• US approves Saudi AWACS mods deal

    Key Points The US State Department has approved a USD2 billion Foreign Military Sales (FMS) deal with Saudi Arabia to modernise its five-aircraft AWACS fleet The upgrades include Block 40/45 mission computing kits and AN/UPX-40 friend or foe identification platforms Saudi Arabia plans to

  • Bolivia selects French air surveillance systems for airspace control

    Bolivian President Evo Morales announced selection of France to provide an air surveillance and air traffic control system, according to a 1 August Bolivian government statement. Under the terms of the agreement, which IHS Jane's understands from Bolivian sources is not yet final, Thales will

  • US Army successfully tests electronic jamming capability for Gray Eagle UAS

    The US Army conducted flight testing of an unmanned airborne electronic attack capability known as Networked Electronic Warfare Remotely Operated (NERO) onboard the General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle. The tests, which took place from 2 to 19 June but were only recently announced, were conducted at

  • USAF: Manned airborne ISR still crucial

    Key Points The USAF says it needs both manned and unmanned aircraft to perform ISR over areas such as Iraq The USAF still wants to divest many of its legacy fleets for financial reasons, as well as the need to purchase more survivable aircraft The US is using both manned and unmanned aircraft to

  • Paraguay seeking radars and light fighters

    The Paraguayan Air Force (FAP) requires four new radars and a fleet of 12 combat aircraft, FAP Commander General Luis Noceda Riveros said during a 21 July radio interview. Gen Noceda explained that the FAP currently operates two radars, which combined provide a 100 km coverage, but a further four

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  • Saudi Arabia inaugurates northern border security project

    Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud inaugurated the first phase of a border security barrier along the kingdom's northern borders on 5 September. The Saudi Press Agency reported that the multi-layered barrier runs along 900 km of the northern border and consists of 78 monitoring
  • Patrol vessel receives RNLN's final I-Mast 400 fit

    The Royal Netherlands Navy's (RNLN's) last Holland-class ocean-going patrol ship HNLMS Friesland (P 842) is being fitted with its Thales Nederland I-Mast 400 integrated mast system. Friesland , commissioned in January 2013, is the last RNLN ship to receive the I-Mast 400 fit. Four masts were


  • AN/APQ-164 multimode radar

    Type I-band (8 to 10 GHz) multimode terrain-following, navigation and weapon delivery radar Development The EAR program was the development test bed for the AN/APQ-164 B-1B radar system. The system was the first ever, passive element phased array with a beam steering controller and a real time

  • AN/APQ-181 multi-mode radar

    Type Multi-mode radar for the B-2 strategic bomber Description AN/APQ-181 is a multi-mode radar that has been designed specifically for use aboard the B-2 Spirit low-observability ('stealth') bomber that in baseline form (see following) operated in the Ku-band (12.5 to 18 GHz) and was designed

  • AN/APS-133(V)

    Type Weather avoidance, beacon-homing, air-to-air tracking and terrain-mapping radar Description Derived from the Honeywell Bendix/King civilian airliner RDR-1F equipment, Jane's sources report the existence of three variants of the AN/APS-133(V) radar, the known details of which are as follows:

  • AN/APS-134(V) maritime surveillance radar

    Type I-band (8 to 10 GHz) maritime surveillance radar Description The AN/APS-134(V) anti-submarine warfare and maritime surveillance radar is the successor to the AN/APS-116 system used in the US Navy (USN) for airborne surveillance. It is designed specifically to detect periscopes under high sea