• Nigeria gets ex-Sri Lankan inshore patrol craft

    The Sri Lankan Navy reported that it handed over six of its Arrow-class inshore patrol craft and three other inshore patrol craft of an unidentified type to the Nigerian Navy on 6 May. It said the boats were sold to Nigeria for USD4.2 million. Sri Lanka began to build large numbers of small boats

  • SOFEX 2016: KADDB shows mobile 105 mm artillery system

    The latest King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) 105 mm self-propelled artillery (SP) system is being shown for the time at SOFEX 2016. The baseline vehicle - Al-Wahsh - is essentially a Tatra 4x4 cross country vehicle chassis fitted with an armoured body. According to KADDB the

  • French Army to receive Metravib Pilar V gunshot detection system

    The French Army will install its latest Metravib Pilar V integrated acoustic gunshot detection system on 500 of its new generation of wheeled armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs). Production is set to commence in 2017 and will see the Pilar V fitted to 248 Jaguar 6x6 reconnaissance vehicles and some

  • DETRAC develops remote weapon station

    Malaysia's DETRAC is in the final stages of developing a new remote weapon station (RWS). The RWS programme was initially backed by DEFTECH, but after funding ceased DETRAC continued the effort with internal research and development resources. DETRAC's Armament depends on the end user, but it is

  • TrackingPoint develops enhanced small arms fire-control system

    US-based small arms specialist TrackingPoint has expanded its range of firearms equipped with what is termed 'precision-guidance' add-ons. The company's M1400 .338 Lapua Magnum (LM) is designed to act as a squad-level asset and enable stationary and moving (up to 20 mph) targets to be engaged out

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  • Sweden orders new Tp 47 torpedo from Saab

    Sweden has ordered the development and production of a new lightweight torpedo from Saab, it was announced on 20 May. According to the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), the contract is worth SEK1.53 billion (USD184 million). To be called the Torpedo 47 (Tp 47), the new torpedo will