• AFA 2014: Textron unveils anti-swarming naval warhead for Sensor Fuzed Weapon

    Textron revealed its Multiple Explosively Formed Penetrator (MEFP), a warhead for its Smart Skeet sensor-fuzed munition optimised for maritime targets, at the Air Force Association (AFA) symposium in National Harbor, Maryland, in mid-September. Instead of using a single molten copper explosively

  • Land Systems launches RG21 mine-protected vehicle

    Land Systems South Africa has launched a new mine-protected general-purpose vehicle that is designed specifically for ease of manufacture and support by partner companies in another country. The RG21 is a 13.8-ton (combat weight) 4x4 vehicle that provides all-round protection against rifle fire and

  • Spain to deploy Patriot SAMs to Turkey

    Spain has agreed to send a battery of six Raytheon Patriot surface-to-air missile (SAMs) systems backed by 130 troops to Turkey as part of NATO's deployment to help protect the country's southern borders with Syria and Iraq. The move was announced along with warship and aircraft deployments to the

  • India 'losing interest' in Maitri SA-SAM joint venture

    Key Points Indian officials appear to be losing interest in long-delayed plans to co-develop a short-range surface-to-air missile system with European missile house MBDA Recent acquisitions of the locally developed Akash system suggest the Maitri SR-SAM is unlikely to enter service India's

  • AAD 2014: DLS unveils one-man turret

    Denel Land Systems unveiled a new one-man turret and a protected weapon mounting at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) show, held in Pretoria on 17-21 September. The new developments will mean Denel will not have to rely on other companies to provide turrets or weapon mounts for its armoured

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  • Denel R4 and R5 5.56 mm assault rifles

    Development The R4 5.56 mm assault rifle, which replaced both the Fabrique Nationale 7.62 mm Fusil Automatique Léger (FN FAL) R1 and the Heckler & Koch G3 as the South African Defence Force (now the South African National Defence Force - SANDF) standard infantry weapons, is a modified

  • Katran-M

    Type Close-in weapon system. Development The delivery in early 2012 of a new 2,500-ton corvette to the Equatorial Guinea Navy revealed the existence of this previously unknown shipborne system comprising a 30 mm ZTM-1 automatic cannon from the Ukrainian State Enterprise Research and Engineering

  • Denel 5.56 mm R6 compact assault rifle

    Description The Vektor (now Denel Land Systems) R6 5.56 mm compact assault rifle is a shortened version of the basic R4 and R5 design, intended for use by vehicle-mounted, airborne and similar forces requiring a short compact weapon. The operation and general characteristics are the same as those

  • SIG SG510-4 7.62 mm automatic rifle

    Development In the early 1950s, SIG's director, Rudolf Amsler, produced the AM55, which was a blowback-operated rifle using a roller-action delay. It was based to some extent on the German Sturmgewehr 45 assault rifle . After further development the AM55 was adopted by the Swiss Army as the Stgw