• UPDATE: Ultra wins Sonar 2050 capability upgrade prize

    Key Points Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems has received a GBP27 million contract to deliver the UK's Sonar 2050 Technology Refresh programme The contract will see Ultra supply and support new hull-mounted sonars for eight Type 23 frigates over a 10-year period Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems'

  • Sweden places long-lead contracts with Saab for submarine sensors

    Key Points Long-lead orders have been placed for submarine sensors to ensure availability for the planned Type A 26 submarines and for the modernisation of two Type A 19 boats The contract falls under the wider framework of a Letter of Intent on underwater capability Sweden's Defence Materiel

  • Atlas buys Marine Sonic Technology business

    The US subsidiary of Germany's Atlas Elektronik announced on 24 November that it has reached a deal to acquire the business of Marine Sonic Technology Limited (MSTL). The companies did not release the terms of the deal. Yorktown, Virginia-based MSTL specialises in high-resolution side scan sonar

  • Brazilian Army launches border monitoring system

    The Brazilian Army (Exército Brasileiro: EB) on 13 November officially launched the country's integrated border monitoring system, known as SISFRON (Sistema de Integrado de Monitoramento de Fronteiras). This follows the conclusion of a pilot project implemented to control over 650 km of border

  • Dstl funds underwater defensive aids system research

    The UK Ministry of Defence's (MoD's) Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has contracted an industry team led by Atlas Elektronik UK (AEUK) to conduct a three-year programme of research into underwater defensive aids systems. Valued at GBP3.5 million (USD5.57 million), the project

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  • Estonian Air Force seeks enhanced C2, and to support allies

    The Estonian Air Force is to prioritise its efforts towards developing a more advanced command and control (C2) capability over the coming years, as well as ensuring that it is properly equipped and prepared to host NATO allies in the Baltic republic. Speaking to journalists at Amari Airbase near
  • UPDATE: Egypt reveals air defence upgrades

    Egypt has acquired new or upgraded versions of its Russian-made Buk medium-range and Tor short-range surface-to-air missiles systems, a video of a recent air defence exercise that the Ministry of Defence released on 2 November has revealed. The video shows what looks like a Buk-M2 transporter
  • Poland orders more Radmor F@stnet radios

    The Polish Armament Inspectorate has signed a contract for Radmor VHF PR4G family F@stnet tactical communication systems worth PLN66 million (USD20 million). In total, Poland has ordered 380 Radmor RRC 9211 tactical very high frequency (VHF) manportable radios and 41 Radmor RRC 9311 AP vehicle


  • AN/BQQ-10 (V5) ARCI

    Type ARCI (Acoustic Rapid COTS Insertion) sonar enhancement programme for US Navy attack submarines (SSNs) Development ARCI is a sonar system upgrade that has been developed to integrate and improve towed, hull, and spherical sonar arrays and other ship sensor processing capability on all US Navy

  • PFAS (TSM 2253)

    Type Submarine planar flank-array sonar Description In November 2014 IHS Jane's was advised that the Thales flank-array sonar, initially designated TSM 2253, had been renamed and was being marketed under the designation of Planar Flank-Array Sonar (PFAS). Although JC4IM references have been

  • Scorpion 2 (RECM)

    Type Surface ship noise and deception jammer Description The baseline Scorpion radar jammer (7.5 to 18 GHz) is designed to counter both long-range search target acquisition and missile-seeker radars (operating in search and lock-on modes) and is claimed to be capable of countering salvos of

  • AN/SAY-1 Thermal Imaging Sensor System (TISS)/TISS II

    Type Electro-optic/Infrared (EO/IR) surveillance system Development Following the 1988 mining of the frigate USS Samuel B Roberts in the Persian Gulf, a naval version of the US Army's Mast-Mounted Sight (MMS) (described in IHS Jane's C4ISR & Mission Systems: Land) system, developed by