• India looks likely to scrap multi-calibre rifle contest

    India's Ministry of Defence (MoD) is likely to scrap its 2011 tender for 66,000 multi-calibre assault rifles after four overseas vendors failed to meet the Indian Army's qualitative requirements (QRs) in user trials that concluded in October 2014, official sources said. The Czech Republic's Czeca

  • IDEF 2015: New variants of MPT-76 rifle unveiled

    MKEK unveiled two new variants, a carbine and a sniper rifle, based on the MPT-76 rifle for the Turkish Armed Forces at IDEF 2015 in Istanbul. MKEK and KaleKalip company representatives told IHS Jane's at the IDEF show, that while the Armed Forces are focusing on the standard infantry model of the

  • Bolivia announces requirement for 40,000 new assault rifles

    Bolivian armed forces require 40,000 new assault rifles, adding to the country's ongoing military modernisation programme that includes a new air surveillance radar system and up to 20 new light combat aircraft, Minister of Defence Reymi Ferreira has announced. Of these rifles, 30,000 will be

  • Poland seeks 250 new semi-automatic sniper rifles

    The Polish Armament Inspectorate has announced a 'technical dialogue' for the possible delivery of 250 semi-automatic sniper rifles chambered in the 7.62x51 mm NATO calibre to replace the Polish armed forces' worn-out Soviet-made SVD (Dragunov) rifles. Poland is seeking a designated marksman rifle

  • Mexican Air Force EC725 forced down by cartel attack

    A Mexican Air Force (FAM) Airbus Helicopter EC725 medium transport helicopter was forced to conduct an emergency landing after it was attacked over Casimiro Castro-Villa Purificacion, Jalisco, on 1 May. Three soldiers on board were killed and 12 others on board were wounded. The EC725 was on a

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  • US approves large guided bomb sale to Israel

    The US State Department has approved the sale to Israel of over 20,000 guided bomb kits and 8,650 associated warheads, including additional 5,000 lb 'bunker busters', the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced on 19 May. The DSCA notification said the estimated cost of the proposed
  • MdCN completes first firing from FREMM

    Key Points The French Navy's new Missile de Croisière Naval cruise missile was fired from multimission frigate Aquitaine on a DGA test range off the Île du Levant The qualification firing marks the first firing of a cruise missile from a European surface ship and the first shipborne


  • MBDA Missile de Moyenne Portée (MMP) anti-tank missile system

    Development MBDA developed the Missile de Moyenne Portée or medium range missile (MMP) as a potential replacement for the MILAN ATGW for the French Army. MBDA started development of the MMP in 2009 and completed the full scale mock-up of the firing post in May 2010. It was first unveiled by

  • Type 84 7.62 mm self-loading pistol

    Development The Type 84 7.62 mm pistol is described in Chinese literature as a 'special-purpose anti-riot weapon'. It is a miniature pistol intended for use by security personnel aboard aircraft, ships and trains. It was designed for undercover use and is intended to subdue criminals attempting to

  • FMFLB 9 mm high-power model pistols

    Development The 9 mm 'high-power' self-loading pistol is the standard handgun of the Argentine armed services and is currently produced under licence from FN Herstal of Belgium by Fábrica Militar Luis Beltrán (FMFLB). The pistol is very similar to the original Belgian design, but there

  • FN Herstal Browning High-Power Mk 2 9 mm self-loading pistol

    Development The FN Browning High-Power Mark 2 self-loading pistol is a variant of the standard FN 9 mm Browning High-Power (see separate entry). Description The Mk 2 has the same technical characteristics of the standard gun. Differences from the latter include, anatomical grip plates, an oblong