• DSA 2014: MH370 may show region's need for enhanced monitoring, surveillance

    The search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 may highlight a requirement in the southern hemisphere for enhanced monitoring and surveillance capabilities, according to Philip Dunne, UK Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology. Speaking to journalists at the Defence Services

  • JASDF forms new AEW squadron in Okinawa

    The Japanese Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced it will establish a new Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) squadron at Naha Air Base on Okinawa on 20 April. The move is designed to bolster the nation's defensive posture in the southwest, in

  • Navy League 2014: USN rethinking Triton sense-and-avoid approach

    Key Points Miniaturising a sense-and-avoid radar has been more challenging than expected There is some urgency to the development effort as the USN is planning to begin MQ-4 production in 2016 The US Navy (USN) is taking what officials call a 'layered approach' to developing a sense-and-avoid

  • Philippines to procure CAS aircraft, FA-50 radars

    The Philippine Air Force (PAF) has outlined an intention to further strengthen its capabilities through a procurement of close air support (CAS) aircraft. PAF spokesman Col Miguel Okol told IHS Jane's on 1 April that the PAF has received from the Philippines Department of National Defense (DND) a

  • Franco-Italian military comms satellite declared operational

    The French defence procurement agency (DGA) has declared the commissioning into service of the French-Italian military telecommunication satellite Athena-Fidus (Access on theatres for European allied forces nations - French Italian dual use satellite), it was announced on 20 March. The Thales

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  • Indonesia equips frigates, corvette with stealth radars

    The Indonesian Navy (Tentera Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Laut: TNI-AL) will equip a total of four Ahmad Yani (Van Speijk)-class guided missile frigates and one Kapitan Pattimura (Parchim I)-class corvette with low-probability-of-intercept (LPI) naval radars. The radars will be built by Indonesian


  • PS-05/A

    Type X-band (8 to 12.5 GHz) multi-mode search and fire-control radar. Description PS-05/A is the multi-mode search and fire-control radar that is installed in the JAS-39 Gripen multi-role/swing-role combat aircraft, and in its baseline form comprises a 27 kg antenna/platform assembly, a 75 kg

  • Cockpit Displays for the A400M Military Transport

    Type Avionic display system. Development The Airbus Military Company was formed in January 1999 to manage the A400M military transport aircraft project, formerly known as the FLA (Future Large Aircraft). Reformed in April 2003 as Airbus Military SL, the industrial partners involved in the

  • Skyward-G

    Type Infrared search-and-track (IRST) system. Development Developed as a private venture by Selex ES (formerly Selex Galileo) Skyward is described by the company as "an InfraRed (IR) equipment for automatic search, detection, tracking and recognition", essentially an InfraRed

  • Targo helmet-mounted display

    Type Helmet-mounted display (aircrew) Development Elbit Systems' Targo helmet-mounted display (HMD) is part of the company's Helmet-Mounted Avionics (HMA) technology programme, being launched onto the market at the 2009 Paris Air Show, via it's Vision Systems International (VSI) joint venture