• Iraqi forces make rapid advances in Fallujah

    Iraqi forces have made surprisingly rapid progress in clearing Islamic State fighters from Al-Fallujah since they broke through the outer layer of defences on the south side of the city on 8 June. Briefing journalists on 23 June, Major General Doug Chambers, the US-led coalition's deputy commander

  • MMP enters final qualification phase

    Key Points Series production of elements of the MMP system now under way Initial deliveries of a full MMP capability to French armed forces scheduled for mid-2017 The French Direction générale de l'armement (DGA) has declared the formal final qualifying phase for MBDA's Missile Moyenne

  • Eurosatory 2016: Russian Udav pistol to finish state trials by late 2016

    Russia's Precision Machine-Building Scientific Research Institute (TsNIITochMash) design bureau will have finished the state trials of its new Udav pistol by late 2016, a Russian defence industry source told IHS Jane's at Eurosatory 2016. "The preliminary trials of the Udav pistol have been

  • Eurosatory 2016: Airbus completes first trials of HForce helicopter weapon system

    Airbus has completed the first firing trials of its HForce helicopter armament system, the company announced at Eurosatory 2016 in Paris from 13 to 17 June. The modular system, which has been under development for two years, is intended to easily transform unarmed versions of Airbus' military

  • Eurosatory 2016: BAE Systems Archer partially strikes its target

    The fate of 24 BAE Systems FH-77 BW L52 Archer (6 x 6) self-propelled artillery systems remains unknown according to the company after they announced at Eurosatory 2016 that they had begun deliveries to the Swedish Army. Originally part of an order for 48 systems from the Swedish government


  • Steady as she goes: Germany country briefing

    Given Germany's history in the 20th century, the Bundeswehr has experienced a remarkable makeover in the past two decades to become a 21st century operational force, making it the dependable cornerstone in Europe's defence architecture, writes Sebastian Schulte
  • On the rise: Japan industry briefing

    Japan's defence industry is reshaping itself to meet international opportunities and respond to the country's new security environment. Jon Grevatt reports
  • Heavy metal: Trends in armoured fighting vehicle design

    Despite the continued popularity of lighter, wheeled vehicles over tracked systems in recent years to meet the demands of expeditionary warfare, the relevance of heavy armour has been renewed as Europe braces itself for the potential of another Cold War with Russia. Jon Hawkes revisits the 'tracks versus wheels' debate.
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  • Norway, Poland complete FIREX for NSM

    Key Points The RNoN and the Polish Navy have completed a series of live firings with the Kongsberg Nytt Sjømålsmissil/NSM during a live FIREX on the Andøya range Four telemetered missiles were fired against a target hulk; a fifth missile with a live warhead was fired against a land