• North Korea conducts SLBM launch

    Key Points While previous SLBMs have been associated with liquid-fuelled versions of the R-27 (Zyb SS-N-6 'Serb'), official media suggests the latest SLBM test was a solid-fuelled missile. A sea-based deterrent would enhance the survivability of North Korea's nuclear arsenal. North Korea

  • Brazilian Navy fires missiles against retired Frontin corvette

    The Brazilian Navy launched Penguin short-range anti-ship missiles and MM40 Exocet anti-ship missiles against its Inhauma-class corvette Frontin (V 33) during Exercise 'Missilex 2016', which ran from 11 to 20 April at sea, north of Rio de Janeiro. On 12 April, two S-70B Sea Hawk (SH-16 Sea Hawk)

  • MBDA offers VL MICA-based solution for Indian Navy SRSAM requirement

    Key Points SRSAM is slated to replace Barak 1 in Indian Navy service MBDA is advancing co-development of a vertical launch (VL) MICA-based solution to India's Defence Research and Development Establishment (DRDO) to secure the Indian Navy's (IN'S) short range surface-to air-missile (SRSAM)

  • DSA 2016: Aselsan, K Defensetech to form JV to produce remote weapon stations

    Turkey's Aselsan and Malaysian company K Defensetech signed an agreement on 20 April to establish a joint venture (JV) to produce remote-controlled weapon stations (RCWS) in Malaysia. Under the terms of the memorandum of agreement (MoA) - signed at the Defence Services Asia (DSA) 2016 exhibition in

  • IN corvette reinforces Andaman & Nicobar Command

    In a notable eastward extension of its operational reach, the Indian Navy (IN) has for the first time based a missile corvette with its Andaman and Nicobar Command, which has responsibility for the Andaman Sea and Strait of Malacca. INS Karmuk (P64), a 91 m Kora-class guided missile corvette


  • Renaissance force: US Marine Corps seeks new solutions to new challenges

    After nearly 15 years supporting land operations in one primary theatre, the United States Marine Corps is resetting itself to focus on other challenges. Grace Jean explores how the service is preparing for new tasks while remaining ready for operations.
  • Building up: Kazakhstan industry briefing

    Kazakhstan's ongoing military modernisation and efforts to improve domestic industrial capabilities and independence continue to build on years of energy-funded development. However, the Central Asian republic faces significant headwinds owing to the recent decline in oil prices, writes Charles Forrester
  • Iran steps up space and missile capabilities

    As the implementation of the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 gets under way, Iran is completing construction of a modern missile test range. Nick Hansen analyses the features of the site and assesses the nature of Iran's rocket ambitions.
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