Country Risk

ANO-led Czech government likely to pursue investment-friendly, fiscally conservative but Eurosceptic policies

28 September 2017

Key Points

  • Action of Dissatisfied Citizens (Akce Nespokojených Občanů: ANO) looks near-certain to win the Czech parliamentary election, but scandals related to its billionaire leader will hamper its government formation efforts.
  • ANO is likely to pursue Eurosceptic yet investment-friendly policies and maintain a conservative fiscal stance.
  • There is a moderate threat to democratic checks and balances under ANO, but not to the degree seen in Hungary and Poland.


The centrist "anti-establishment" Action of Dissatisfied Citizens (Akce Nespokojených Občanů: ANO) party is likely to win the largest share of the vote at the Czech parliamentary elections on 20–21 October 2017.

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