• Airbus Military changes leadership

    Domingo Ureña-Raso has left Airbus, the company announced on 29 January. While no reason was given for his replacement as head of Military Aircraft at Airbus Defence and Space, Ureña-Raso, has been an outspoken critic of the Spanish government and the European Union's defence industry

  • AVIC, Russian Helicopters heavy-lift helicopter project inches forward

    The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) and Russian Helicopters are looking to expand collaboration in a programme expected to feature the joint development of a heavy-lift helicopter. AVIC said officials from the two state-owned corporations met in Beijing on 29 January to further

  • Germany offers participation in IDAS to Turkey

    Germany has offered Turkey the opportunity to participate in the Interactive Defence and Attack System for Submarines (IDAS) missile project, IHS Jane's has learnt. Berlin's offer to Ankara was made during a meeting held between Major General Benedikt Zimmer, Director-General of Equipment,

  • IDF pulls its punches after Hizbullah retaliation for airstrike

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carried out only a limited response to a Hizbullah missile attack that killed two of its soldiers on 28 January, thereby preventing the situation from turning into a dangerous cycle of retaliatory violence. Hizbullah's attack targeted unarmoured IDF vehicles

  • Italian Army Aviation activates SF helicopter regiment

    The Italian Army activated the 3rd 'Aldebaran' Special Operation Helicopter Regiment (REOS) on 29 January in Viterbo. The activation of the unit involved the transfer of the 26th 'Giove' Special Operation Helicopter Battalion from the 1st 'Antares' Army Aviation Regiment. The Giove battalion

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  • US Army plans rotorcraft upgrades under budget pressure

    The US Army must modernise its legacy helicopter fleet until its hoped-for Future Vertical Lift (FVL) programme begins fielding in the 2030s, the army's senior aviation official said on 29 January. "That's 25 years … that we can't put at risk," said Major General Michael Lundy, the
  • Images confirm ERA fit on Taiwan's CM11 tanks

    Recent photographs have confirmed that at least part of the Republic of China Army (RoCA) fleet of CM11 main battle banks (MBT) have been upgraded with the installation of explosive reactive armour (ERA). The CM11 MBT is essentially a brand new US-supplied General Dynamics Land Systems M60 hull
  • Australia to donate heavy landing craft to Philippines

    Australia is donating two recently decommissioned Balikpapan-class heavy landing craft (LCH) vessels to the Philippines, Defence Minister Kevin Andrews announced on 29 January. The last three of the Royal Australian Navy's (RAN's) 364-tonne, 45 m LCHs were decommissioned on 20 November 2014. The


  • JLG Millennia Military Vehicle (MMV)

    Development In April 2001, the then OmniQuip International was awarded a contract by the US Marine Corps System Command to supply the US Marine Corps' next generation of Extended Boom ForkLifts (EBFLs). A commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) procurement programme took place, vehicles were tested, minor

  • NORINCO Improved Type 74 Heavy Pontoon Bridge

    Development The People's Liberation Army (PLA) is believed to have had at least four designated heavy pontoon-type bridges in service. The first of these was designated Type 62/GZQ210 Heavy Ribbon Bridge, this a local copy of the Russian TPP Heavy Pontoon Bridge. This was followed by the Type

  • NORINCO Type GZQ411 Light Pontoon Bridge

    Development The People's Liberation Army (PLA) is believed to have at least two designated light pontoon-type bridges in service. The first of these is designated Type 63/GZQ310 Light Ribbon Bridge, this a local copy of the Russian PPP Light Pontoon Bridge. The Type 63 was followed by the Type

  • NORINCO Type ZB-200 prefabricated road steel panel bridge

    Description The Type GQL230A ZB-200 prefabricated road steel panel bridge is primarily used for the temporary or emergency repair or replacement of damaged/destroyed bridges. In addition to military requirements, the ZB-200 prefabricated road steel panel bridge can also be used for emergency