• Analysis: Afghanistan, HUMINT, and the ISR scapegoat

    Blaming a decrease in technological ISR capabilities and the resulting intelligence gap for the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan fails to take into account more traditional means of intelligence gathering, where Afghan forces have significant advantages. Franz J Marty reports An

  • Brazilian Army looks to purchase tracked recovery vehicles

    The Brazilian Army is considering procuring a tracked armoured recovery vehicle (ARV), the service's Projects Management Office (EPEx) told IHS Jane's . The army's current studies point to a new built existing design. A process for researching current market solutions has yet begun, EPEx said, and

  • Brazilian Gripen deal pushes Saab sales to new high

    Swedish defence group Saab AB released results of its 2015 financial year on 10 February, showing a strong performance, especially in its fourth quarter. Annual sales grew 16% to SEK27,186 million (USD3,221 million) while net income rose by 20% year on year to SEK1,402 million. Saab's Security and

  • India and Russia revive FGFA talks

    The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has revived negotiations with Russia to resolve the long-stalled developmental cost issues with the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA), jointly approved as an equally shared programme under an inter-governmental agreement in 2007. A cost negotiation

  • Indian carrier Viraat 'de-operationalised'

    The Indian Navy (IN) has 'de-operationalised' INS Viraat (ex-HMS Hermes ), its 57-year-old 23,900-tonne Centaur-class aircraft carrier, ahead of decommissioning it "soon". IN spokesman Captain D K Sharma said Viraat is currently at the Naval Dockyard in Mumbai awaiting

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  • Turkey's Anka UAV makes operational debut

    The Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) Anka unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) made its operational debut in early February, the Foundation to Strengthen the Turkish Armed Forces (TSKGV) announced. The mission, which took place on 5 February, saw a modified version of the Anka A medium-altitude
  • USAF reveals 2014 nuclear 'mishap' that damaged ICBM

    The US Air Force (USAF) stripped personnel of their nuclear certification following a mishap in which a Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) was damaged, it was revealed on 23 January. The incident, which occurred in 2014 but is only now being publically acknowledged by the USAF,


  • Agusta-Bell 212.

    Operational speed: 120 kt (222 km/h). Service ceiling: 15,000 ft (4,373 m). Range: 270 n miles (500 km). Role/Weapon systems: Assault (seven aircraft) and ASW/ASUW (11 aircraft); mainly deployed to escorts, but also shore-based. Sensors (ASW/ASUW): APS-705 radar; ASQ 13-B sonar; STAR SAFIRE II

  • Multipurpose Patrol Ships

    Fleetlist Programmes: The Pattugliatore Polivalente d'Altura (PPA) programme is for a class of six multipurpose offshore patrol vessels, with an option for a further four ships. Five are to be in a low-end configuration (patrol) and one in high-end configuration (combat). A modular design approach

  • AM-35 and AM-50 (humanitarian anti-mine boots)

    Development Zeman's mine resistant boots are designed to provide leg protection against Anti-Personnel (AP) mines containing up to 35 g (AM-35 type) and 50 g (AM-50 type) high explosives (TNT) and have been developed by Zeman in cooperation with Aall Jiri Chladek explosives consultants (see


    Type Penetration warhead. Development In 1994 Britain's Royal Ordnance (later BAE Systems Royal Ordnance Defence, BAE Systems Land and Armaments and now BAE Global Combat Systems Munitions) released details of a new penetrating tandem warhead concept suitable for both bombs and air-to-surface