• Northern Helmand district of Sangin on the brink of falling again

    Afghan National Army (ANA) officers in the district of Sangin in northern Helmand province have warned they are under heavy pressure from the insurgency and that the district is on the brink of falling once again. However, while government officials acknowledge the fighting, they deny there are any

  • Kalashnikov revenues up by 170% in 2015

    Russian small arms manufacturer Kalashnikov Concern earned revenues of RUB8.2 billion (USD105 million) in 2015, according to financial results released on 10 February. This represents a rise of 170% from 2014's sales figure. Kalashnikov produces around 95% of Russian small arms, as well as

  • Pentagon budget 2017: XM25 funded as 'new start' programme

    The US Army has prioritised the XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement (CDTE) weapon as its "number one materiel solution to mitigate a critical capability gap" for dismounted soldiers in combat, and is officially kicking off the programme in its fiscal year (FY) 2017 budget request.

  • Israel set to launch Carmel combat vehicle programme

    Israel will formally start a five-year programme to develop the Carmel Future Combat Vehicle (FCV) in February, according to Brigadier General (rtd) Didi Ben Yoash, head of the Future Combat Vehicle (FCV) Team at the Israel Ministry of Defense, Speaking at the Defence IQPC International Armoured

  • Czech Republic to donate Vz. 58 assault rifles to Iraq

    The Czech government announced on 25 January that it would donate 3,000 new and 3,600 surplus Ceská zbrojovka Model 58 (Vz. 58) assault rifles to Iraq's central and Kurdish governments, along with 7.2 million rounds of ammunition. "The Czech Republic will supply assistance to Iraq and the

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  • MBDA Missile de Moyenne Portée (MMP) anti-tank missile system

    Development MBDA developed the Missile de Moyenne Portée or medium range missile (MMP) as a potential replacement for the MILAN ATGW for the French Army. MBDA started development of the MMP in 2009 and completed the full scale mock-up of the firing post in May 2010. It was first unveiled by