• Chinese yards show off new designs at INMEX 2014

    The INMEX 2014 maritime expo, held in Guangzhou from 10-12 December, provided details on a number of new or recently completed vessels built by various Chinese shipyards. The most interesting of which were for the China Coastguard (CCG) and other maritime agencies. CCG 1401 with a naval gun CCG

  • Egypt receives withheld Apache attack helos

    Egypt has received 10 Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopters withheld since the military took control of the country in July 2013. The delivery was reported on 20 December by the Reuters news agency, which quoted local security sources. Confirmation that delivery of the 10 AH-64D Block II

  • Embraer tight lipped on Rogozin snub reports

    Embraer, the Brazilian aerospace manufacturer of military and commercial aircraft, has refused to comment on reports it turned down a request by Russia's Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin, to tour its facilities in Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo, during mid December. The incident, which was

  • KC-46A first test flight expected six months behind schedule as costs rise

    Key Points Boeing is preparing for its KC-46A test model's first flight six months late as costs increase Estimated cost of Boeing's work has increased to USD1.5 billion above the contract ceiling Boeing is expected to fly a test model of its KC-46A aerial refuelling tanker for the US Air Force

  • Radar data on Russian aircraft being shared to mitigate collision risks

    The militaries of at least two Baltic and Scandinavian countries have begun sharing primary radar information with civilian air traffic control (ATC) authorities over concerns of Russian aircraft operating in the region without transponders, IHS Jane's was told on 17 December. Speaking during a

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  • Portugal sells surplus C212s to Uruguay

    Portugal is to transfer to Uruguay two C212-300 Patrullero maritime surveillance aircraft formerly in service with the Portuguese Air Force (FAP). A contract for the transfer was signed in Lisbon on 18 December between Berta Cabral, Portuguese Secretary of State for National Defence, and her