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OSINT Methods & Techniques Training

08 August 2017

Practical outcome focused intelligence training to transform open-source information into actionable intelligence. Register Now

About OSINT Methods & Techniques Training (2 days)

Designed to provide trainees with the latest methods and techniques to improve the way they gather, process, and report open-source information and intelligence, our training enables them to make an immediate impact on their organisations. The training is delivered by practicing OSINT professionals who produce OSINT reports and briefings for consulting clients, ensuring their expertise is continually updated.

Workshop Objectives

· Develop critical skills necessary to extract maximum value from open source information

· Practice a structured approach to the process of producing open source intelligence

· Understand how to overcome analytical challenges in creating OSINT reports and briefings

Pricing (per person)

· Corporate Rate: $1,900

· Government Rate: $1,600

(Discounts available for group bookings)

Training Dates & Location

3-4 October: London

7-9 November: Seoul

27-28 November: London

Course Delivery

The course is intended to be engaging, interactive, and practitioner-focused, leveraging case studies that are relevant to participants’ professions to explain the uses and limitations of social media as an intelligence source. Participant engagement is encouraged throughout, with regular short exercises and Q+A sessions. Course tutors have extensive professional backgrounds in the development and delivery of open-source information collection, collation, and analysis solutions, and provision of consultancy and thought leadership to customers on how to maximise the use of open source and social media information for investigative and intelligence analysis purposes.


Contact the Jane’s OSINT Training Team

E: Janes@ihsmarkit.com T: +44 (0) 203 253 2373

Please read the OSINT Training Cancellation, Postponement and Substitutions Policy. (PDF, 39 KB)

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