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  • Budget concerns hold up UCLASS RfP public release

    Key Points The DoD is carefully considering how much funding to allocate for UCLASS before allowing the navy to solicit bids for the effort. The USN has reportedly been studying two UCLASS alternatives-a smaller, more affordable ISR asset and a larger, heavily-armed vehicle capable penetrating

  • Russia to start heavy UAV serial production in 2017

    Russia is to begin series production of large unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in 2017, Oleg Bochkarev, deputy chairman of the Russian Military Industrial Commission (VPK) at a military-industry conference on 16 September in Krasnoarmeisk, near Moscow. "There are robots in the national defence

  • 'Coalition of the willing' goes into action in Iraq

    Key Points USAF aircraft are expanding the scope of their sorties against the IS in Iraq A 'coalition of the willing' has been formed to counter the IS following a meeting of 30 foreign ministers in Paris on 15 September As US strike aircraft stepped up the range and scope of their offensive

  • IDF preparing to defend against Hizbullah ground offensive

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are restructuring their defences along the Lebanese border after recent intelligence evaluations indicated that the militant Shia group Hizbullah is planning to send hundreds of well-armed fighters into northern Israel in any future conflict. The central pillar of

  • Nigeria to buy 'significant number' of Russian helos

    Russia concluded a deal with Nigeria last month on deliveries of a 'significant' consignment of Mil transport and attack helicopters, according to a senior official with the state-owned corporation Rostec. "In August a contract was signed with Nigeria on the deliveries of [Russian]


  • Making MUM-T work

    With the procurement of manned-unmanned teaming systems well in hand, US Army leaders are now looking to sharpen up the doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures to operate them. Andrew Drwiega reports
  • Ready and able: post-war US Marine Corps takes shape

    As 2014 draws to a close the US Marine Corps is proceeding with efforts to reshape the force for new missions after the multiple wars that have dominated its operations since 2001. Jim Dorschner reports
  • Tactical advantage

    Shaun Connors examines how recent tactical wheeled vehicle procurements - including two-tier approaches and joint acquisitions - are balancing cost and protection as well as the competing attractions of tracks and wheels
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