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  • International assistance helps reduce IED threat in Nigeria

    Nigeria's security forces have managed to reduce the number of casualties caused by improvised explosive devices (IEDs), according to Deputy Superintendent of Police Haruna Ismaila. "From 2009-2013, it is estimated that 25% of the total number of civilian casualties was caused by IEDs. In 2012

  • Israeli official says Syria has used chemical incapacitant against insurgents

    Pro-government forces in Syria used a chemical agent that "neutralises, but does not kill" during fighting on 27 March, a senior Israeli source has told IHS Jane's . Syrian opposition sources previously claimed that a chemical weapon was used in the incident, which took place in the

  • NATO acts to counter maritime IED threats

    NATO has transferred responsibility for its maritime counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) strategy from the US-based Allied Command Transformation (ACT) to Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) in the UK. Senior naval officers hope the move will reverse the perception, in some quarters, that IEDs

  • US approves Vietnam civil nuclear collaboration agreement

    US President Barack Obama approved an agreement on 24 February for civilian nuclear collaboration between the US and Vietnam. Reflecting the deepening ties between the two countries, the accord provides a further indication that Washington is gradually moving towards easing its long-standing arms

  • MV Cape Ray arrives in Rota for refuelling

    Key Points Cape Ray is expected to depart Rota for Italian port Gioia Tauro after Syria completes removal of chemicals A third shipment of chemical weapon materiel departed Syria on 10 February The US cargo ship equipped to neutralise Syria's chemical weapons arrived in Rota, Spain, on 13 February

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  • Russia orders more MiG-29SMT fighters

    Russia has signed a contract with the Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG (RAC MiG) for 16 more MiG-29SMT 'Fulcrum' multirole fighter aircraft, RAC MiG announced on 15 April. Valued at RUB17 billion (USD473 million), including ground support and test equipment, the order will see the RAC MiG deliver
  • Rafael looks at Iron Dome enhancements

    Rafael is looking at a number of enhancements to the Iron Dome missile defence system as a result of lessons learned over recent engagements, a company official told IHS Jane's in early April. Speaking at the company's facility near Haifa, its business development and marketing manager for the Air


  • AN-19/2 Mine Detecting Set

    Development The AN-19/2 (AN-PSS/12) Mine Detecting Set, developed by Schiebel, is widely used by military and humanitarian organisations throughout the world. From its inception the system has undergone continuous improvement, while still maintaining its original mechanical design, thus enabling

  • Medium MineWolf (MW330)

    Type Large tracked manned/unmanned mine and IED clearing vehicle. Development MineWolf Systems' Medium MineWolf (MW330) was specifically designed to respond to the survivability and mobility challenges encountered in military demining operations. It can be operated manually as well as remotely

  • PMG-2 portable proton gradiometer

    Description The SatisGeo PMG-2 proton gradiometer is a portable magnetometer that can be used for a number of applications including: ferrous ordnance detection, archaeology, locating buried drums, tanks and pipes, mineral exploration and environmental studies. It can be powered by either an

  • Scanjack 3500

    Development Scanjack AB's mechanical mine clearing machine, the Scanjack 3500, has its origins as a development project within the European Community. Scanjack AB was one of the companies that participated in tests at the Swedish EOD and Demining Centre (SWEDEC) to develop a mechanical mine