• India lifts ban on Denel

    India's Ministry of Defence (MoD) has lifted a nine-year-old ban on Denel, rendering the state-owned South African aerospace and defence technology company eligible to bid for Indian military contracts once again. Industry sources told IHS Jane's that the MoD told Denel of its intent to revoke the

  • Singapore reportedly presses India over ST Kinetics ban

    Singapore has reportedly pressed the government of India to review its decision in 2012 to place a 10-year defence trade ban on ST Kinetics (STK), the land systems arm of Singapore Technologies Engineering (ST Engineering). Citing Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) sources, the PTI news agency in

  • Excalibur and Rafael develop modernised BMP-2 to meet Czech requirement

    Czech defence manufacturer Excalibur Army has developed a modernised infantry fighting vehicle, together with Israel's Rafael, based on the Russian-designed BMP-2. The development is an effort to meet the Army of the Czech Republic's (ACR) requirement for 200 such vehicles beginning in 2018. The

  • Turkey looks to produce Altay MBT powerpacks locally

    The Executive Committee of the Turkish Defence Industries Undersecretariat (SSM) has opted to start contract talks with local firm Tümosan on developing an engine and transmission for Turkey's indigenously produced Altay main battle tank (MBT). Prototypes of the MBT are being developed by

  • Brazil to donate modified tanks to Uruguay

    Brazil is waiting on government authorisation to fulfil a commitment to donate 25 armoured M41C light tanks to Uruguay, the Brazilian Ministry of Defence said on 8 August. The donation is subject to approval of the end-user certificate's transfer from the United States. The M41Cs, which have been


  • Drifting apart

    Military leaders have warned repeatedly that the United Kingdom risks becoming a 'hollow force' unable to offer useful help to its closest ally, the United States. So is this the end of an unusually close partnership? Matthew Bell reports
  • Rearming Russia

    Russia's rearmament ambitions envisage the replacement of some 70% of its old equipment by 2020, but current funding levels suggest it will fall well short of this goal. Karl Soper reports
  • Briefing: Tense transitions

    Transitions in East Asia's security and geopolitical landscape are introducing new challenges into longstanding competitions and increasing the range of plausible scenarios for miscalculation, escalation and crises across the Western pacific. Tate Nurkin reports
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  • USN conducts manned-unmanned aircraft ops aboard carrier

    The US Navy (USN) has for the first time conducted manned and unmanned aircraft operations simultaneously aboard an aircraft carrier. A Northrop Grumman X-47B unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and a Boeing F/A-18 Hornet conducted flight operations aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) on 17 August,


  • KH-200 bridging boat

    Description The KH-200 bridging boat was developed in the late 1960s and after four years of trials was approved for production in 1971. It has a hull of all-steel construction and a pusher knee mounted at the bow. The crew is seated in a cabin towards the bow, which has an open back. The engine is

  • PP-64 heavy folding pontoon bridge

    Development In 1964, following the success of the PMP heavy folding pontoon bridge, Poland started design work on a folding pontoon bridge. The initial prototype was finished in 1965, with first production units being completed the following year. In design, the PP-64 is different from the PMP and

  • Bridge Assault Floating Heavy Class 50T (Krupp Man)

    Development The Bridge Assault Floating Heavy Class 50T (Krupp Man) is an Indian-produced version of the German MAN Gutehoffnungshütte GmbH and Krupp Industrietechnik GmbH (now Man Technologie AG) Bridge, Pneumatic Float, Class 16/30/50 (sometimes referred to as the Light Metal Bridge). This

  • Armoured Fighting Vehicles in service

    Introduction Listings by country of equipment in service, held in reserve or due to enter service some time in 2014/2015 (* denotes a potential later in service date). This covers tracked and wheeled armoured fighting Vehicles. It no longer includes towed guns and howitzers, towed anti-tank guns,