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Russian UAV weapon makes its debut at Army 2017

29 August 2017
OKB Aviaavtomatika of Kursk displayed three types of guided ordnance, one (in the background) with a 25 kg and two (foreground) with a 50 kg launch weight, at Army-2017. Source: Piotr Butowski

Russian firms showed armaments for their unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for the first time at the Army-2017 exhibition near Moscow on 22-27 August.

OKB Aviaavtomatika of Kursk displayed three types of guided ordnance, one with a 25 kg and two with a 50 kg launch weight. Formally, the bombs were presented as a family of small 'air-launched unmanned vehicles' that can be loaded with 'jamming equipment, surveillance systems, relay, and other equipment', with no direct mention of warheads.

The three bombs on display have the same rectangular body section with rounded corners, but vary in length and the types of wings and empennages, as well as the type of nose section attached. The company says each bomb can be assembled in the necessary configuration from various modules in field conditions. According to the company, 15 kg and 100 kg bombs also exist, but they were not shown at Army-2017.

The smallest 25 kg bomb has fixed cruciform wings and tailfins as well as an inertial navigation system, combined with GPS. Work on this bomb is the most advanced and it has already been dropped from a UAV, probably a large Orion drone made by Kronshtadt Technologies, displayed at MAKS 2017 in July.

There are two versions of the 50 kg bomb. In the version with fixed cruciform wings, it has a lift-to-drag ratio of 3, meaning it is able to glide 3 km from an altitude of 1 km. The other version has a module with folding 10° swept long-span wings mounted on top of the body as well as the front module with TV and laser sensors. It has a lift-to drag ratio of 7. A company representative said the installation of a small engine is being considered, which would give the missile a range of at least 100 km.

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