• Aero India 2017: Russia completes final qualification trials for 6G27 Balkan AGL

    Russia's State Research and Production Enterprise (GNPP) Pribor, a subsidiary of TekhMash Concern, has completed state qualification trials of the 40 mm 6G27 Balkan, and deliveries are due to begin imminently, according to the company. "The 40 mm 6G27 Balkan automatic grenade launcher (AGL) is

  • Heckler & Koch unveils HK433 modular assault rifle

    German firearms manufacturer Heckler & Koch has unveiled a modular rifle, the HK433, chambered in 5.56x45 mm. It will be proposed to the Bundeswehr as a replacement for the currently issued G36 rifle. This is the fourth rifle family being offered by the Oberndorf-based manufacturer after the

  • US Army's MCoE evaluates disposable SLIM solution

    Key Points SLIM is intended as a potential solution for the US Army's prospective Individual Assault Munition requirement Calibre and TRL status has not been disclosed The US Army's Maneuver Centre of Excellence (MCoE) is evaluating a new disposable shoulder-launched rocket concept as one of the

  • US Army selects Sig Sauer for new XM17 Modular Handgun System

    Sig Sauer has been awarded the long-running XM17 Modular Handgun System (MHS) contract for replacing legacy 9 mm M9 Beretta pistols, the US Army announced on 19 January. It is understood that Sig Sauer bested bids from Beretta, FN Herstal, and Glock, after Smith & Wesson and partner General

  • Germany seeks new special forces assault rifle

    Germany's special forces are seeking new assault rifles, with the German defence procurement office issuing a tender for their purchase. According to the tender issued by the BAAINBw, Germany is interesting in purchasing 1,750 rifles in total. The new rifle is expected to replace the G36 rifles

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