• Dassault plans to use Rafale sale to leverage position in India

    Dassault will look to leverage France's newly signed Rafale deal with India to build its industrial presence in the country and support the 'Make in India' drive, Eric Trappier, the company's chief executive officer has said. In comments to the Press Trust of India shortly after the signing of the

  • Drone Defence launches new counter-UAV concept

    UK company Drone Defence has launched a new concept for protecting infrastructure and events from illicit unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), dubbed Drone Defenders. The Drone Defenders concept sees the company provide trained ex-military and ex-law enforcement personnel using the Dedrone DroneTracker

  • EDA to launch new financial mechanism to promote multination defence R&D

    The European Defence Agency (EDA) will launch a new initiative in the coming months to facilitate multi-nation R&D programmes among more - and more of its bigger - member states. The new "co-operative financial mechanism" (CFM) will provide temporary bridging finance to help smooth

  • Further progress made on China's Type 001A carrier

    Images recently published on Chinese online forums reveal that China's first indigenous aircraft carrier (CV), commonly referred to as the Type 001A, is fast nearing structural completion at Dalian shipyard. The forward part of the carrier's island structure, including the bridge and main mast

  • Martin-Baker to be prosecuted over death of Red Arrows pilot

    The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is to prosecute Martin-Baker over the death of a Red Arrows aerobatic display pilot in 2011, it announced on 26 September. The ejector-seat manufacturer is to be prosecuted for an alleged breach of health and safety law related to the death of Flight


  • Face off: East-West relations

    Russia's improving A2/AD and hybrid warfare capabilities are asking new questions of NATO's maritime forces. Richard Scott reports on how this Russian resurgence is spurring new thinking
  • Crossroads of the Caucasus

    Azerbaijan's long-running conflict with Armenia, combined with its geostrategic importance in the Caucasus and as a gateway to Central Asia, have fuelled a significant investment in military capabilities and defence-industrial growth in recent years. Charles Forrester reports
  • Tipping point: South African defence industry briefing

    While South Africa's defence industry has innovated and exported successfully despite years of inadequate funding that hampered R&D, it now stands at a crossroads where future potential is dependent on a serious cash injection into the sector. Helmoed Heitman reports
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  • Tamarack Aerospace Group pitches winglets for C-130

    Tamarack Aerospace Group is offering to work with Lockheed Martin to equip the US Air Force's (USAF's) fleet of C-130 Hercules transport aircraft with its ATLAS active winglets which, the company claims, reduce fuel consumption at the same time as extending the service life of the wing. The
  • US approves SkyCeptor LCI for Poland

    Key Points SkyCeptor is the US-compliant variant of the Rafael/Raytheon Stunner interceptor Raytheon is expected to position SkyCeptor as a secondary effector for the US Army's IFPC 2-I Block 1 requirement The US government has approved the release of SkyCeptor as the low-cost interceptor (LCI)