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DSEI 2017: HIPPO-X Light Tactical Mobility Platform unveiled

17 September 2017

Pardus Defence & Security unveiled the HIPPO-X all-terrain vehicle – developed by Missouri based HIPPO Multipower – at DSEI 2017 in London.

HIPPO-X  all terrain vehicle and trailer crest a woodland incline. (Rob O'Connor)HIPPO-X all terrain vehicle and trailer crest a woodland incline. (Rob O'Connor)

The HIPPO-X is an eight-wheeled light tactical mobility platform (LTMP) designed for combat equipment carriage and power generation capabilities. The search for solutions to reduce the loads carried by dismounted soldiers helped to drive the development and launch of the platform.

Heavy load carriage has resulted in high numbers of exo-skeletal injuries attributed to excess load carriage. Offloading weight and bulky equipment from dismounts to small platoon-level platforms is one method of lowering equipment weight, a significant measure to reduce fatigue, and to increase combat effectiveness.

HIPPO-X underwent field trials and test evaluation during the 2017 UK Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE), a test used to demonstrate cross-country mobility capabilities and load transport performance at specialist testing facilities in Aldershot, Hampshire.

HIPPO-X uses skid turning that enables the platform to manoeuvre in tight conditions. The vehicle has amphibious wading capabilities without the need for advanced preparation, a feature that maintains operational tempo and reduces the need for tactical administration halts before crossing water obstacles. Installation of a track kit enables mobility in deep snow conditions.

Batteries for personal and higher echelon equipment contribute significant weight to equipment loads with dismounts routinely deploying on operations with more than a dozen battery-powered devices.

HIPPO-X is designed to address the demands of the burgeoning power budget and includes a 5 kW on-board power generator for battery charging, heating water, and electrical equipment operation. The vehicle also includes a high capacity lithium-ion battery for silent running applications.

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