• MSPO 2015: ZMT unveils modernised UKM-2000P machine gun

    Zaklady Mechaniczne Tarnow (ZMT) unveiled at MSPO the modernised UKM-2000P 7.62x51 mm machine gun for the Polish Armed Forces (PAF). The new version has been created for a PAF requirement to improve the performance and ergonomics of its existing UKM-2000P machine gun: the PAF's standard support

  • MSPO 2015: Poland's Rosomak range extended

    The Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) unveiled several new developments and variants of the Rosomak 8x8 family at the MSPO defence exhibition held in Kielce from 1-4 September. These included the modernised Rosomak-M, the uprated Rosomak-XP, a Rosomak direct support vehicle armed with a 120 mm cannon,

  • Venezuelan Marines receive Chinese tanks, IFVs

    The Venezuelan Marines on 1 September received an initial batch of at least six Norinco VN16 light tanks, six VN18 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), a small number of 4x4 command-and-control vehicles, and at least 120 6x6 trucks. The armoured vehicles were delivered by merchant ship Chang Hang Ji

  • Australia to buy 200 grenade launchers

    Australia is to buy more than 200 lightweight automatic grenade launchers (LWAGL) with an estimated value of AUD47 million (USD34 million), the government announced on 27 August. The contract, signed under Project Land 40 Phase 2 with Australian company Nioa, will see deliveries begin in the third

  • FNSS completes Saber 25 trials

    FNSS has completed qualification tests of its new Saber 25 one-man armoured vehicle turret, the Turkish combat vehicle and weapon system company announced on 13 August. The trials were conducted from 22-26 June at the Turkish Ministry of National Defence's Konya Karapinar range. For the trials the

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  • MBDA Missile de Moyenne Portée (MMP) anti-tank missile system

    Development MBDA developed the Missile de Moyenne Portée or medium range missile (MMP) as a potential replacement for the MILAN ATGW for the French Army. MBDA started development of the MMP in 2009 and completed the full scale mock-up of the firing post in May 2010. It was first unveiled by

  • Type 84 7.62 mm self-loading pistol

    Development The Type 84 7.62 mm pistol is described in Chinese literature as a 'special-purpose anti-riot weapon'. It is a miniature pistol intended for use by security personnel aboard aircraft, ships and trains. It was designed for undercover use and is intended to subdue criminals attempting to

  • FMFLB 9 mm high-power model pistols

    Development The 9 mm 'high-power' self-loading pistol is the standard handgun of the Argentine armed services and is currently produced under licence from FN Herstal of Belgium by Fábrica Militar Luis Beltrán (FMFLB). The pistol is very similar to the original Belgian design, but there

  • FN Herstal Browning High-Power Mk 2 9 mm self-loading pistol

    Development The FN Browning High-Power Mark 2 self-loading pistol is a variant of the standard FN 9 mm Browning High-Power (see separate entry). Description The Mk 2 has the same technical characteristics of the standard gun. Differences from the latter include, anatomical grip plates, an oblong