• Analysis: Netanyahu shifts war aims

    At the outset of Operation 'Protective Edge', the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) focused on suppressing Palestinian rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. By the 24th day of the operation, the destruction of the tunnels that militants have dug into Israel had become the IDF's primary objective. "We

  • Saab positions to meet Philippines combat aircraft requirement

    Saab is positioning itself as an early contender to meet the Philippine Air Force's (PAF's) anticipated requirement to procure a multirole combat aircraft (MRCA) platform. The Swedish group displayed its JAS 39 Gripen fighter aircraft at the inaugural Asian Defence, Security & Crisis Management

  • UK casts doubt on Harpoon future beyond 2018

    The UK could remove the GWS60/Harpoon Block 1C anti-ship missile from Royal Navy (RN) service as early as 2018, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has disclosed. Withdrawal of Harpoon would leave RN warships without a heavyweight surface-to-surface guided weapon (SSGW), opening up a gap in long-range

  • UK Royal Navy chief: Type 45 destroyers provide option for potential future BMD missions

    Pushing back against a former US defence secretary's observation in early 2014 that the UK's military is in a state of decline due to defence spending reductions, the head of the UK Royal Navy (RN) on 30 July said that, on the contrary, the force is experiencing a maritime renaissance that will

  • Uruguay procures two C212s from Portugal

    The Uruguayan Air Force (FAU) has procured two former Portuguese Air Force (FAP) Airbus Military C212-300 Aviocar transport aircraft, according to a 30 July FAU communiqué. The FAU Logistics Commander, General Alberto Zanelli, signed a letter of intention with the Portuguese Ministry of

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  • Russia lays keels for three nuclear subs

    Russia laid the keels of three new nuclear submarines to celebrate Russian Navy Day on 27 July. The boats laid down were the fifth Dolgoruky (Borey)-class (Project 955A) nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) Knyaz Oleg and the fourth and fifth Severodvinsk (Yasen)-class nuclear-powered
  • RAN MH-60R fires first Hellfire

    The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has completed its first test firings of the AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface missile from an MH-60R Seahawk maritime helicopter, the Department of Defence said on 30 July. The test firings - of two ATM-114Q-1 training missiles - were conducted at the US Navy's (USN's)
  • Swiss IMESS soldier system ready for serial production

    Airbus Defence and Space has completed the development of the Swiss Army's planned new future soldier system and is now ready to enter serial production, the company announced on 30 July. Known as the Integrated Modular Engagement System for the Swiss Soldier (IMESS), it builds on the company's
  • Analysis: The strange case of Iraq's missing uranium

    The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militant group made world headlines on 10 June when it rolled into Mosul, routing the security forces that were supposed to defend the city and robbed the bank of some USD400 million in gold. Now there is news that they also took other things:


  • GMK-C

    Type Reconnaissance/survey purpose autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). Description GMK-C is a compact autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) specifically designed for survey role and intended for reconnaissance and mine detection, but not the mine neutralisation. The AUV is constructed from

  • National

    Type Mine warfare/survey autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). Description NATIONAL is a compact autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) specifically designed to perform mine counter-measure operation (MCM), submarine rescue missions, hydrographic, and oceanographic surveys up to 1,000 m depth. The

  • Armadillo Vest

    Description The Armadillo Vest was designed by ROFI of Norway in conjunction with Scandinavian NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) in order to meet the requirements of deminers in changing climates. The Armadillo Vest is suitable for use in hot climates. The vest has been tested in accordance

  • ATMID™ - All-Terrain Mine Detector

    Development The Schiebel All-Terrain Mine Detector (ATMID™) has been designed to meet the needs of mine clearance professionals on the battlefield and in post-conflict humanitarian demining. Description The ATMID™ has been engineered to detect low metal content mines in all types of