• IHS Jane's examines North Korean missile bases

    The ongoing development of North Korea's missile capability has the potential to bring into question the US's commitment to its regional allies. In a detailed survey of satellite imagery over North Korea, Allison Puccioni assesses the current state of the threat.
  • Projecting power ... and politics? Carriers in the Indian Ocean

    Strike-capable aircraft carriers are growing in strategic significance in the force structures of a number of navies, some of which have a strong presence in the Indian Ocean region. The region itself also is growing in geostrategic importance. Shishir Upadhyaya discusses the combined impact of these two developments
  • Taking aim: maritime ballistic missile defence in a UK context

    As the United Kingdom's next Strategic Defence and Security Review approaches, the question of what role the country might play in ballistic missile defence is back on the agenda. Richard Scott examines the maritime dimension to this debate
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  • Finland selects FN SCAR-L for its special forces

    Finland's special forces have selected the Belgian FN SCAR-L assault rifle as a new standard firearm. The FN SCAR-L will be the first 5.56x45 mm NATO calibre firearm introduced to the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF). It will supplement the current RK 95 TP assault rifle chambered in the Russian


  • HHQ-16

    Type Medium-range surface-to-air defence missile. Development The vertically launched HHQ-16 is a version of the Russian Shtil-1 (SA-N-7) series of missiles (with origins in the 9M38) already in service with the Peoples Liberation Army (Navy). It was developed under a joint venture, which

  • TVT-300

    Type Electro-optic/Infrared (EO/IR)/laser fire-control director Development The TVT-300 system was developed in the mid-1960s, most likely to meet a joint Swedish-Norwegian requirement. It appears to have entered service with the Norwegian frigate Oslo in January 1966, followed by the Swedish

  • 12.7 mm (and above) heavy calibre machine gun mountings

    Type Air-defence and surface-engagement mountings. Description Guns Heavy calibre (12.7 mm and above air-cooled) automatic weapons have been used both for surface engagements and air defence since the Second World War and can be installed in a variety of mountings (see Mountings). For example

  • Executive overview: IHS Jane's Weapons: Naval

    Above-water weapons Many leading world economies still face stagnation and in some cases deflation. Accordingly, defence spending remains generally low and cheaper equipment solutions are always being sought by governments. Nevertheless, technological advances are still being made involving a range