• Italy deploys latest Mangusta attack helo variant to Afghanistan

    Italy has deployed the latest version of the AgustaWestland Mangusta attack helicopter, the AW129D, to Afghanistan. Task Force 'Fenice', the Italian Army Aviation component of Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC-W) in Afghanistan, started testing the new version of the helicopter in early

  • Ukraine outlines reasons for high aircraft loss rate

    A lack of experience and training, as well as poor tactics and intelligence not being acted on are the primary reasons for losses being incurred by the Ukrainian Air Force in the restive east of the country, a senior service official noted on 19 November. Speaking under the Chatham House Rule at

  • Venezuela signs up for VN1, hints at Chinese amphibious vehicles buy

    Images from the official Twitter account of the Venezuelan Navy indicate that the Bolivarian Naval Infantry could soon be equipped with three different Chinese amphibious fighting vehicles: a development that would make Venezuela's marines one of the most potent amphibious forces in Latin America.

  • Australia decommissions last Balikpapan-class LCHs

    The last three of the Royal Australian Navy's (RAN's) 45 m Balikpapan-class heavy landing craft (LCH) were decommissioned in Cairns on 20 November. The 364-tonne vessels - HMAS Brunei , HMAS Labuan , and HMAS Tarakan - were inducted into RAN service in 1973. Following decommissioning, Labuan was

  • Brazilian Army set to choose its 4x4 armoured vehicle

    Four industry teams have until mid-December to deliver offers to the Brazilian Army (Exército Brasileiro) for an initial tranche of 32 4x4 tactical armoured vehicles, following a request for proposals issued in October. Italy's Iveco Defence Vehicles together with its Brazilian operation Iveco

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  • UWSA fielding Chinese FN-6 MANPADS

    Myanmar's largest and best-armed insurgent force, the United Wa State Army (UWSA), has carried out a broad upgrade of its anti-aircraft defences with the induction of Chinese third-generation FN-6 manportable air defence systems (MANPADS). According to a reliable military source in northeastern


  • 1PN83 night sight

    Type Weapon sight - image-intensified Development The Kazan 1PN83 (1PН83) night sight differs from all other known Russian Federation night sights in that it incorporates a laser target marker for marking and/or designating targets in poor light conditions. The laser beam is an integral

  • 36D6-M1

    Type S-band (2 GHz to 4 GHz) air surveillance radar Description The 36D6-M1 air surveillance radar (NATO designation 'Tin Shield') is designed for use in 'modern automated' air defence system, surface-to-air missile system and civil/military Air Traffic Control (ATC) applications and can be

  • AGILE (Airborne Gyro-stabilised Infrared Light Equipment)

    Type Sensor turret Development The AGILE (Airborne Gyro-stabilised Infrared Light Equipment) lightweight sensor turret from Thales France, was launched in June 2003 and appeared at the EuroSatory exhibition in June 2004. It is intended for use by UAVs, helicopters, light aircraft and fast patrol

  • Airborne early warning and control suite

    Type Airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) mission suite Description Under development (August 2011) by a national/offshore contractor consortium (led by the Bangalore-based Centre for Airborne Systems (CABS) which, in turn, is a component of the Indian Defence Research and Development