• Brazil cuts three aircraft from Skyhawk fighter upgrade

    The Brazilian Navy’s Naval Aviation Force will receive six modernised McDonnell Douglas Skyhawk (three AF-1B single-seat and three AF-1C twin-seat) fighters, instead of nine AF-1Bs and three AF-1Cs as originally planned in an April 2009 contract with Embraer. The move is due to Brazil’s

  • Indian MoD discloses scope of company bans

    The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has revealed that 24 companies are currently banned, suspended, or restricted from doing defence business in the country. The list, published by the MoD on 19 February, features six “debarred” companies, 14 companies that have been imposed with

  • Pentagon budget 2019: Army expects to move USD5 billion out of OCO account

    The US Army expects to move USD5 billion from its supplemental overseas contingency operations (OCO) account to the traditional base budget in its fiscal year 2019 (FY 2019) request. The service is still waiting to hear from the Office of the Secretary of Defense regarding how it should balance or

  • Romania announces new submarine programme

    The Romanian Navy is considering a new submarine programme under the strategic procurement plan, the country's defence minister has revealed. Mihai Fifor told a press conference on 20 February: "Naval forces specialists are discussing what kind of submarine we need to have. Once the technical

  • Russia turns more brigades back into divisions

    Russia will return two brigades located in the North Caucasus to divisional status by the end of 2018, Izvestia reported on 16 February. Ministry of Defence (MoD) sources told the newspaper that the 19th and 136th Motorised Rifle Brigades (MRDs), based in North Ossetia and Dagestan, respectively,

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  • UK confirms LPH sale to Brazil

    The UK government has confirmed the sale of the landing platform helicopter (LPH) vessel HMS Ocean to Brazil for GBP84 million (USD117 million). Under a sales agreement signed on 19 February, the Brazilian Navy will take possession of the 22,000-tonne specialist amphibious aviation ship in June
  • Ukraine seeks improved artillery capabilities

    Ukraine has “long term” plans to adopt the NATO 155 mm/52 calibre standard for its conventional tube artillery forces, a senior official has revealed. Speaking at the IQPC Future Indirect Fires Eastern Europe conference in Bucharest, Romania, Major General Andrii Koliennikov, deputy