• Indian Army finally starts rifle trials

    The Indian Army began trials in early September to select a 5.56 mm multi-calibre assault rifle. Featuring four models, the trials began at the Bakloh cantonment in the Himalayas, 565 km north of New Delhi. Spread across locations including the northern Ladakh region, Punjab's plains, and the

  • Indian Army hands over first M-346 guns for upgrade contest

    The Indian Army on 10 September approved the release of four Soviet-era M-46 130 mm field guns to four local contractors that will upgrade them to 155 mm/45 calibre standard. Industry sources told IHS Jane's that the guns would be handed over to Bharat Forge, Punj Lloyd and Tata from the private

  • Land Systems launches RG21 mine-protected vehicle

    Land Systems South Africa has launched a new mine-protected general-purpose vehicle that is designed specifically for ease of manufacture and support by partner companies in another country. The RG21 is a 13.8-ton (combat weight) 4x4 vehicle that provides all-round protection against rifle fire and

  • AAD 2014: DLS unveils one-man turret

    Denel Land Systems unveiled a new one-man turret and a protected weapon mounting at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) show, held in Pretoria on 17-21 September. The new developments will mean Denel will not have to rely on other companies to provide turrets or weapon mounts for its armoured

  • UPDATE: Germany to send weapons to Kurdish forces in Iraq

    The German air force, the Luftwaffe, started delivery of the first batch of military aid on 4 September to selected Kurdish Pashmerga forces in the fight against Islamic State (IS) militias. The airlifted shipment consisted of 4,000 helmets and ballistic vests, 680 night vision devices and 700

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  • US, S Korean sources suggest North has SLBM ambitions

    US and South Korean sources have claimed that North Korea is building a tube capable of firing a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), a move that could potentially give Pyongyang a second strike nuclear capability. US officials disclosed to the Washington Free Beacon in late August that


  • Gepárd GM3M 14.5 mm anti-matériel rifle

    Development The original Gepárd M3 14.5 mm anti-matériel rifle, also known as the Destroyer, was designed to provide accurate heavy-calibre fire for the engagement of lightly armoured vehicles, helicopters, field defences, and targets at longer ranges. Originally manufactured by Technika

  • Gepárd M1 and M1A1 12.7 mm sniper rifles

    Development The Gepárd series of rifles were first introduced in the early 1990s. Originally manufactured by Technika of Budapest, the manufacturing rights subsequently passed to Sero Ltd, also located in Budapest, Hungary. Description The Gepárd M1 and Gepárd M1A1 12.7 mm sniper

  • L22A2 5.56 mm Carbine

    Development Two versions of the SA80 carbine were developed in the early 1990s. One version was based on a shortened L85A1 rifle, and the other was a shortened L86A1 LSW. The basic details for the L85A1 variant are that the overall length was reduced to 709 mm, with the barrel length being 442 mm;

  • T65 5.56 mm assault rifle

    Development Although the T65 initially proved to be neither reliable nor easy to manufacture, much effort was put into eradicating the various problems and several model variants were produced. Later variants also acted as the basis for the development of a new rifle, the T86 as it was to become.