• Dutch to purchase new BMD-capable radars

    The Netherland's Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 30 October its intention to replace its two Medium Power Radars (MPRs) with a ground-based version of the Thales Netherlands Smart-L Early Warning Capability (EWC) radars with a missile defence capability. Currently one ageing Thomson-CSF ARES

  • Exelis reports third quarter earnings with revenue down

    US contractor Exelis reported its third quarter results on 31 October, with its revenue from products flat but service revenue down bringing overall revenue to a 6.4% decline at USD1.1 billion. Thus far in the company's fiscal 2014 revenue, it is off nearly 10%. Although Exelis was able to cut its

  • Pentagon wants allies' commitment to F-35 block buys

    Key Points The Pentagon's F-35 programme manager wants multi-year purchase commitments from allies US law forbids the Pentagon from entering multi-year contracts for weapons before a programme enters full production, so it is pressing allies to step forward in the production queue The United

  • W88 warhead hardware flown and test-dropped

    A Critical Radar Arming and Fuzing Test (CRAFT) conducted in June successfully test-flew a prototype radar sensor for the W88 Alt 370 (alteration) upgraded version of the US W88 nuclear warhead used in the Lockheed Martin UGM-133 Trident II submarine-launched ballistic missile, according to a 28

  • Euronaval 2014: Gabon contracts with Piriou for patrol vessels

    Key Points Gabon order marks a breakthrough for Piriou in the naval exports The package includes training provided by DCI/NAVFCO Gabon is to take delivery of two patrol vessels - one second-hand, one newbuild - from French shipbuilding and repair group Piriou under a contract signed at Euronaval

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  • US Army chooses teams for DVE mitigation ground testing

    Key Points The army has selected nine participants for ground testing of DVE mitigation sensors DVEs are a leading contributor to rotorcraft accidents and reduced operational effectiveness The US Army has selected nine participants for early 2015 ground testing of sensors designed to help
  • Patrol vessel receives RNLN's final I-Mast 400 fit

    The Royal Netherlands Navy's (RNLN's) last Holland-class ocean-going patrol ship HNLMS Friesland (P 842) is being fitted with its Thales Nederland I-Mast 400 integrated mast system. Friesland , commissioned in January 2013, is the last RNLN ship to receive the I-Mast 400 fit. Four masts were
  • Poland orders more Radmor F@stnet radios

    The Polish Armament Inspectorate has signed a contract for Radmor VHF PR4G family F@stnet tactical communication systems worth PLN66 million (USD20 million). In total, Poland has ordered 380 Radmor RRC 9211 tactical very high frequency (VHF) manportable radios and 41 Radmor RRC 9311 AP vehicle


  • OTS-90

    Type Helicopter long-range dipping sonar and sonics system Development Selex Galileo (formerly Galileo Aeronautica SpA, a Finmeccanica company) has the design authority and is the prime contractor of the OTS-90: an advanced integrated anti-submarine warfare (ASW) system for helicopters. The

  • UMS 4110CL

    Type Surface ship hull-mounted, medium-frequency (MF) active search and attack sonar Development The UMS 4110CL is the successor to the DUBV 23D, which was fitted to the Duquesne and Georges Leygues classes of destroyers of the French Navy, both of which have been upgraded. The Duquesne class

  • NAVFIX Naval Military GPS

    Type GPS and precise timing equipment Development The NAVFIX contract was awarded in April 2012 by the Communications and Situational Awareness project team in the Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) organisation. The aim was to provide a direct replacement for the legacy Outfit QYF Receiver

  • BCH300 bone conduction headset

    Type Headset, bone conduction Development The BCH300 headset was developed using bone conduction technology for both earphone and microphone. Description Instead of the conventional arrangement of a headset that covers the user's ears and a microphone that covers the user's mouth, the BCH300