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  • US, Spain reach deal on clean-up of Palomares crash site

    The United States and Spain have reached agreement on a programme to complete the clean-up of a site affected by radioactive contamination following a collision between two US Air Force aircraft near Palomares, southeastern Spain, in January 1966. The incident occurred when a B-52G bomber collided

  • US plans to destroy weapon-grade plutonium remains in upheaval

    Key Points A new DoE-sponsored report finds an alternative option would be cheaper and less risky than the current MOX disposition option However, significant disputes remain and shifting away from MOX would face serious political and geopolitical hurdles Debate continues regarding the US

  • Update: Analysis: Satellite imagery undermines claims that Iran is 'sanitising' Parchin facility

    ANALYSIS US government sources have leaked fresh claims that Iran is attempting to 'sanitise' its Parchin weapon production facility ahead of inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). However, satellite imagery published by a US think-tank shows there have been no changes at the

  • Saudi Arabia requests USD500 million ammo replenishment

    The US State Department has approved the sale of a large amount of ammunition to Saudi Arabia to replenish stocks depleted by the ongoing conflict in Yemen, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced on 29 July. The DSCA said the proposed sales were worth an estimated USD500 million

  • Kuwait orders Rheinmetall MAN NBC reconnaissance vehicles

    Kuwait has ordered 12 nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) reconnaissance vehicles from Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles, Rheinmetall announced on 1 July. Deliveries of the 6x6 Fox (Fuchs) 2 NBS-RS variants are scheduled to commence in 2017. Terms of the accord were not disclosed. Rheinmetall


  • Piecing together the puzzle: North Korea country briefing

    Recent provocations by North Korea - and the ongoing development of its nuclear weapon and ballistic missile capabilities - continue to demonstrate the active threat Pyongyang poses to regional stability. James Hardy reports
  • Libya deteriorates as factions vie for power

    Two competing governments, myriad militias, and a growing Islamic State presence are tearing Libya apart. Richard Cochrane assesses three potential scenarios for the country's future amid increasing factionalism, political stalemate, and economic crisis.
  • Pharma firms aim to reduce bio-warfare threat

    Private companies are increasingly investing in the development of biological weapon countermeasures. Mark Hollis and John Eldridge examine the evolving threat of bio-warfare and bio-terrorism, and the challenges faced by the commercial sector.
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  • SDSR 2015: British Army reform plans left vague

    Key Points A lack of detail in UK's 2015 SDSR has raised a question mark over the future of one of the British Army's three MBT-equipped armoured cavalry regiments Meanwhile, the Ajax reconnaissance vehicles purchased to support British Army's three current armoured infantry brigades are now to be


  • AM-35 and AM-50 (humanitarian anti-mine boots)

    Development Zeman's mine resistant boots are designed to provide leg protection against Anti-Personnel (AP) mines containing up to 35 g (AM-35 type) and 50 g (AM-50 type) high explosives (TNT) and have been developed by Zeman in cooperation with Aall Jiri Chladek explosives consultants (see

  • Hard wired compact exploders ATLAS 300 & ATLAS 350

    Description The ATLAS 300 and 350 are electronic capacitor exploders designed for firing electric detonators. They each feature one firing output, equipped with safety sockets in order to avoid the user from being in contact with dangerous output voltage. The ATLAS 300 exploder is equipped with

  • Joint Protective AirCrew Ensemble (JPACE) Chemical Protective Coverall (CPC)

    Development The Blücher Joint Protective AirCrew Ensemble (JPACE) Chemical Protective Coverall (CPC) was developed as part of a joint programme for a CBRN protective aircrew suit intended for use by all fixed and rotary wing aviators of the US Armed Forces (US Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine

  • Scansilc 4336 High Definition Portable X-ray System

    Description The Scansilc 4336 is a high performance portable X-ray system for use in defence and security applications, that incorporates a high resolution x-ray detector with a large format 43 × 36 cm imaging area which has a 14-bit dynamic range and 139 µm pixel pitch. The flat panel