• French Army set to launch new 4x4 programme

    The French Ministry of Defence's procurement agency, the DGA, is to launch a competition for the acquisition of 358 new 4x4 light multirole protected vehicles for the French Army. The acquisition, known as the Véhicule Blindé Multi-Rôle Léger (VBMR-L), forms part of the French

  • Xponential 2016: DoD to publish robotic and autonomous systems strategy

    The US Department of Defense (DoD) is to soon publish a joint concept for robotic and autonomous systems (RAS) meant to align efforts to integrate manned and unmanned platforms. A Joint Staff Robotic and Autonomous Systems Team (JRAST) was established in 2014 by then-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of

  • Singapore quietly introduces the VAMTAC ST5 high mobility tactical vehicle

    The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has taken delivery of a number of Spanish-made 4x4 Vehículo de Alta Movilidad Táctico (VAMTAC) ST5 high mobility tactical vehicles to add to its fleet, with at least two vehicles configured as light utility or troop transport platforms observed travelling

  • Belarus develops Adunok RWS

    The Design Office Display of Belarus has developed a new version of its Adunok remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS) designated Adunok-W. While the original Adunok RCWS was armed with a single 7.62 mm PKT machine gun (MG), 12.7 mm Kord (MG), or a 30 mm AG-17A automatic grenade launcher (AGL), the

  • China expands family of wheeled fire-support platforms

    Key Points The Chinese defence industry is targeting international requirements Based on unprotected 4x4 light cross-country platforms, China's new systems are designed for rapid reaction or special forces deployment Chinese industry is moving to broaden its range of vehicle-based artillery


  • French armour programmes move ahead

    The French armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) industry comprises two key players, Nexter Systems and Renault Trucks Defense. Christopher F Foss looks at these contractors and the AFVs they are developing for domestic requirements and the export market.
  • Renaissance force: US Marine Corps seeks new solutions to new challenges

    After nearly 15 years supporting land operations in one primary theatre, the United States Marine Corps is resetting itself to focus on other challenges. Grace Jean explores how the service is preparing for new tasks while remaining ready for operations.
  • Building up: Kazakhstan industry briefing

    Kazakhstan's ongoing military modernisation and efforts to improve domestic industrial capabilities and independence continue to build on years of energy-funded development. However, the Central Asian republic faces significant headwinds owing to the recent decline in oil prices, writes Charles Forrester
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  • India begins sea trials of first Scorpene submarine

    Key Points India has begun sea trials of its first Scorpene diesel-electric attack submarine Trials signal that the vessel is on track for a 2016 commissioning The first of six Kalvari (Scorpene)-class diesel-electric attack submarines (SSKs) on order for the Indian Navy has begun its maiden sea