• Paraguay seeking radars and light fighters

    The Paraguayan Air Force (FAP) requires four new radars and a fleet of 12 combat aircraft, FAP Commander General Luis Noceda Riveros said during a 21 July radio interview. Gen Noceda explained that the FAP currently operates two radars, which combined provide a 100 km coverage, but a further four

  • USAF to place two situational awareness satellites into orbit

    Key Points The Pentagon plans to place two GSSAP satellites into GEO on 23 July A top official said the satellites, which are to provide detailed imagery of other space vehicles, were developed in response to "myriad" new counter-space threats The United States is poised to launch two

  • Farnborough 2014: BAE Systems to chase upgrade opportunities across fighter fleets

    The arrival of the first two KF-16s at BAE Systems' Fort Worth plant in late June to begin the South Korean fleet's upgrade programme is only the start of the company's ambitions in the global fighter market, according to officials at the Farnborough Airshow. TO Hanford, business development

  • Farnborough 2014: Boeing showcases RAMIS multi-INT solution

    Boeing showcased its Beechcraft King Air 350ER-based Reconfigurable Airborne Multi-Intelligence System (RAMIS) testbed for the first time to reporters at its St Louis facility in Missouri in late June, ahead of the Farnborough International Airshow. Developed by Boeing's Electronic and Sensor

  • Farnborough 2014: IAI showcases new vision enhancement system for helicopters

    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has revealed a new radar-based solution for helicopters operating in degraded visual environments (DVE). Speaking to IHS Jane's at the Farnborough Airshow on 14 July, Yosef Melamed, general manager of IAI's LAHAV Division, spelled out some of the system's key

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  • Australia's JORN network completes upgrade

    The latest upgrade to Australia's Jindalee Over The Horizon Radar network (JORN) has achieved final operational capability (FOC), Defence Minister David Johnston announced on 28 May. Although the official range of the three-radar JORN system is 3,000 km, it is understood to be significantly greater


  • Sentinel R1 Airborne Stand Off Radar

    Development The Airborne Stand Off Radar (ASTOR) is a ground surveillance system designed to provide information regarding the deployment and movement of enemy forces. It uses Moving Target Indicator (MTI) and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology to obtain high-resolution imagery of static

  • Strategic/Tactical Airborne Recorder (S/TAR™) File Server System

    Type Airborne server suite Development In May 2006, the contractor announced that it had won a USD8.6 million order from the Boeing company to supply equipment for the B-52H COmbat NEtwork Communications Technology (CONECT) File Server System (FSS) Program. Included in that deal were airborne and

  • Eventide airborne multipurpose electronic display

    Type Cockpit display Description The Eventide airborne multipurpose electronic display (EAMED) is a compact digital avionics development platform. It is a self-contained 16-bit avionics computer with high memory capacity which includes a CPU board, power supply, video board and monochrome CRT and

  • HeliHawk™ Head-Up display

    Type Head-up display (HUD) Description Derived from the Sparrow Hawk™, the CMC Electronics' HeliHawk™ is a compact, lightweight, single-combiner, raster-capable HUD designed for helicopter applications. HeliHawk™ provides a stoke or stroke-on-raster display with an electronic