Lockheed Martin in talks with US DARPA about extending SPIDER programme

13 August 2017

Key Points

  • Lockheed Martin is in talks with DARPA about extending its SPIDER work
  • The company developed an ultra-thin imaging lens that compacts telescope power

Lockheed Martin is in talks with the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) about extending the Segmented Planar Imaging Detector for Electro-Optical Reconnaissance (SPIDER) ultra-thin telescopes programme, according to a company official.

Scott Fouse, vice-president of Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC), told Jane’s in a 7 August interview the company invested a “couple of million” US dollars to complete its portion of SPIDER. Fouse said Lockheed Martin hopes to cobble together corporate funds, additional corporate space system internal research and development (IRAD) funds, and, hopefully, some external funding to continue SPIDER.

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