• Indonesian shipbuilder cuts steel on seventh PC-40-class vessel

    Key Points The Indonesian Navy has ordered another lightly armed variant of the KCR-40 missile attack craft Platform is meant to bolster the service's maritime surveillance and fishery resources protection capabilities Indonesian shipbuilder PT Caputra Mitra Sejati has begun work on a PC-40-class

  • Bundeswehr orders 1,000 Spike LR ATGMs

    The German parliament gave the green light on 22 March for the Bundeswehr to procure 1,000 Israeli-designed Spike LR anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and 97 corresponding launcher units worth EUR158.3 million (USD172 million) from EuroSpike under the Bundeswehr's multirole guided missile system

  • EDA nations reach for new military network of multimodal transport hubs

    Four new multi-nation projects under the aegis of the European Defence Agency (EDA) have launched their work, of which the biggest aims to create a network of pre-approved multimodal transport hubs across Europe that can be used in support of the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).

  • RN retires Sea Skua anti-ship missile from service

    Key Points The Sea Skua anti-ship missile is being officially retired from RN service on 31 March A final high-seas Sea Skua firing was performed on 25 February by a Lynx HMA8 operating from the frigate HMS Portland The UK Royal Navy (RN) has retired the MBDA Sea Skua anti-ship missile from

  • To counter Russia, EUCOM chief wants more ISR and larger ground force

    Key Points Gen Scaparrotti would like RC-135, U-2, and RQ-4 aircraft to monitor Russian actions in Europe The EUCOM chief also wants an armour division, which adds fires, engineer, and air defence battalions The top US commander in Europe wants more intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

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  • Practika details Otaman upgrade

    Ukraine's Practika has revealed details of the Otaman modernisation package developed for the BTR-60-series armoured personnel carrier (APC). Sergie Vilkov, head of development at Practika, told Jane's that the second prototype of an overhauled BTR-60 is undergoing testing and an operational
  • Cameroon receives new offshore patrol vessel

    The Cameroonian Navy has received its new offshore patrol vessel (OPV) CNS Dipikar (P 107), which arrived at the Douala naval base in the last week of February, a Cameroonian military source told Jane's. Dipikar departed Toulon, France, aboard the Dutch transport vessel Happy Diamond on 10 February