• Credible choices: UK General Purpose Frigate programme

    The UK's 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review unveiled plans for the Royal Navy to receive a new class of smaller, cheaper and more exportable general-purpose frigate. Richard Scott reports
  • US debates cruise missile procurement

    The US is facing Russian modernisation of nuclear-capable cruise missiles and the threat of hybrid warfare. Heather Williams examines the US debate around the purchase of new missiles and whether Washington will accept a future 'cruise missile gap' with Moscow.
  • Challenge at sea: Italy seeks naval power to match strategic need

    The Italian Navy is emerging as a prominent European naval power, very active in its local region but also supporting wider international security requirements. Yet its force levels are in steady decline. Luce Peruzzi assesses current operational output and considers how a number of new platforms will increase future capacity.
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  • Jordan receives final Cheetah SPAAGs

    A final instalment of 25 Cheetah self-propelled anti-aircraft guns (SPAAGs) has now arrived in Jordan. Decommissioned by the Armed Forces of the Netherlands in 2006, the Cheetah (Gepard in German service) consists of a modified Leopard 1 tank hull armed with twin 35 mm Rheinmetall Air Defence