• SeaRAM set for Rota-based DDG 51 destroyers

    The US Navy (USN) is moving ahead with a fast-track programme to install Raytheon Missile Systems' Mk 15 Mod 31 SeaRAM inner-layer missile system on four DDG-51 Arleigh Burke-class Aegis guided-missile destroyers forward deployed to Rota, Spain. Using funding reprogrammed from fiscal year 2015 (FY

  • Aselsan's Tork poised to enter hard-kill torpedo countermeasures market

    Key Points New Aselsan concept enters hard-kill 'anti-torpedo' market The torpedo countermeasures market, long-dominated by soft-kill methods, is evolving with new hard-kill concepts emerging Turkey's Aselsan has recently revealed a new weapon concept that joins the growing number of hard-kill

  • Russia to equip Buyan-M corvettes with Komar SAM turret

    Russia's Buyan-M (Project 21631) corvettes are to be armed with the RATEP Komar air-defence turret mount, according to the deputy assistant director of the company. Vladimir Odintsov said the company (a subsidiary of Almaz-Antey) signed a contract with the Zelenodolsk shipbuilding plant to equip

  • Malaysia, Singapore order VL MICA naval variant

    Key Points Malaysia to fit VL MICA in the Second-Generation Patrol Vessel - Littoral Combat Ship Singapore MINDEF reveals VL MICA selection for Littoral Mission Vessel programme European missile house MBDA Missile Systems has chalked up two additional sales for its VL MICA shipborne point defence

  • USN trawls industry for future frigate's long-range missile

    The US Navy (USN) is canvassing industry for technology options to fulfil a requirement to equip its future frigates with an over-the-horizon weapon system to defend the ships against military surface craft and vessels. As part of a Request for Information (RfI) released by the Naval Sea Systems


  • Picking up the pieces: Putting Project SEA 4000 back on course

    Australia's Air Warfare Destroyer programme has been blighted by schedule slippage, cost escalation, and dysfunctional management. Julian Kerr finds out how and why plans have gone awry, and looks at the efforts to put Project SEA 4000 back on an even keel
  • Asian gains

    With Asia-Pacific countries increasingly looking to develop their defence industrial capabilities through offset, the demands being placed on foreign contractors are rising to an unprecedented level. Jon Grevatt reports
  • Steady course: Naval capability development in Sub- Saharan Africa

    Whether combating piracy at sea, securing coastlines and trade routes, or navigating relationships with extra-regional powers, the navies of the Sub-Saharan Africa region face varied challenges over the next decade. Martin Ewence assesses how some of these navies are meeting these challenges
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  • Brazil set to receive last Gepard SPAAGs

    The last eight of 34 Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) Gepard 1A2 self-propelled anti-aircraft guns (SPAAGs) are scheduled to depart from Germany in the first week of August and arrive in Rio de Janeiro 20 days later, a source told IHS Jane's on 27 July. The Gepards were procured from Germany by the


  • HHQ-16

    Type Medium-range surface-to-air defence missile. Development The vertically launched HHQ-16 is a version of the Russian Shtil-1 (SA-N-7) series of missiles (with origins in the 9M38) already in service with the Peoples Liberation Army (Navy). It was developed under a joint venture, which

  • TVT-300

    Type Electro-optic/Infrared (EO/IR)/laser fire-control director Development The TVT-300 system was developed in the mid-1960s, most likely to meet a joint Swedish-Norwegian requirement. It appears to have entered service with the Norwegian frigate Oslo in January 1966, followed by the Swedish

  • 12.7 mm (and above) heavy calibre machine gun mountings

    Type Air-defence and surface-engagement mountings. Description Guns Heavy calibre (12.7 mm and above air-cooled) automatic weapons have been used both for surface engagements and air defence since the Second World War and can be installed in a variety of mountings (see Mountings). For example

  • Executive overview: IHS Jane's Weapons: Naval

    Above-water weapons Many leading world economies still face stagnation and in some cases deflation. Accordingly, defence spending remains generally low and cheaper equipment solutions are always being sought by governments. Nevertheless, technological advances are still being made involving a range