• Xponential 2016: US must move to develop large UGV capabilities

    The US armed forces must look to address the challenge of on- and off-road autonomy for unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) following more than of decade of concentrating on providing standoff capabilities. Speaking at AUVSI's Xponential 2016 conference and exhibition in New Orleans, Major Michael

  • Elbit reports 'extremely positive' feedback from BrightNite demos

    Elbit Systems recently demonstrated its BrightNite counter-degraded visual environment (DVE) system for helicopters to pilots from a number of air forces from around the world, the company announced on 4 May. The demonstrations, which took place in Israel aboard an Airbus Helicopters Twin Star/Twin

  • Ethiopia turns S-75 SAMs into self-propelled systems

    Ethiopia is converting some of its S-75 (SA-2 'Guideline') surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) into mobile systems by mounting them on the hulls of T-54/55 tanks. A photograph of one of the S-75 launchers mounted on a T-54/55 hull was published by the Somali news website Garowe Online on 19 April to

  • First ever EU defence research funding proposal nears

    The European Commission (EC) is putting the final touches on a proposal for the EU to fund defence research projects for the first time in its 60-year history. While questions still hang over the proposal's budget, the proposed pilot projects between 2017 and 2019 may pave the way for a potentially

  • France requests additional AGM-114K1A Hellfire IIs

    Key Points Amendment to earlier package for an additional 88 AGM-114K1A Hellfire IIs Missiles will be drawn from existing US Army stocks France has requested an amendment to a previously approved AGM-114KA /AGM-114N1A Hellfire II missile acquisition package under the United States Foreign


  • Building up: Kazakhstan industry briefing

    Kazakhstan's ongoing military modernisation and efforts to improve domestic industrial capabilities and independence continue to build on years of energy-funded development. However, the Central Asian republic faces significant headwinds owing to the recent decline in oil prices, writes Charles Forrester
  • Island endeavour: Taiwan country briefing

    While cross-strait relations with Beijing have improved in recent years, Taiwan still has to consider a Chinese invasion as its most prominent threat and is facing a rising tide of Chinese military capability, as Gavin Phipps reports
  • Economic woes expose regional rifts in Russia

    Russia's economic decline is straining the tacit social contract between Moscow and the regions. Alex Kokcharov examines the Russian regions most likely to consider a push for greater independence in the event of a serious deterioration in state stability.
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  • Kiowa Warrior helicopter sale to Tunisia approved

    Tunisia is set to procure surplus Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior scout and light attack helicopters after the US government approved a sale valued at USD100.8 million. The sale, which was announced by the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) on 3 May, covers the helicopters, weapon systems,
  • Lockheed Martin explores EMATT upgrades

    Key Points The EMATT is designed to simulate the movements and sounds of diesel submarines Lockheed Martin exploring other naval uses for EMATT The US Navy (USN) has awarded Lockheed Martin a five-year contract worth USD50 million to deliver up to 3,500 Mk 39 Expendable Mobile Anti-submarine
  • North Korean nuclear programme advances

    North Korea's nuclear weapons programme, based on the simultaneous development of a weaponisable nuclear device and ballistic missile delivery systems, appears to have advanced incrementally in early 2016. Following Pyongyang's claimed - although widely disputed - test of a 'H-bomb' (thermonuclear)