• Alcoa acquires TITAL

    US metals manufacturer Alcoa announced on 15 December that it had acquired German metal fabrication and manufacturing company TITAL. Financial details of the acquisition were not released. TITAL manufactures a range of components for the space, aerospace, and defence industries, with clients

  • Analysis: Hamas displays long-range rockets

    The Palestinian militant group Hamas provided an insight into its rocket manufacturing programme on 14 December when it paraded its longer-range models for the first time through Gaza city. The rockets on display included the self-produced J-90 and R-160, as well as a quad launcher for the M-75 and

  • Brazil plans to expand submarine fleet

    Key Points The Brazilian Navy confirmed long-term plans to build 15 diesel-electric propulsion and six nuclear-powered boats The navy has completed construction of the main facility for the submarine development programme, the facility at which an initial batch of conventional and nuclear boats

  • DAPA proposes Lockheed Martin to upgrade F-16 fleet

    South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has proposed changing from BAE Systems to Lockheed Martin in order to upgrade the Republic of Korea Air Force (RoKAF) F-16 fighter aircraft. A statement by the military procurement agency on 17 December announced that a plan to

  • Estonia to replace Soviet-era An-2 aircraft with US-supplied Sherpas

    The Estonian Air Force is to replace the two Antonov An-2 'Colt' transport aircraft it operates in favour of a pair of Shorts C-23 Sherpas, a service official disclosed on 17 December. Speaking during a media tour of Amari Airbase, 2nd Lieutenant Pille Joala said that the An-2s, which have been in


  • Annual Defence Report 2014: Europe

    War. Crisis. Invasion. Insurrection. Annexation. Return of the Cold War. Not words many on New Year's Eve 2013 would have predicted being used to describe the year ahead for Europe, but the reality it was dealt nonetheless.
  • Annual Defence Report 2014: Middle East/Africa

    The emergence of the so-called Islamic State as an entity that controls a vast swathe of Syria and Iraq dominated 2014 and resulted in a new US-led effort to defeat the group, setting the scene for a drawn-out struggle that will be complicated by Iran's continued support to allied militias.
  • Changing the game: US Navy applies new approaches to submarine threats

    As the US Navy rebalances to the Asia-Pacific region, the fleet is modernising its anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capability. Geoff Fein and Grace Jean explore how the service's airborne ASW assets are keeping pace with evolving submarine threats
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  • Mexico to get five more UH-60M Black Hawk helos

    Key Points The Mexican Navy is to receive five more UH-60Ms Mexico's navy, air force and federal police all operate the UH-60M Sikorsky Aircraft has been awarded a USD56.4 million contract modification for five more uniquely configured UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters for the Mexican Navy (Armada de
  • Arrow 3 test stopped before interceptor launched

    A test of Israel's Arrow 3 exoatmospheric ballistic missile interception system apparently ended in failure for unspecified reasons on 16 December. During the trial a target was launched from over the Mediterranean Sea to represent an incoming ballistic missile. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) did
  • Indonesia lays keel for second PKR frigate

    Key Points Indonesia holds keel-laying ceremony for second PKR frigate Defence minister sees the keel-laying as a vote of confidence in Indonesia's indigenous shipbuilding capability State-owned shipbuilder PT PAL has held a keel-laying ceremony for the Indonesian Navy's (Tentera Nasional


  • Junior ROV

    Type Inspection-class remotely operated vehicle Description Junior is a compact, long-distance remotely operated underwater vehicle designed and developed by Institute of Marine Technology Problems in co-operation with Far Eastern University (MPPI FEB RAS). The Junior remotely operated vehicle

  • LAUV

    Type Lightweight autonomous underwater vehicle Description The Light Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (LAUV) is a man-portable, lightweight autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that can operate in stand-alone or networked operations to a depth of 100 m. It has three sections: the nose (wet) section

  • 1A43U 'Ros' tank sighting system

    Type AFV gunner's sight Development The 1A43U 'Ros' tank sighting system from the Ukraine's Photopribor Research and Production Complex is an improved model of the Soviet-era 1A43, which evolved from the 1A42 sight installed on the T-80A. The 1A43U system has been known to IHS Jane's since 2003

  • 1K13 sighting device

    Type AFV gunner's sight Development The 1K13 gunner's sight from the Ukraine's Photopribor Research and Production Complex is an improved model of the original Soviet-era 1K13, which was factory-fitted on the T-55M, MV, AM, AMV, AD, T-62M, MV, T-72B, B1, BK, B(M), S and BMP-3. Known to IHS