• Domestic shipbuilders target Taiwan's submarine requirement

    Key Points Taiwanese shipbuilders are preparing to pursue participation in a programme that will inform the design and construction of the country's planned SSKs Taiwan is understood to be seeking between four and eight submarines Taiwanese naval shipbuilders and systems integrators are lining up

  • Poongsan develops armour-piercing and guided ammunition for 127 mm naval guns

    South Korean ordnance manufacturer Poongsan has showcased its latest developments in 5 inch (127 mm)/54 calibre naval gun ammunition at the DX Korea 2016 land forces exposition, which was held in Goyang's KINTEX exhibition centre near Seoul from 7 to 10 September. A Poongsan representative told IHS

  • Marte ER wins first sale as part of Qatari coastal defence system

    MBDA has secured a first sale for its Marte Extended Range (ER) anti-ship missile after concluding a contract for the supply of a coastal defence system to the Qatari Emiri Naval Forces (QENF). Signed in Doha on 1 September 2016, the contract comes just five months after MBDA signed a memorandum of

  • US to examine Mk 48 torpedo propulsion upgrade under TAPS FNC

    Key Points The TAPS FNC is intended to prototype an improved propulsion system designed to extend the range of the Mk 48 heavyweight torpedo Otto fuel engine, Al-AgO battery technology, and SCEPS options will be studied Alternative Otto fuel, advanced battery, and stored chemical energy

  • Russia Navy Pacific Fleet deploys Bastion-P to Kuril Islands

    Key Points Deployment preceded by live firing trials in Primorye Territory in July Composites reduce Bastion-P radar signature "by 15-20 times" The Russian Navy's Pacific Fleet is set to formally deploy the K-300P Bastion-P (SSC-5 'Stooge') mobile coastal defence missile system in the

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  • Iraq integrating APKWS on IA-407s

    The Iraqi Army is in the process of certifying BAE System Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) on its Bell IA-407 helicopters, Steve Suttles, Bell Helicopter vice-president for Middle East and Africa, told IHS Jane's during the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) show held in South Africa on