• South Korean developer unveils Asia's first 0.5 m resolution satellite

    South Korean satellite developer Satrec Initiative (SI) unveiled the SpaceEye-X, Asia's first electro-optical (EO) small satellite with a resolution of less than 1 m, at the 65th International Astronautical Congress in Toronto. SI officials told IHS Jane's that development started in March 2014 and

  • US Army chooses teams for DVE mitigation ground testing

    Key Points The army has selected nine participants for ground testing of DVE mitigation sensors DVEs are a leading contributor to rotorcraft accidents and reduced operational effectiveness The US Army has selected nine participants for early 2015 ground testing of sensors designed to help

  • USN remains committed to plans for 68 Triton UAVs

    Key Points The USN plans to purchase 68 Triton unmanned maritime surveillance aircraft, but high system reliability could alter that plan The programme of record has not changed, but the navy's manager for the effort cited five orbits of four aircraft each as the service's operational need The US

  • US approves Saudi AWACS mods deal

    Key Points The US State Department has approved a USD2 billion Foreign Military Sales (FMS) deal with Saudi Arabia to modernise its five-aircraft AWACS fleet The upgrades include Block 40/45 mission computing kits and AN/UPX-40 friend or foe identification platforms Saudi Arabia plans to

  • Bolivia selects French air surveillance systems for airspace control

    Bolivian President Evo Morales announced selection of France to provide an air surveillance and air traffic control system, according to a 1 August Bolivian government statement. Under the terms of the agreement, which IHS Jane's understands from Bolivian sources is not yet final, Thales will

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  • Oman to get Lanza surveillance radar system

    Oman has ordered a new air defence surveillance system for its air force based on the Lanza 3D radar. The Spanish company Indra announced on 30 September that it will "integrate its most advanced air surveillance solutions" in Oman. The company did not identify the system, but said the
  • Patrol vessel receives RNLN's final I-Mast 400 fit

    The Royal Netherlands Navy's (RNLN's) last Holland-class ocean-going patrol ship HNLMS Friesland (P 842) is being fitted with its Thales Nederland I-Mast 400 integrated mast system. Friesland , commissioned in January 2013, is the last RNLN ship to receive the I-Mast 400 fit. Four masts were
  • Poland orders more Radmor F@stnet radios

    The Polish Armament Inspectorate has signed a contract for Radmor VHF PR4G family F@stnet tactical communication systems worth PLN66 million (USD20 million). In total, Poland has ordered 380 Radmor RRC 9211 tactical very high frequency (VHF) manportable radios and 41 Radmor RRC 9311 AP vehicle


  • AN/APS-508 and AN/APS-143G multi-mission monopulse secondary radar

    Type Imaging Radar and identification friend-or-foe (IFF) interrogator System (IRIS) Development AN/APS-508 was originally developed for use aboard Canada's CP-140 Aurora maritime patrol aircraft and AN/APS-143G is a relabeling and repurposing of the AN/APS-508 Radar System for international

  • Head-Up display for the C-17

    Type Head-Up Display (HUD) Description The HUD for the C-17 is claimed to be the world's first HUD designed as a critical flight instrument. The unit has a single box, the electronics being built into the optical unit rather than being separate. It has a 30° azimuth by 24° elevation

  • TSC 2050 Identification Friend-or-Foe transponder

    Type D-band (1 to 2 GHz) airborne identification friend-or-foe (IFF) transponder Description The TSC 2050 bay-mounted diversity IFF transponder is fully compliant with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation's (ICAO) Annex 10 and Standard Nato Agreement (STANAG) 4193 and

  • AN/APQ-126(V) fire-control radar

    Type J-band (10 to 18/20 GHz) fire-control and navigation radar Description AN/APQ-126(V) is a forward-looking, variable configuration, airborne navigation and attack radar for A-7D/E series strike aircraft. Operating in the J-band, the radar's primary functions are ground mapping, air-to-ground