• Raytheon's Tomahawk faces unknown future as company lays out upgrade roadmap

    Key Points Raytheon says USN FY 2015 budget request will end Tomahawk production Raytheon hoping to get funding for JMEWS and communications suite upgrades Raytheon will flight-test a passive seeker being developed for its Tomahawk Block IV land attack cruise missile on 14 April, and flight tests

  • Mk 45 Mod 4 gun in frame for UK's Type 26 programme

    The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has earmarked BAE Systems' Mk 45 Mod 4 5-inch (127 mm)/62-calibre gun system to meet the Maritime Indirect Fire System (MIFS) requirement for the Royal Navy's (RN's) Type 26 Global Combat Ship. Although the MoD has yet to officially confirm the MIFS downselection,

  • UK, France place long-awaited anti-ship missile contract

    The UK and France have confirmed the long-delayed Demonstration and Manufacture (D&M) contract for the Future Anti-Surface Guided Weapon (Heavy)/Anti Navire Léger (FASGW(H)/ANL) anti-ship missile programme. MBDA was awarded the jointly funded D&M contract by the UK's Defence Equipment

  • MASS, Nav-Guard prove missile self-protection capability

    Details have been revealed of a joint test of Rheinmetall's Multi-Ammunition Soft-kill System (MASS) and IAI Elta's EL/M-2222S Nav-Guard active missile approach warning system. The test involved the German HL 352-class mine countermeasures vessel FGS Auerbach . Performed in late October 2013 under

  • Vulcano and V-kit demonstrated from Italian frigate

    Pre-production 127 mm Vulcano ballistic extended range (BER) ammunition has completed successful live firing trials from a modified Oto Melara 127/54 Compact gun fitted on board the Italian Navy Artigliere (Lupo)-class frigate Bersagliere . BER ammunition achieved ranges beyond 30 km during the

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  • Safran Hammers Dassault

    The chief executive of Safran, Jean-Paul Herteman, has warned that unless the firm is allowed to export the Armement Air-Sol Modulaire (AASM) precision guided munition (PGM) independently of the Dassault Rafale fighter aircraft, then production of the munition will come to a close. "The Rafale


  • Kortik/Kashtan (CADS-N-1)/SA-N-11 'Grison'

    Type Close-in weapon systems. Development Since the early 1960s, the Soviet Army had relied upon the ZSU-23-4 Shilka (Awl) self-propelled radar-directed quad 23 mm anti-aircraft gun for short-range air defence. However, the limitations of this weapon system were clearly demonstrated during the

  • Palma (Palash-Palma)/Palista

    Type Close-in weapon system (CIWS). Development Palma (NATO designation CADS-N-2), also referred-to as Palash-Palma, uses the main principles in the Kortik/Kashtan CIWS but is designed for use with SACLOS (semi-automatic command to line of sight) missiles, such as the Russian Federation Sosna-R


    Type Multipurpose rocket launcher. Development SCLAR-H, which has its origins in the SCLAR chaff/infrared decoy system, is a remote controlled system developed by Oto Melara for launching any type of multipurpose ammunition in the 105 mm to 118 mm calibre range. Primarily intended for use with

  • SA-N-20 'Gargoyle' (Fort-M/Rif-M)

    Type Area defence system. Development In 1969, the Soviet Defence Ministry began to consider a long-range (75 km) or area defence missile system that could engage multiple targets. Development was under the direction of the Almaz Central Design Bureau with the Altair Scientific Research Institute