• Omnisys to continue support of Brazilian radars

    The Brazilian subsidiary of France's Thales group, Omnisys Engenharia, was recently awarded an extension contract by the Rio de Janeiro Aeronautical Electronics Park (PAME-RJ) to provide training, maintenance, and logistic support services Brazilian ground-based surveillance radar systems. The

  • South Africa's Badger to get BAE Land Systems sights

    The Dynamics division of BAE Land Systems South Africa has been awarded the contract to develop and manufacture the commander's and gunner's sights for the Badger infantry combat vehicle for the South African Army. The contract is for 171 commander's panoramic sights and 198 gunner's sights, which

  • Russian troops to receive second-gen combat gear this year

    Deliveries of an improved second-generation personal combat system to Russian troops will start in late 2014, according to Dmitry Semizorov, director general of the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TsNIITochMash), Russia's leading producer of personal combat equipment. The gear,

  • Selex launches new cyber security centre

    In a bid to keep pace with increasingly pervasive and structured cyber threats facing both the military and civilian sector, Selex ES has invested in a new dedicated centre that provides advanced capabilities for gathering critical intelligence from the 'dark web', parts of the internet outside the

  • Poland seeks 104 battle surveillance radars

    The Polish Armament Inspectorate has begun a technical dialogue for 104 man-portable ground surveillance radar systems for delivery between 2016 and 2023. The procurement is set to be worth around PLN190 million (USD62.4 million). The radars are intended to provide automatic surveillance and

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  • F-16V radar integration clears way for Taiwan upgrade

    Key Points Lockheed Martin has integrated an AESA radar onto an F-16V, its designation for its latest upgrade suite for legacy aircraft Taiwan can now begin receiving the upgrade to 144 of its Block 20 F-16A/Bs Lockheed Martin has completed the integration of an active electronically scanned


  • Coral (AN/PAS-22) family of thermal binoculars

    Type Thermal imaging binocular Development Launched in 2005, Coral was described as a hand-held MWIR thermal imaging camera with an integral compass and GPS receiver. It was developed to meet the needs of the Israeli Army and is used for long-range reconnaissance and observation. In addition it

  • LRS-180

    Type S-band medium range 3-D air surveillance mobile radar Description The LRS-180 is a 3-D medium range air surveillance radar with solid state active phased array antenna. The radar operates in the S-Band and is designed to provide enhanced transportability and flexible installation for its

  • LRS-450

    Type L-Band 3D Active Electronically Steered Array (AESA) air surveillance radar Description The LRS-450 radar operates in the L-band which is optimum for detecting low-observable (stealth) aerial targets at long range distance even under adverse weather conditions. The radar features AESA

  • MPS-1 Bi Ho Surveillance radar

    Description MPS-1 (Bi Ho) detection radar is a low-altitude moving-target radar with integrated Identification Friend-Foe (IFF) in the Bi Ho system, an anti-aircraft weapon that defends mechanized troops and other major facilities from low-altitude air threats infiltrating any medium-altitude air