• USN primes industry for OTH-WS RfP

    Key Points Draft RfP issue on 9 December 2016 NAVSEA intends to award one production contract for the Fiscal Year 2018-2024 OTH-WS offtake After several months of delay, the US Navy (USN) is poised to move forward with a competition to acquire a new surface-to-surface guided weapon to equip its

  • Italian Navy conducts first live-firing of SAAM ESD from FREMM frigate

    Key Points The first SAAM ESD qualification firing was performed on 22 November from ITS Bergamini on the Salto di Quirra range A second firing is planned for April 2017 The Italian Navy has successfully conducted the first live firing with MBDA Italia's Surface-to-Air Anti-Missile System

  • MBDA studies Sea Venom/ANL surface launch variant

    Key Points Initial feasibility studies have examined modifications to the Sea Venom/ANL missile round, and the design of a box launcher MBDA has conceptualised a containerised 'bolt-on' surface launcher installation accommodating up to 12 canistered missiles MBDA has begun early engineering

  • Negotiations under way on additional equipment package for Indonesia's PKR frigate

    Key Points Damen has been contracted by Indonesia to procure a range of 'fitted for but not with' systems Specific equipments include MBDA's VL Mica point defence missile system and its MM 40 Block 3 Exocet anti-ship missile system, and the Rheinmetall Millennium 35 mm cannon Damen Schelde Naval

  • USN considers alternatives to LRLAP for Zumwalt gun system

    Key Points USN and industry officials have acknowledged that alternatives to LRLAP are being considered as projectiles for the Zumwalt destroyers' main guns The navy says no official decision has been made on whether to cancel the LRLAP buy for Zumwalt The US Navy (USN) and industry are

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  • NORINCO develops new RWS

    China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) has expanded its range of remote weapon stations (RWS) with the development of the UW4A, IHS Jane's has learned. At this stage it has not been confirmed if the UW4A has been developed to meet the operational requirements of the People's Liberation Army