• UK RAF deploys AWACS against Islamic State

    Coalition air operations against the Islamic State have been bolstered by the deployment of a UK Boeing E-3D Sentry AWACS aircraft to the Royal Air Force (RAF) base at Akrotiri on Cyprus. The deployment of the aircraft on 28 January from the 8 Squadron at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire was revealed

  • USN receives first deployable electronic avionics support system

    Key Points Lockheed Martin has delivered the first of a possible 341 electronic Consolidated Automated Support System (eCASS) units to the US Navy (USN), military and company officials told reporters on 21 January. The eCASS is used to diagnose and repair electronic components on naval aircraft

  • US Marine rapid reaction unit deployed in five Middle East countries

    Key Points The CENTCOM crisis response force is now deployed in five Middle Eastern countries Provided entirely by the US Marine Corps, the force has a broad spectrum of capabilities, including strike, transport, and electronic warfare aircraft US marines from a newly formed rapid reaction force

  • Radar data on Russian aircraft being shared to mitigate collision risks

    The militaries of at least two Baltic and Scandinavian countries have begun sharing primary radar information with civilian air traffic control (ATC) authorities over concerns of Russian aircraft operating in the region without transponders, IHS Jane's was told on 17 December. Speaking during a

  • Estonian Air Force seeks enhanced C2, and to support allies

    The Estonian Air Force is to prioritise its efforts towards developing a more advanced command and control (C2) capability over the coming years, as well as ensuring that it is properly equipped and prepared to host NATO allies in the Baltic republic. Speaking to journalists at Amari Airbase near

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  • UK MoD eyes BMC4I capability for the Falklands

    Key Points LEAPP-type solution is expected to be acquired to provide air defence for the Falklands by mid-2016 LMUK likely to position SAMS for Falklands and Australian requirements The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) is expected to imminently issue a Dynamic Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (DPQQ)


  • Cessna 550/560 Citation multi-sensor surveillance variants

    Type Multi-sensor surveillance aircraft Description Over time, IHS Jane's sources have identified two multi-sensor surveillance platforms based on the Cessna 550/560 Citation business jet, the known details of which are as follows: Cessna 550 Citation II US Customs and Border Protection Air and

  • Survivor Tracking And Recovery GPS guidance system

    Type SAR equipment Description This system consists of two main components: the Survivor Tracking And Recovery (STAR) guidance system, which is located inside rescue helicopters, and the compatible URX-3000 hand-held survival radio/transponder that is carried by the survivors. The CSAR package

  • ELT/160

    Type Family of E- to K-band (2 to circa 40 GHz) Radar Warning Receivers (RWR). Description Designed for self-protection applications aboard utility/combat helicopters (such as the A 129 Mangusta and the Tiger types) and fixed-wing combat aircraft, ELT/160 family RWRs can be mixed and matched to

  • ELT/741

    Type Airborne electronic support (ES) and radar warning receiver (RWR) system Description Elettronica characterises the ELT/741 ES/RWR system as being an innovative design that is able to handle 'increasingly sophisticated' emitters in 'very dense' electromagnetic (EM) environments. As such, the