• ANZAC frigate HMAS Ballarat completes anti-ship missile defence upgrades

    The Royal Australian Navy ANZAC-class frigate HMAS Ballarat has completed dock work related to the Project SEA 1448 Phase 2 Anti-Ship Missile Defence (ASMD) upgrade and will be commencing sea trials with its newly installed equipments, BAE Systems Australia announced on 2 September. The upgrades

  • China launches latest Yaogan-series satellite

    China placed its latest satellite in orbit on 27 August, carried by a Long March 4C rocket launched from the Taiyuan satellite launch centre in northern China. Yaogan-27 was described by Chinese media as a remote sensing satellite to be used for land surveys, crop yield forecasts, and disaster

  • Fourth MUOS launch completes communications satellite constellation

    Key Points Operational test and evaluation for WCDMA is to begin in October A fifth MUOS satellite, an on-orbit spare, is scheduled to launch in early 2016 The US Navy launched the fourth Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) communications satellite on 2 September from Cape Canaveral, Florida,

  • Indian MoD clears Mi-17, Akash, Chetak purchases

    India's Ministry of Defence (MoD) approved programmes worth nearly INR140 billion (USD 2.2 billion) for all three services on 1 September. The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) cleared the Indian Air Force (IAF) to buy 48 more Mil Mi-17V5 'Hip' medium-lift helicopters for INR69.92 billion and seven

  • MAKS 2015: KTRV showcases Kh-59MK2 aircraft guided missile upgrades

    Among the most significant weapons to be exhibited at MAKS 2015 was an updated version of the Kh-59 stand-off land attack missile, called the Kh-59MK2. Developed by the Raduga Design Bureau, part of Russia's Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV), the new variant - about to enter flight testing - has

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  • IMI looking for foreign buyers for MPR-500 bomb

    Israel Military Industries (IMI) has announced that it is now marketing its MPR-500 bomb internationally. The weapon is already in service with the Israeli Air Force, which used it during Operation 'Protective Edge' against militants in the Gaza Strip in 2014. The MPR-500 has the same form as a
  • CBO releases new triad upgrade estimate

    The United States will have to spend USD348 billion on nuclear weapons modernisation over the next 10 years if it wants to maintain a triad of nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarines, and bomber aircraft, according to a 22 January report from the Congressional Budget


  • Agusta-Bell 212.

    Operational speed: 120 kt (222 km/h). Service ceiling: 15,000 ft (4,373 m). Range: 270 n miles (500 km). Role/Weapon systems: Assault (seven aircraft) and ASW/ASUW (11 aircraft); mainly deployed to escorts, but also shore-based. Sensors (ASW/ASUW): APS-705 radar; ASQ 13-B sonar; STAR SAFIRE II

  • Multipurpose Patrol Ships

    Fleetlist Programmes: The Pattugliatore Polivalente d'Altura (PPA) programme is for a class of six multipurpose offshore patrol vessels, with an option for a further four ships. Five are to be in a low-end configuration (patrol) and one in high-end configuration (combat). A modular design approach

  • AM-35 and AM-50 (humanitarian anti-mine boots)

    Development Zeman's mine resistant boots are designed to provide leg protection against Anti-Personnel (AP) mines containing up to 35 g (AM-35 type) and 50 g (AM-50 type) high explosives (TNT) and have been developed by Zeman in cooperation with Aall Jiri Chladek explosives consultants (see


    Type Penetration warhead. Development In 1994 Britain's Royal Ordnance (later BAE Systems Royal Ordnance Defence, BAE Systems Land and Armaments and now BAE Global Combat Systems Munitions) released details of a new penetrating tandem warhead concept suitable for both bombs and air-to-surface