April to enable US secretary of state Rex Tillerson to attend the foreign ministers'


  • View from above

    Military satellite networks are an increasingly vital component for a range of activities, from location-tracking to communications. However, in the 'New Space' era, it is becoming cheaper and easier than ever before to launch satellites, presenting opportunities to nations and companies who may not previously have been involved in the sector. Gerrard Cowan reports
  • Force in transition: The RN Commando Helicopter Force MLSP programme moves forward

    As the UK Royal Navy's Commando Helicopter Force transitions from a fleet of Lynx and Sea King platforms to Wildcats and Merlins, it is also reorganising its squadrons to provide a high-readiness global contingency capability, including operating from the UK's future carriers. Patrick Allen reports
  • Enhancing lethality: assault rifle technology developments

    Armed forces continue to seek improvements to small arms armouries in order to equip warfighters with the most suitable weapon system for operating across a multitude of environments. Andrew White considers the latest trends in assault rifle technology
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