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DSEI 2017: HORIBA MIRA receives ‘Last Mile’ award

15 September 2017

HORIBA MIRA has been announced as a project winner in the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MoD’s) Last Mile competition.Modular Autonomous Control Equipment (MACE) 3 on trial with the British Army. (HORIBA MIRA)Modular Autonomous Control Equipment (MACE) 3 on trial with the British Army. (HORIBA MIRA)

Intended to develop an autonomous system to resupply frontline soldiers, the Last Mile contract award covers control equipment for unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) and an artificial intelligence (AI)-based terrain perception, routeing, and path planning system.

Intended to provide resupply soldiers at distances up to 30 km, the company will supply the Modular Autonomous Control Equipment (MACE) platform and an AI-based terrain perception, routeing, and path planning system designed to combine mapping data with AI for strategic and tactical route planning. The latter will enable UGVs to autonomously manoeuvre to resupply soldiers without the requirement for a human to designate a route for the vehicle.

Also using AI, a new supervised autonomous control systemwill be developed and based on a low bandwidth design for perception and command and control of the UGV. This system will use AI to map obstacles and perceive its surroundings, transmitting less data to the operator than conventional video and therefore, reducing bandwidth requirements.

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