• China launches four more satellites

    Key Points China launched four satellites on 7 October, bringing the total number deployed over the past four weeks to 31 The scale of the launches shows Beijing's space ambitions and capabilities A Long March-2D rocket launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre on 7 October placed 4

  • Mexico's Morelos 3 communications satellite launched

    Mexico's Morelos 3 satellite has been placed in orbit by a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V 421 rocket, Lockheed Martin announced on 2 October. ULA is a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing, and the launch was conducted by Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services. The vessel is

  • China and the US hold first space collaboration talks

    China and the United States have held their first meeting to promote co-operation and transparency in relation to space. The "space dialogue", held in Beijing on 28 September, is notable in light of US sanctions imposed on China since 1989 that prohibit transfers of US military, space,

  • Novator debuts new airborne radar warning system

    Novator debuted its airborne SPS-2000 radar warning receiver (RWR) and collision avoidance system at the Kiev Arms and Security defence expo from 22-25 September. This system is a replacement for the Avtomatika SPO-150 that was the standard unit for most post-Soviet-era Russian military aircraft.

  • New South African EW pod takes first flight

    South Africa's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) completed the first flight of its electronic testing, evaluation, and training pod at Lanseria, South Africa on 10 September, the organisation announced a week later. The Inundu (Zulu for 'moth') pod was fitted on a Hawker Hunter,


  • Closing the gaps: Air force modernisation in China

    Supported by an ever more capable domestic aviation industry, Chinese air force modernisation is taking place at an unprecedented rate and broadening in scope. Craig Caffrey reports
  • Opportunity knocks: military rotorcraft developments

    Declining defence budgets leading to a lack of requirement and funding available to traditional Western helicopter manufacturers has handed an opportunity to existing and emerging non-Western helicopter OEMs outside the 'usual suspects' to develop indigenous rotorcraft. Andrew Drwiega reports
  • Packing a punch

    Despite its small size, the New Zealand Defence Force takes pride in its ability to deliver a credible contribution to multinational operations and continues to grow a full spectrum of capabilities able to meet the challenges of an increasingly uncertain strategic environment both at home and abroad. Kate Tringham reports
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  • Brazil set to conclude first stage of COBRA soldier project

    The Brazilian Army by late 2015 is to conclude the initial step of its Combatente Brasileiro (COBRA) soldier modernisation project, aimed to equip troops with the latest soldier-borne technologies. Around 100,000 troops are to be equipped with advanced gear through 2021, the army told IHS Jane's on
  • DSEI 2015: Terma launches new small ship mission system

    Danish systems and sensors house Terma unveiled a new compact tactical mission system for small ships at DSEI 2015 in London. Based on the company's full-sized C-Flex combat management system, C-Flex Compact is a scaled-down version designed to meet the requirements of maritime patrol vessels


  • Bombardier Global 5000 EL/I-3360 maritime patrol variant

    Type Maritime patrol aircraft Description Designed for a range of applications that include ISR; broad area persistent threat monitoring; communications, command and control (C3), anti-submarine/anti-surface warfare; search and rescue (SAR); law enforcement; homeland security and disaster

  • Panchromatic camera for Cartosat 2A/B satellites

    Type Space-based sensor Development The Panchromatic Imaging Camera (known as the PAN Camera) developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is the primary sensor aboard the ISRO's Cartosat-1 and Cartosat-2 civilian satellites, and Cartosat-2A and -2B military satellites, of which the

  • Tactical reconnaissance pod

    Type Reconnaissance pod Development In 1994, what was the Military Aircraft Division of Daimler-Benz Aerospace (DASA) started development of a new-generation Tactical reconnaissance (Tac recce) pod for the German Air Force. In 1997, an additional reconnaissance pod solution was contracted by the

  • YY-series EO turrets

    Type Sensor turrets Development The first in the YY-series of EO observation and tracking turrets from China's Luoyang Optoelectro Technology Development Center (LOEC) - the YY-1 system - was first noted by IHS Jane's in February 2006, where it was being promoted at the Asian Aerospace exhibition