• Brazil registers over 2,000 defence products in strategic defence system initiative

    During 2014 Brazil's Registration of Companies and Products in the Defence sector (Sistema de Cadastramento de Produtos e Empresas de Defesa - SisCaPED) system accredited 60 companies and catalogued more than 2,000 products, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed to IHS Jane's on 18 December.

  • Czech firm looks to maintain Afghan T-55s

    Excalibur Group, a Czech defence company specialising in the repair and maintenance of armoured vehicles, is currently negotiating with the Afghan Ministry of Defence (MoD) to maintain the T-55 main battle tank fleet operated by the Afghan National Army (ANA) and supply all necessary spare parts.

  • Rafael waiting on Trophy-LV order

    Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has offered the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) its Trophy-LV active protection system for light tactical vehicles and is currently waiting for a decision by the Ministry of Defence. Although part of the Trophy family, the LV variant works differently from the Trophy-HV

  • US prepares to deploy aircraft to Al-Anbar province

    The US Defense Logistics Agency is looking for a contractor that can deliver 48,000 US gallons of jet fuel to Iraq's Al-Asad Air Base, suggesting the US military will forward deploy aircraft to Al-Anbar province, which has become a stronghold of the Islamic State militant group. The solicitation

  • Update: Australia releases RfT for AUD10bn land vehicles programme

    A request for tender (RfT) for the first tranche of what will be the Australian Army's largest-ever acquisition programme will be released in early 2015, the project's website disclosed on 10 December. Project Land 400, costed at more than AUD10 billion (USD8.3 billion), will see the replacement of


  • Annual Defence Report 2014: Europe

    War. Crisis. Invasion. Insurrection. Annexation. Return of the Cold War. Not words many on New Year's Eve 2013 would have predicted being used to describe the year ahead for Europe, but the reality it was dealt nonetheless.
  • Big versus small: the challenge of satellite advancement

    The space market is witnessing a proliferation in small-satellite technology as companies and governmental organisations seek a more affordable foothold in the sector. Andrew White studies how this technology is being used and the implications for an already cluttered environment
  • Briefing: Japan's new dawn

    Tokyo is shrugging off the post-1945 constraints on its military and developing new operational concepts and capabilities in response to China's rise. James Hardy reports
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  • Portugal sells surplus C212s to Uruguay

    Portugal is to transfer to Uruguay two C212-300 Patrullero maritime surveillance aircraft formerly in service with the Portuguese Air Force (FAP). A contract for the transfer was signed in Lisbon on 18 December between Berta Cabral, Portuguese Secretary of State for National Defence, and her