• 'Coalition of the willing' goes into action in Iraq

    Key Points USAF aircraft are expanding the scope of their sorties against the IS in Iraq A 'coalition of the willing' has been formed to counter the IS following a meeting of 30 foreign ministers in Paris on 15 September As US strike aircraft stepped up the range and scope of their offensive

  • Land Systems launches RG21 mine-protected vehicle

    Land Systems South Africa has launched a new mine-protected general-purpose vehicle that is designed specifically for ease of manufacture and support by partner companies in another country. The RG21 is a 13.8-ton (combat weight) 4x4 vehicle that provides all-round protection against rifle fire and

  • UPDATE: Germany to send weapons to Kurdish forces in Iraq

    The German air force, the Luftwaffe, started delivery of the first batch of military aid on 4 September to selected Kurdish Pashmerga forces in the fight against Islamic State (IS) militias. The airlifted shipment consisted of 4,000 helmets and ballistic vests, 680 night vision devices and 700

  • Colt Canada to build new Canadian Ranger rifles

    The Canadian government on 2 September moved closer to replacing the decades-old .303 Lee Enfield No 4 Mk 1 rifles used by the army's Canadian Rangers, a reserve force responsible for patrolling near the Arctic Circle. A Request for Proposals (RfP) was issued by Colt Canada "to solicit a new

  • Estonia donates small-arms ammo to Iraqi Kurds

    The Estonian government has donated over one million rounds of small-arms ammunition to the Kurdish fighters fighting the Islamic State militant group in northern Iraq, it announced on 29 August. Based on EU foreign affairs guidelines of 15 August, the decision was announced by both the defence and


  • Make and mend: the revolutionary promise of 3-D printing

    Nick Brown, Marina Malenic and Huw Williams explore the potential impact of 3-D printing in defence
  • Tactical advantage

    Shaun Connors examines how recent tactical wheeled vehicle procurements - including two-tier approaches and joint acquisitions - are balancing cost and protection as well as the competing attractions of tracks and wheels
  • US Africa Command comes of age

    Africa's demanding social, political and environmental landscape has proved a steep learning curve for the United States' youngest unified combatant command. Jim Dorschner examines the state of play in Africa Command and what may lie ahead
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  • Denel 5.56 mm R6 compact assault rifle

    Description The Vektor (now Denel Land Systems) R6 5.56 mm compact assault rifle is a shortened version of the basic R4 and R5 design, intended for use by vehicle-mounted, airborne and similar forces requiring a short compact weapon. The operation and general characteristics are the same as those

  • SIG SG510-4 7.62 mm automatic rifle

    Development In the early 1950s, SIG's director, Rudolf Amsler, produced the AM55, which was a blowback-operated rifle using a roller-action delay. It was based to some extent on the German Sturmgewehr 45 assault rifle . After further development the AM55 was adopted by the Swiss Army as the Stgw

  • SIG Stgw 57 7.5 mm automatic rifle

    Development The SIG Sturmgewehr 57 (Stgw 57) was the Swiss Army's first general service-issue automatic rifle adopted in 1957, from which the later SIG SG510 series of rifles were developed. Description The rifle is used with the Swiss 7.5 × 55 mm cartridge (Swiss Army designation GP11),

  • A-91 compact assault rifles

    Development The A-91 compact assault rifle, also referred to as the A-91M, is a product of the KBP Instrument Design Bureau at Tula. It can be seen as indicative of design changes in military priorities within the Russian Federation during the 1990s. Not only is it a bullpup design, but the choice