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Practika, TechImpex detail latest vehicle upgrade efforts

15 October 2017

Ukraine’s Practika displayed a newly configured version of its Otaman 8x8 armoured vehicle at the Arms and Security Exhibition 2017 in Kiev.Practika's BMP-1M features a remodeled top portion of the hull. (IHS Markit/Sam Cranny-Evans ) Practika's BMP-1M features a remodeled top portion of the hull. (IHS Markit/Sam Cranny-Evans )

Otaman is based on the chassis and suspension of either a BTR-60 or BTR-70 and introduces a range of enhancements.

The first prototype Otoman was unveiled in 2016 and acted as concept demonstrator, featuring a new hull with flat surfaces and a new engine. The latest configuration, however, introduces a Deutz powerpack, an Allison transmission, sloping armour, and Kiev Tractor Plant’s Sturm remote weapon station equipped with a 30 mm cannon.

The vehicle’s protection level is limited due to the capacity of its suspension – it can only accommodate 11 tonnes – and currently stands at the equivalent of STANAG 4569 level 2, leaving the platform vulnerable to modern natures of armour-piercing small-arms ammunition and hand-held anti-tank weapons. Practika does, however, have plans to integrate AxleTech axles on the Otaman; this will support a significant increase in the vehicle’s maximum weight to 28 tonnes and enable the equivalent of STANAG 4569 level 5 protection to be introduced.

Practika is also working on a BMP-1 modernisation (BMP-1M), the concept of which is much the same as the Otoman, however only the top portion of the hull is remodelled, with the majority of the platform remaining standard. The hull is rebuilt using new armour that retains the same weight of the vehicle, and a new climate control system is added, along with cameras for improved situational awareness. The new armour is rated near to STANAG 4569 level 2. If successful, the upgrade will be offered to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence (MoD) as well as potential customers in Africa.

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