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DSEI 2017: Supacat launches new recovery vehicle

14 September 2017
Supacat High Mobility Transporter Light Weight Recovery. Source: Supacat

Supacat has expanded its range of High Mobility Transporter (HMT) wheeled vehicles with the development of the HMT Light Weight Recovery (LWR) vehicle, which the company launched at DSEI 2017.

The vehicle has been developed as a private venture by Supacat to meet potential user requirements for a vehicle to safely recover 6x6 and 4x4 vehicles – such as Supacat’s Jackal (4x4) and Coyote (6x6), which are now part of the core British Army fleet.

One potential user is the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) for its Light Weight (Air Portable) Recovery Capability (LW[AP]RC) programme.

The HMT LWR features many characteristics of the HMT 600 (6x6) including the variable height air suspension system, diesel engine, and drive line, and weighs around 10.5 tonnes.

The vehicle is fitted with a fully protected two-door forward-control cab with the crew being provided with bullet/splinter resistant windows; there is also provision for a roof-mounted machine gun (MG) for self-protection.

Mounted to the rear of the cab is the ‘Supalift', for which there is a patent pending, and which Supacat claims can increase the maximum lifting capacity by up to 50%. This is achieved by distributing the weight of the casualty vehicle more evenly over the recovery vehicle.

In the standard mode the HMT LWR recovery system can lift a maximum recovered vehicle axle mass of 3.8 tonnes, which increases to 6.1 tonnes when ‘Supalift’ mode is engaged. This capability is based on the HMT 400 Jackal 2.

Stowage areas are provided in either side of the rear of the platform for tools and other specific-to-role equipment.

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