• US DoD gaining ground on UAV sense and avoid systems

    Key Points Currently deployed ground-based sense and avoid systems are performing well The DoD is seeking scalable airborne sense and avoid capability for a range of UAVs Advances are being made in unmanned aerial system ground-based sense and avoid (SAA) capabilities and the US Army is expected

  • Kazakh firm looks to expand into AFV production

    Kazakh firm Semey Engineering is planning to expand into the armoured vehicle manufacturing market by 2021, it was revealed on 3 November. According to Nikolai Pospelov, the managing director of Semey Engineering's parent company Kazakhstan Engineering, the firm has created a design bureau to begin

  • USMC buys four LRIP AN/TPS-80 G/ATOR radars

    Northrop Grumman has been awarded a USD207.29 million contract from the US Marine Corps (USMC) for four low-rate initial production (LRIP) Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar (G/ATOR) systems. The company will deliver the systems in 2016-17, including operating spares, contractor engineering services

  • Saudi Arabia inaugurates northern border security project

    Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud inaugurated the first phase of a border security barrier along the kingdom's northern borders on 5 September. The Saudi Press Agency reported that the multi-layered barrier runs along 900 km of the northern border and consists of 78 monitoring

  • Omnisys to continue support of Brazilian radars

    The Brazilian subsidiary of France's Thales group, Omnisys Engenharia, was recently awarded an extension contract by the Rio de Janeiro Aeronautical Electronics Park (PAME-RJ) to provide training, maintenance, and logistic support services Brazilian ground-based surveillance radar systems. The

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  • Tanzania shown to be operating Seabird Seeker ISR aircraft

    The Tanzanian People's Defence Force Air Wing has received into service the Seabird SB7L-360 Seeker intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft, a music video posted on the internet has revealed. The video, which shows local musicians singing in front of items of Tanzanian


  • MLT210 commander's multiline telephone

    Type Telephone terminal Description The commander's multiline telephone is designed for applications in tactical area systems, air defence systems, C3I systems and command post systems. The MLT210 user can simultaneously monitor or access several radios and radio nets connected anywhere in the

  • GSR-110 S Short Range Ground Surveillance Radar

    Type Solid state short range man portable ground surveillance radar Description GSR-110 S is portable, solid state, and low power radar used for detection, recognition, and tracking of any moving target on the ground as pedestrian, vehicle or low flying helicopter during day and night. The system

  • PAR-X30 Precision Approach Radar

    Type X-band (9 GHz to 9.2 GHz) 3D air traffic control radar Description PAR-X30 is used in air traffic control (ATC) and precision guidance of aircraft by providing lateral and vertical guidance for an aircraft pilot during landing, until landing threshold is reached. The radar is a 3D high

  • SL-ASR-I Semi Long VHF Air Surveillance Radar

    Type VHF band (30 MHz to 300 MHz) solid state medium range air surveillance radar Description SL-ASR-I is a highly mobile, fully solid state, and medium altitude surveillance radar that can operate in a self-contained mode and as a component to the automated C3I systems as well. The SL-ASR-I is a