• DSA 2014: Saab to introduce mobile app for naval communication system

    Saab will introduce a mobile app version of its TactiCall integrated communication system (ICS) for smartphones, tablets and laptops by 2015. TactiCall is naval ICS that cross-connects modes of communications regardless of frequency spectrum or technology. This allows users from different bands,

  • Navy League 2014: USN rethinking Triton sense-and-avoid approach

    Key Points Miniaturising a sense-and-avoid radar has been more challenging than expected There is some urgency to the development effort as the USN is planning to begin MQ-4 production in 2016 The US Navy (USN) is taking what officials call a 'layered approach' to developing a sense-and-avoid

  • DIMDEX 2014: Saab to unveil compact 3D radar

    Defence technology group Saab will lift the covers in mid-2014 on a new compact 3D radar designed to fill the gap between high-end 2D radars such as Terma's Scanter series and its own Giraffe AMB G-band 3D radar system, the company hinted at DIMDEX 2014 in Doha. The new Sea Giraffe 1X radar is

  • India puts out RfI for naval boom defence systems

    India's Ministry of Defence (MoD) dispatched a global request for information (RfI) on 24 March for 12 'boom defence systems' (BDSs) to protect Indian Navy (IN) assets in harbours and at sea from terror strikes and collisions. Vendors are required to respond to the RfI by 31 March for the BDS

  • PT Len to develop new CMS for Indonesian warships

    The Indonesian government has asked state-owned electronics company PT Len to develop a suite of next-generation combat management systems (CMS) for Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) warships. Indonesian Deputy Defence Minister Sjafrie Sjamsuddin revealed the plan during a visit to a PT Pindad facility in

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    Type Portable acoustic range Description NASPAR [Nautronix Acoustic Subsea Portable Acoustic Range] addresses the need for a mobile training range capability for forward-deployed troops where it is impractical for test assets (submarines, vessels, and so on) and personnel to return back to

  • HS 12

    Type Passive and active dipping sonar system Description The HS 12 is an active/passive panoramic helicopter version of the SS 12 small ship sonar and uses the same electronics as the surface vessels version. It has similar capabilities for operation in shallow/noisy waters, and has a system

  • AN/SPG-60 acquisition and tracking radar

    Type I-band (8 to 10 GHz) fire-control and acquisition radar for the Mk 86 fire-control system Description The AN/SPG-60 is a four-horn monopulse, I-band pulse-Doppler tracking radar forming part of the Mk 86 Fire-Control System (FCS). It is used for acquisition and tracking of air targets to

  • SIC 21

    Type Command Information System (CIS) Development SIC 21 was developed for the French Navy, with an initial contract worth approximately EUR100 million awarded by the French Ministry of Defence, DGA, in 2004. The first deliveries took place in 2005. It replaces the Aide au COmmandement de la