• EU pursues common maritime pictures

    The 28 European Union (EU) nations will have a "rolling action plan" in place by the end of the year to start producing common civil-military situational awareness pictures around the union's maritime borders by around 2017, say EU officials. Among the plan's first priorities for the EU's

  • Saab Defense and Security USA to commence delivery of its new naval radar in 2016

    Key Points The Sea Giraffe 4A is a medium-to-long range S-band AESA radar that has been developed by Saab Defense for naval platforms Company officials believe the new radar is a cost-competitive system that could equip large ships to provide simultaneous air detection and surface surveillance

  • Thailand buys ARTHUR radars for marines

    The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) has signed a contract with Saab to procure an undisclosed number of the company's ARTHUR Weapon Locating Systems radars for use by the Royal Thai Marine Corps, the RTN's naval secretariat department has announced. The contract, signed in late June, could confirm that

  • SAES signs contract to make and market Russian diver detection sonar

    Spanish underwater electronics specialist Sociedad Anónima de Electrónica Submarina (SAES) has signed an agreement to manufacture and market the Russian Federation's underwater research centre Gidropribor's high-frequency DDS-03 diver detection sonar. Cartagena-based SAES - which is

  • UK to buy Shaman CESM for Seaseeker SIGINT programme

    The UK is moving ahead with plans to recapitalise its surface ship communications electronic support measures (CESM) capability through the acquisition of the US Navy's (USN's) AN/SSQ-130 Ship Signal Exploitation Equipment (SSEE) Increment F cryptologic exploitation system. Being acquired under the

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  • USAF space chief endorses new heavy-lift rocket engine effort

    Key Points The US should begin development of an alternate rocket engine to the Russian-built RD-180 for the Atlas V launch vehicle, the USAF's space chief said He cited the benefit of such an effort to the US industrial base, as well as the 'national security imperative' The United States should
  • Swiss IMESS soldier system ready for serial production

    Airbus Defence and Space has completed the development of the Swiss Army's planned new future soldier system and is now ready to enter serial production, the company announced on 30 July. Known as the Integrated Modular Engagement System for the Swiss Soldier (IMESS), it builds on the company's


  • AGIS

    Type Combat system for fast attack craft (FAC) Development To facilitate FAC operations, the (then) West German Navy began to develop, during the early 1970s, a command and weapon control system. Development appears to have benefited from work for the SATIR systems, although the hardware and

  • AquaShieldâ„¢

    Type Fixed diver detection sonar (DDS) system Development The increased risk of terror attacks in recent years has highlighted the need to improve monitoring and detection of underwater threats. Existing marine surveillance solutions ignored the areas of underwater surveillance and underwater


    Type Tactical data-handling systems Development In the early 1950s the widespread use of jet aircraft drove a demand for a radical improvement in the processing and display of data from ship radars and identification friend-or-foe (IFF). In 1954 the three US services, along with NATO, conducted a

  • AN/UYC-501 (SHINPADS)/System 2000X/SHINPADS Mk 3000

    Type Command and weapon control system Development In 1974 the Canadian Navy began to investigate the future command system requirements for its destroyers and frigates and concluded the way ahead lay with a fully distributed architecture, workstations, and a local area network (LAN). Development