• Norway's improved CV90s start rolling off the production line

    The Royal Norwegian Army has received its first series-produced improved BAE Systems CV9030 infantry fighting vehicle. BAE Systems is under contract to upgrade 103 existing Norwegian CV90s and build an additional 41 for a total fleet of 144 under a programme understood to be worth USD500 million.

  • JLTV procurement to be protected in event of sequestration

    The US Army will prioritise funding for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) programme if 2011 Budget Control Act funding caps - known as sequestration - return in fiscal year 2016 (FY 2016), Secretary of the Army John McHugh told reporters on 25 February. In the fourth quarter of FY 2015 the

  • IDEX 2015: Dagor set for UAE service

    A consignment of Polaris Defense's Dagor lightweight patrol vehicles is scheduled for arrival in-country in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in April, according to company spokesman Rich Haddad. The country is the third to order the vehicle type, which was launched at the 2014 AUSA exhibition in

  • IDEX 2015: Sudan boosts presence second time around

    Sudan's Military Industry Corporation (MIC) has increased its presence and brought a wider variety of its products to IDEX, having made its debut at the show in 2013. In addition to its main stand, the company booked space in the static outside area, where it displayed its Khalifa-1 self-propelled

  • IDEX 2015: Chinese companies expand guided rocket options

    Norinco's new AR3 multiple rocket launcher (MRL) dominated the Chinese stand at the IDEX show in Abu Dhabi and led a large array of guided rocket/surface-to-surface missiles. The key difference between the new system and the AR2 that is already in service with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) is

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  • IDEX 2015: Italy orders Piaggio HammerHead UAV

    The Italian Air Force has become the first customer for the Piaggio Aero P.1HH HammerHead unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the company announced at IDEX 2015 in Abu Dhabi on 26 February. In total the Italian Air Force has ordered six HammerHead UAVs, split into three unmanned aerial systems (UASs)
  • US Coast Guard still wrangling with ice breaker shortage

    Key Points US ice breaker capability requirements still stand at three medium and three heavy ice breakers The USCG is considering options including Polar Sea reactivation and a new acquisition As human activity in the Arctic continues to expand, the chief of the US Coast Guard (USCG) remains


  • Jernas

    Type Static and towed surface-to-air missile (SAM) system Development The MBDA Jernas (Arabic word for a falcon that has just come to maturity and is at the peak of its predatory capability) air-defence system was first shown at the IDEX '93 Exhibition in Abu Dhabi. The private venture

  • Rapier

    Type Static and towed surface-to-air missile (SAM) system Development The Rapier low-level surface-to-air missile system was developed by the former British Aircraft Corporation (now MBDA), Guided Weapons Division from the early 1960s onwards to meet the requirements of the British Army and Royal

  • Rapier Field Standard C (FSC)

    Type Static and towed surface-to-air missile (SAM) system Development In November 1986, the then British Aerospace Stevenage (now MBDA) was awarded a contract worth some GBP1.6 billion for the design, development and initial production of the Rapier FSC air defence weapon for delivery to the

  • TATRA T 815 (6 × 6) truck series

    Development TATRA can trace its origins back to Austria and 1850, the company building its first car in 1897, and its first truck a year later in 1898. As a result of the First World War the part of Austria TATRA originated from became part of the then Czechoslovakia. The TATRA brand first appeared