• Indecisive storm: Assessing the Saudi-led air campaign in Yemen

    After more than three months the Saudi-led campaign against the Yemeni group Ansar Allah has had mixed results, preventing the group from taking control of Aden yet failing to achieve its key objective of restoring President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, write Jeremy Binnie and Sean O'Connor In March

  • India resends request to US for M777 guns

    India's Ministry of Defence (MoD) re-issued its letter of request (LoR) to the US government on 23 June for 145 BAE Systems M777 towed 155 mm/39 calibre lightweight howitzers, official sources said. This followed MoD approval on 13 May of the estimated USD694 million purchase, including Selex Laser

  • US Army moves towards new XM17 handgun

    The US Army has taken another step towards buying a new XM17 Modular Handgun System (MHS), and announced on 17 June that a draft solicitation was released to industry. Programme specifications have continued to evolve - the army is hosting its fourth industry day on 7-8 July to evolve them further

  • Kalashnikov unveils PL-14 pistol

    Concern Kalashnikov unveiled its new PL-14 self-loading pistol, chambered for the internationally available 9x19 mm cartridge, at the International Military-Technical Forum 'ARMY-2015' held in Kubinka (Moscow Region) from 16-19 June. The pistol is named Lebedev after its designer, as is common

  • Paris Air Show 2015: Orbital ATK prepares to deliver ShotFinder HFI to launch customer

    Orbital ATK (formerly Alliant Techsystems) expects to deliver its ShotFinder hostile fire indicator (HFI) system to its inaugural customer in the coming months, a senior company official told IHS Jane's on 17 June. Speaking at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, William Kasting, vice-president and

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  • US Army to ramp-up Hellfire production

    The US Army has ordered an increase in production of the AGM-114 Hellfire laser-guided missile from the current 500 all-up rounds (AURs) per month to 650 AURs per month, the Department of Defense (DoD) disclosed on 25 June. The USD18 million contract awarded to original equipment manufacturer


  • MBDA Missile de Moyenne Portée (MMP) anti-tank missile system

    Development MBDA developed the Missile de Moyenne Portée or medium range missile (MMP) as a potential replacement for the MILAN ATGW for the French Army. MBDA started development of the MMP in 2009 and completed the full scale mock-up of the firing post in May 2010. It was first unveiled by

  • Type 84 7.62 mm self-loading pistol

    Development The Type 84 7.62 mm pistol is described in Chinese literature as a 'special-purpose anti-riot weapon'. It is a miniature pistol intended for use by security personnel aboard aircraft, ships and trains. It was designed for undercover use and is intended to subdue criminals attempting to

  • FMFLB 9 mm high-power model pistols

    Development The 9 mm 'high-power' self-loading pistol is the standard handgun of the Argentine armed services and is currently produced under licence from FN Herstal of Belgium by Fábrica Militar Luis Beltrán (FMFLB). The pistol is very similar to the original Belgian design, but there

  • FN Herstal Browning High-Power Mk 2 9 mm self-loading pistol

    Development The FN Browning High-Power Mark 2 self-loading pistol is a variant of the standard FN 9 mm Browning High-Power (see separate entry). Description The Mk 2 has the same technical characteristics of the standard gun. Differences from the latter include, anatomical grip plates, an oblong