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  • Safran Hammers Dassault

    The chief executive of Safran, Jean-Paul Herteman, has warned that unless the firm is allowed to export the Armement Air-Sol Modulaire (AASM) precision guided munition (PGM) independently of the Dassault Rafale fighter aircraft, then production of the munition will come to a close. "The Rafale
  • France, UK sign GBP500 million anti-ship missile deal

    The UK and France have placed a contract worth more than GBP500 million (USD827 million) with MBDA to complete the development of and manufacture a new helicopter launched anti-ship missile, it was announced on 27 March. Known as the Future Anti-Surface Guided Weapon (Heavy) (FASGW[H]) by the UK


  • Kortik/Kashtan (CADS-N-1)/SA-N-11 'Grison'

    Type Close-in weapon systems. Development Since the early 1960s, the Soviet Army had relied upon the ZSU-23-4 Shilka (Awl) self-propelled radar-directed quad 23 mm anti-aircraft gun for short-range air defence. However, the limitations of this weapon system were clearly demonstrated during the

  • Palma (Palash-Palma)/Palista

    Type Close-in weapon system (CIWS). Development Palma (NATO designation CADS-N-2), also referred-to as Palash-Palma, uses the main principles in the Kortik/Kashtan CIWS but is designed for use with SACLOS (semi-automatic command to line of sight) missiles, such as the Russian Federation Sosna-R

  • AIG 60 mm Commando mortars

    Development These 60 mm Commando mortars are manufactured by the Armament Industries Group (AIG) who are part of the Defence Industries Organization (DIO) of Iran. Description There are two 60 mm Commando mortars: the HM12 Fateh and the HM13 Narollah. The two differ in several ways, but both are

  • AIG HM14 60 mm mortar

    Development The HM14 60 mm mortar is manufactured by the Armament Industries Group (AIG), part of the Defence Industries Organization (DIO) of Iran. Description The HM14 60 mm mortar appears to be a direct copy of the Israeli Soltam 60 mm standard mortar, complete with the simple drum sight close