• South African Air Force to get new image exploitation system

    The South African Air Force's Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre (JARIC) is to get Airbus Defence and Space's Actionable Intelligence (ACTINT) reconnaissance evaluation software as part of the Project 'Achilles' programme to modernise its systems. The contract was announced by Denel,

  • ILS Rocket explodes along with USD300 million Mexican satellite

    A Mexican International Launch Services (ILS) Proton-M Briz-M Phase III rocket transporting a Boeing Satellite Systems 702HP-GEM satellite exploded on 16 May, Communication and Transportation Secretary Gerardo Ruiz Esparza announced. The rocket exploded as it ignited into its third phase over

  • AUVSI 2015: MUM-T and interoperability key to US Army's tactical UAS plans

    The US Army is targeting improved interoperability, commonality between platforms, and a growth in manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) as it develops its tactical unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) capabilities. Speaking at AUVSI 2015 in Atlanta, Lieutenant Colonel Tory Burgess, the service's product

  • Bolivia seeks French radars, up to 20 aircraft for airspace control

    A top priority for Bolivia is establishing a national aerospace control programme and, therefore, President Evo Morales will travel to France in May 2015 to finalise a EUR202 million (USD226 million) contract for new radars while the Andean state seeks new light fighters. As part of his visit to

  • MIDCAS completes sense-and-avoid tests

    Partners in the European Mid-Air Collision Avoidance System (MIDCAS) programme have completed flight-tests and simulations of a sense-and-avoid capability for remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPASs). Flight-tests of a demonstrator detect-and-avoid system on a Sky-Y RPAS began in December 2014 at


  • Canadian defence procurement: constrained renewal

    While Canada faces no direct military threat, its armed forces are actively engaged on the international stage. Andrew MacDonald, Kate Tringham, and Matthew Smith report on the Canadian defence industry's efforts to renew their major platform inventories
  • Briefing: Turkish transformation

    The Turkish defence market and national military industries have been transformed over the past decade as a consequence of economic prosperity and shrewd, long-term strategic planning. Guy Anderson reports
  • Briefing: Lighter than air

    With the development of new technologies and materials aerostats are enjoying a resurgence, proving to be an inexpensive surveillance solution for military and homeland security applications. Martin Streetly reports
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  • Sagem enhances French Army FELIN kit

    Sagem, a division of French group Safran, announced on 3 April it had won a contract from the French Direction générale de l'armement (DGA) procurement organisation to add several improvements to the French Army's FELIN V1 (Fantassin à Équipements et Liaisons Intégrés)


  • Bombardier Global 5000 EL/I-3360 maritime patrol variant

    Type Maritime patrol aircraft Description Designed for a range of applications that include ISR; broad area persistent threat monitoring; communications, command and control (C3), anti-submarine/anti-surface warfare; search and rescue (SAR); law enforcement; homeland security and disaster

  • Panchromatic camera for Cartosat 2A/B satellites

    Type Space-based sensor Development The Panchromatic Imaging Camera (known as the PAN Camera) developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is the primary sensor aboard the ISRO's Cartosat-1 and Cartosat-2 civilian satellites, and Cartosat-2A and -2B military satellites, of which the

  • Tactical reconnaissance pod

    Type Reconnaissance pod Development In 1994, what was the Military Aircraft Division of Daimler-Benz Aerospace (DASA) started development of a new-generation Tactical reconnaissance (Tac recce) pod for the German Air Force. In 1997, an additional reconnaissance pod solution was contracted by the

  • YY-series EO turrets

    Type Sensor turrets Development The first in the YY-series of EO observation and tracking turrets from China's Luoyang Optoelectro Technology Development Center (LOEC) - the YY-1 system - was first noted by IHS Jane's in February 2006, where it was being promoted at the Asian Aerospace exhibition