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  • IDEX 2017: Al Fattan unveils new Combat Boat concept

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based shipbuilder Al Fattan displayed its new 16 m Combat Boat concept for the first time at the NAVDEX show held in Abu Dhabi. "The boat is the first of its kind to be designed and built in the UAE," said Mohamed Abdellah Kamil, project coordinator. The

  • IDEX 2017: Russia announces T-90 tank order

    The Russian delegation announced during the IDEX show in Abu Dhabi that it had secured a large order for UralVagonZavod (UVZ) T-90MS tanks from an undisclosed country. "A major contract was signed with one of the Middle Eastern countries in December," Russian minister of industry and

  • Israel announces Iron Dome tests with US components

    The Israel Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced on 22 February that it had completed a series of tests of the Iron Dome rocket protection system using a Tamir missile that both Israeli- and US-made components for the first time. The MoD's Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) and Iron Dome's

  • Kelvin Hughes to provide SharpEye radars for Pakistan's Khalid-class submarines

    Kelvin Hughes has been contracted by the Pakistan Navy (PN) to supply the company's I-Band SharpEye Doppler submarine radar system as part of a mid-life upgrade programme for the PN's Khalid-class (Agosta 90B) submarines, the UK-based manufacturer of maritime navigation, surveillance, and security

  • Pentagon starts preparing for split of acquisition job

    Key Points Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis began the process of splitting the Pentagon's top acquisition job in two in a memo distributed across the agency on 21 February. The memo is the first step towards complying with congressional instructions to divide the responsibilities of what had been


  • Turning the tide in the South China Sea

    Despite an international court ruling invalidating China's 'nine-dash line' claim in the South China Sea, Beijing has managed to boost its influence in the disputed waters by strengthening commercial and defence ties with neighbouring countries, bolstering its military capabilities and repeatedly putting on a show of force. Gabriel Dominguez reports
  • Losing its edge: The Russian aero industry's disappearing design capabilities

    As Russia’s legendary jet aircraft designers begin to die out, the country’s design bureau-based aeronautical expertise is also becoming a thing of the past. China, on the other hand, has learnt its lessons well and is nurturing aerospace expertise that only goes from strength to strength. Reuben Johnson reports
  • Gulf challenges

    Modernisation and deployment on military operations are driving a number of programmes in the GCC states, as the region continues to face increasingly complex challenges to its security. Charles Forrester reports on the threats and capabilities in the region
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