• New beginnings: Poland reassesses defence plan

    At the hands of the country's newly elected Law and Justice Party, Polish defence is in the midst of a shake-up that will see requirements reprioritised, procurement decisions re-evaluated and some defence competitions rerun. Remigiusz Wilk reports
  • Yemen conflict raises maritime risks

    The ongoing conflict in Yemen and geopolitical competition in the Middle East have the potential to raise maritime security risks. Peter Chalk assesses the threat posed to commercial shipping in a key strategic chokepoint by AQAP, the Islamic State, and others.
  • Co-operate to compete: NATO navies respond together to counter Russian resurgence

    The last decade has seen an inexorable resurgence of Russian naval power, set against increasingly uncertain relations between Cold War adversaries. As NATO responds to this strategic shift, Martin Ewence looks at how the alliance is using a more intelligent approach to improving interoperability
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  • Brazilian Army seeks additional remote weapon stations

    The Brazilian Army is to procure additional REMAX (REparo de Metralhadora Automatizado X) and UT30BR lightweight remote-controlled weapon stations from Elbit Systems' ARES, the service's Projects Management Office (EPEx) told IHS Jane's . REMAX was developed jointly with army's Science and