• First NS100 radar completes factory acceptance

    Key Points The first Thales Nederland's NS100 E/F-band dual-axis multibeam surveillance radar for Singapore's LMV programme has completed FAT at the company's Hengelo facility The first NS100 will be installed on board LMV first-of-class RSS Independence The first NS100 E/F-band dual-axis

  • Spain boosts spending on coastal monitoring system

    The Spanish government says it has stepped up spending on its Sistema Integrado de Vigilancia Exterior (SIVE) coastal monitoring system in the southeast of the country where illegal immigration has resurged in recent months. In a written response to a member of the Spanish senate for Alicante, the

  • Russia prepares team to remove its C2 systems from Mistral warships

    Russia is preparing a specialist team to remove its command-and-control (C2) systems from the two Mistral-class helicopter assault ships ordered by Moscow, which remain undelivered in the port of Saint-Nazaire, Russian and French media reported on 25 July. It is understood that the systems will be

  • Danish MH-60Rs begin systems integration phase

    Key Points The first two MH-60R maritime helicopters for the Royal Danish Air Force have commenced mission systems integration First deliveries to Denmark start in 2016 The first two MH-60R maritime helicopters for Denmark have arrived at Lockheed Martin's Owego, New York, facility to begin

  • US Navy pursues 'distributed lethality' concept in earnest

    Key Points USN fleshing out details of its new 'distributed lethality' concept via studies, wargames, and a bespoke task force Implementing the concept will require improved weapons and sensors for a surface fleet that will be more dispersed in the future The US Navy (USN) is pursuing several


  • Stepping forward: Type 26 Demonstration Phase picks up pace

    The UK government last year elected to adopt a more incremental approach to the procurement of the Type 26 Global Combat Ship. Richard Scott examines what this has meant for the programme, and how momentum is being maintained in advance of a full manufacture contract
  • Packing a punch

    Despite its small size, the New Zealand Defence Force takes pride in its ability to deliver a credible contribution to multinational operations and continues to grow a full spectrum of capabilities able to meet the challenges of an increasingly uncertain strategic environment both at home and abroad. Kate Tringham reports
  • Picking up the pieces: Putting Project SEA 4000 back on course

    Australia's Air Warfare Destroyer programme has been blighted by schedule slippage, cost escalation, and dysfunctional management. Julian Kerr finds out how and why plans have gone awry, and looks at the efforts to put Project SEA 4000 back on an even keel
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  • UK orders more Saab Giraffe AMB radars

    The British Armed Forces have ordered additional Giraffe AMB (Agile Multi-Beam) 3-D air-defence radars from Saab, the company announced on 24 August. Worth SEK610 million (USD74.6 million) the contract also includes the upgrade of the United Kingdom's existing Giraffe radars to the latest


  • AN/APX-117(V); AN/APX-118(V); AN/APX-123(V)

    Type Identification friend-or-foe (IFF) transponders Description The AN/APX-117(V), AN-APX-118(V), and AN/APX-123(V) are common transponders in US Navy service in aircraft. However, they can be deployed in warships in vessels such as submarines, patrol boats, and auxiliaries that require only

  • AN/UPX-41(C)

    Type Shipborne digital identification friend-or-foe (IFF) interrogator Description The AN/UPX-41(C) is the US Navy's standard Mode 5 level 1 and 2 interrogator. Of an open-architecture VME design, it is an upgrade to the AN/UPX-37 that itself replaced the AN/UPX-27 in the US fleet. It is used for

  • AN/UPX-42(C)

    Type Shipborne digital identification friend-or-foe (IFF) interrogator Description AN/UPX-42(C) is an upgrade of the AN/UPX-41(C), which incorporates SIF/Mode 4 and Mode 5 with growth to Mode S. The system is of an open-architecture digital VME-based modular design. The interrogator includes

  • TSB 3521 BlueGate

    Type Shipborne encrypted identification friend-or-foe (IFF) system Description TSB 3521 is part of the BlueGate IFF system developed by Thales and provides warships with an effective Mode 5 and Mode S capability. The BlueGate IFF system was tested and validated during the 'Bold Quest' exercise in